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Every war has two sides, and spiritual warfare is no different.

How Famous Saints Describe Spiritual Growth Importance of Praying

In order for us to fight effectively, we need to identify the enemy. Spiritual writers have traditionally identified three enemies, actually: the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Jesus himself pointed this out in his parable of the sower Matthew The sower sowed his seed in four different places, but that seed only bore fruit in one place. In the other three, the enemies stifled it.

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Enemy 1: The World. Some of the seed fell in decent soil, but weeds thorn bushes grew up around it and choked it. Since then, both the physical world around us and also human society have been a mixed bag. The beauties of creation inspire us, but the forces of nature often batter us. The achievements of human culture can lift our hearts towards God, but the horrors of social injustice can throw us almost into despair.

The basic direction of human society in this mixed bag of a fallen world tends to drag us towards an illusion, the illusion that with the right combination of material goods wealth, power, reputation , we can achieve heaven on earth. This is enemy number one: the world.

Five Minute Guided Meditation with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Enemy 2: The Flesh. The seed sowed on the rocky soil started to grow, but it dried up in the hot sun — just as our good resolutions and desires often dry up when we realize that fulfilling them will involve self-discipline and self-sacrifice. This term is often misunderstood in contemporary spiritual writings, and especially in the writings of those who are critical of Catholicism. Our bodies are part of our human nature, created and redeemed by God. Jesus and Mary are in heaven right now, with their bodies.

Indeed, an athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. This quotation brings up an interesting point. It is no sin to feel the seductive tug of sin; it is no sin to feel the plaintive voice of temptation — indeed, Jesus himself was tempted though he never gave in. Every time we experience our weakness and encounter temptation, we are faced with an opportunity to win a victory for Christ and his Kingdom, by choosing to be faithful to Jesus as he has been faithful to us.

Her symbols are alms, flowers, bread, the poor, and a pitcher.

A meditation on the Visitation, Mary: Day 206

After leaving court, Elizabeth lived in exceptional poverty and humility. Soon after her death, miracles were reported at her tomb.

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She was canonized by Pope Gregory IX in I declare before God that I have seldom seen a more contemplative woman. When she was coming from private prayer, some religious men and women often saw her face shining marvelously and light coming from her eyes like the rays of the sun.


How does this passage explain the phenomena related in this quotation about St. How does this encourage me? Elizabeth, you were able to give up a life of honor and wealth and live simply. Pray for us, that we will not be bound to the material things of this life, but always live our lives devoted to God. Pier Giorgio Frassati. To Whom Should We Go? Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Email Login. Catholic Exchange. Today's Saint.

Introduction to Spiritual Warfare… Part II of IV