PDF My Heart Cries Abba: Discovering Your Heavenly Father in a More Personal Way

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My dad had told me not to ride my bike down the steep road near our house, but when he left, I tried to follow after him. I got on my bike and down the road I went.

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The road was steep and paved with gravel. Not the kind of road you would want to scrape your hands and knees on from a fall. I fell off my bike at the bottom and I remember just sitting there crying because I was hurt and my hands and knees were bleeding. Rather than growling me off which is what I deserved because of not listening to him, he showed me love and care instead. He took me home and cleaned my wounds.

My Heart Cries Abba: Discovering Your Heavenly Father in a More Personal Way

Who do you call when you need to be protected? Who do you run to when you need help? Just as we would seek our earthly fathers in our time of need, we can run to our Heavenly Father in the same way. He showed me that just as I had fallen as a child and my dad had come to my rescue, so will He in this time of need. He will pick me up, he will tend to my wounds, he will take the hurt away. He will make things better again. Ohhh the freedom that came upon me when I embraced in full force what it means for me that God is my Father, that I can call Him Daddy! It made my relationship with Him so much more real and personal.

As much as your father here in this world can do for you, your Father in Heaven can do so much more for you! I thank God every day for giving us Jesus, for what He did on the cross for me, not only did He give me new life, He gave me a Father who promises to always be with me and if He is for me, nothing can stand against me!

Your email address will not be published. Mary Magdalene knew Jesus well; she devotedly followed Him, even financially supporting Him, after He delivered her from seven demons.

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Mary followed Jesus all the way to the cross, and she was the first to return to His tomb "while it was still dark" on a fateful Sunday morning. When she arrived to find Jesus' body gone, she ran in distress to tell Peter and John. They came, assessed the scene and left, leaving her alone again at the tomb. That is where Jesus Himself greeted her. When He called her by name, His voice opened her eyes to His identity.

She recognized her Lord. To this passionate and unique woman, Jesus would entrust a message that would echo throughout history, a promise for you and for me. Every follower of Jesus is an heir to this promise: "You belong. My family is now your family.

My Father is your Father. Jesus had already purchased Mary's freedom. Now her joy would be complete as Jesus drew her into a relationship with her eternal Father.

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The promise of a father can be a painful one; until it is fulfilled, we yearn for someone to fill the void. The expectation of finding a worthy father is part of our nature, our very DNA, as it were. Fathers are the source of life through which we were formed in our mother's womb.

In finding a father, we find something of ourselves. What do we expect from a father? Is it not to protect us? Is it not to see in us our true selves — our identities — and to call them forth?

Is it not to teach us to think rightly about ourselves in relation to the world outside? Because no human father, even a great one, can ever fully meet our expectation, we all know fatherlessness. We may feel it as weariness. We may be aware of it as emptiness. Is there anyone who will love me unconditionally? Will there be someone to protect me on my journey? These questions reveal the cry of our hearts for an earthly — if not heavenly — father. In Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities , Lucie Manette finds her long-lost father in prison, but he is too sick and feebleminded to recognize her by name.

She says to him,. Oh sir! Some other time I will tell you my name, and who my mother was, and who my father was, and how I never knew their awful story.


But I can't tell you right now, not here. All I can ask right now is that you touch me and give me your blessing. Despite his inability to remember her, Lucie knew at some level that this fragile, gray-haired man held the key to her heart.

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It is her father who can answer her deepest questions: "Am I good? Do I belong? Can I be courageous? Am I loveable? Will I fulfill the purpose for my life? Do I have what it takes? I write this book for anyone who desires to know the Father. Like Lucie, they recognize the need to receive His blessing.

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It is for anyone who knows Jesus but has never encountered the Father's heart in the Son. It is for anyone who is afraid even to think or ask questions about God the Father, because you are not quite sure what a good father looks or acts like. Rick came to me for prayer because he was fighting violently in his sleep, sweating, punching and cursing.

His wife was afraid he would hurt her. When I asked about his family background, Rick described his emotionally absent father, who never showed him a affection, verbally or physically. He never blessed him or approved of his choices. When he was older, Rick discovered that his parents had conceived him three months before their wedding day. So that's why they never celebrated their anniversary , he thought.

I was a mistake. Though rejection and anger was deeply rooted in Rick's heart, he visited his father on his deathbed, desperately hoping to find some resolution of the relational pain and sense of loss.

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What did he get? An emotionally insufficient "I appreciate that. As I led Rick to forgive his father, he confessed that he had changed his name — he had been given his dad's name — to distance himself, to subconsciously reject his own identity. But as he repented of his anger and renounced a spirit of rejection, he was reconciled to the Father through Jesus. He took back his name, and, more importantly, he took back his identity as a son.

Rick entered his father's hospital room with the spirit of a fearful, begging slave. That afternoon in prayer, Rick followed Jesus through repentance and forgiveness, and he left with the spirit of sonship.