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Title: Zombie Candy. Subtitle: An Annie Ogden Mystery. ISBN: Source: Novel Publicity. Anyone who has ever been scorned by their significant other needs to read this book. If not for a good laugh, then perhaps to show them that getting even doesn't always have the desired effect. Sometimes it's better to cut your losses and walk away with your head held high. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I first started reading this book.

The opening scene sets up the rest of the story perfectly, and I have to applaud Candace for her gutsy show. I would never have the nerve to do what she did! It showed great character, which to my disappointment seemed to fizzle in the next few chapters.

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But then I supposed that was the aim, because it allowed for clear character developement throughout the rest of the book. Candace went through every emotion one would expect in her situation. One second she was angry, then confused, guilty and desperate to prove her worth, outraged, and finally she was able to find self-acceptance.

At one point I wanted to slap her across the face, shake her by the shoulders and ask her, "What the hell are you thinking!?! I was glad that Candace had a friend like Annie to support her. Annie was often the voice of reason when Candace wasn't thinking straight. No no, my friend!. This book also makes you sit up and think about how much information about yourself you put up on the internet and how much access into your life, you are giving to anonymous people around you. The other significant characters are also built very well.

After reading, I had one single yet important question on my mind. So I wrote to Frederick. He wrote back promptly and answered the question for me. It perfectly made sense.

You have got to read it. Add it to your ever increasing pile of TBR right now. But put it right on top of the pile so that you read it first!! Frederick has officially made it to my favorite-authors-of-all-time list!. Purchase link. How I received a copy. An ARC ebook was gifted to me by the author.

Collateral Damage: An Annie Ogden Mystery

But your review sounds interesting. Thanks for the share! Wow Sally!. I completely steer away from non fiction and true stories. So when things are true, it tends to disturb me!. I do read inspirational true stories. But I stop at that.

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Collateral damage is a book you surely will love!. Naznin, what a wonderful and heartfelt review! Thank you so much for hosting the review on your beautiful site. But yes, it is a nice cover. Oh, and when you say the murderers are set up in a way that is almost impossible to find the killer, what do you mean? Is it a locked door myster?

Collateral Damage (Annie Ogden Mysteries) Excerpt Tour

But really, this book sounds excellent and your strong feelings for it has led me to add it to my TBR list! Thank you so much, Lottie!. I Googled to find out what it is. Sounds freaking awesome! Singling out a person with a motive is pretty tough in this case. Finally not a spoiler , a person whom you thought had absolutely no motive, is the killer!

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  6. Hehe, I hear you. I just thought it was funny that a cover with a guy being murdered could be described as nice. Locked door mysteries are amazing!

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