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Billy Bonkers by Giles Andreae 1 review. Main Series Other Titles. Book 1. Billy Bonkers: Billy Bonkers. Book 2. Billy Bonkers: More Madness! Book 3. While accepting it's a dream for many, I'm very underprepared this time and I don't feel like I have the energy to do it all, let alone make something really special out of it as was my original optimistic plan. What especially hasn't helped is that on Friday evening I injured my back, significantly slowing down my walking and meaning I've spent most of the weekend in various degrees of pain.

It'll still involve a ton of countries and top class summer sights, I'll just have more of July available to get things back on track again and keep this recent run of good luck going. It does, yet again, feel like a "goodbye" to travelling, a final victory lap before I start another new chapter in my life - but I've thought that many times before, and yet I still seem to be coaxed back into it. As Alan Clark once wrote not someone whose political opinions I share but he wrote some good diaries , when you do something for the first time, you always know - but the last, seldom so.

Until months or years later when you realise, that was the last time. Never again. That may well be the epilogue of my travel era one day, when I have a job I care about, a home that feels mine, and a partner I love, no longer giving me a need to vanish off all the time never letting anything settle. The end of each decade has always included a major precursor to the next - my first acting classes in , my first solo travel ten years ago. Maybe, dare I dream, the events of earlier this week are preparing me nicely for the forthcoming s Current Mood: contemplative.

We met at 10am yesterday in Tottenham Court Road, had a morning coffee and explored a few museums, including the colossal British Museum which I hadn't been in since my early teens. We talked a lot about our lives, our many ups and downs throughout and acknowledged that despite everything we're both in happier places now than our recent individual pasts. By afternoon I was in my old AQ haunt of the Penderal's Oak, enjoying lunch with her and a few ciders. I'm still not quite sure what gave me the confidence to ask if I could kiss her, and once I'd said it I silently prepared myself for the usual let's-be-friends reply.

But that didn't happen. Because before my brain could process that she'd just said "Yes", her lips gently connected with mine, and we kissed.

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For the first time, with anyone, in eight years, one month, and twelve days. I really hope I get to see her again, especially before my brief leave on Tuesday.

Billy's Bonkers Blog of Bewilderment

But whatever happens, I have a new best day this year - and, indeed, a top ten entry to best life moments. Suddenly I feel attractive again. Suddenly I'm smiling effortlessly again. Suddenly, everything is beautiful and the future beams with a golden, glowing light of hope, love, and plenty of forthcoming joy. One kiss. It's all it takes.

By Giles Andreae, and and, Spike Gerrell

Now to hope I get another before July of The first? February 14th, Meaning, to date, my entire romantic history began and ended in the space of fourteen consecutive months at the age of , and other than two unofficial occurrences - a September house party a gentle peck as part of a Truth or Dare session and a November theatre performance playing a role so doesn't count that really is completely it.

I have no idea what I had during that time that I didn't have before or since, and every year that passes adds a little more hurt inside. In recent weeks it's something that's come particularly close to destroying me, especially after a night where I basically had the real-life equivalent of Robyn's song ' Dancing On My Own ' happen to me.

There's a tiny, flickering, candle of hope that someone, somewhere out there, will see me in a romantic way again someday I'll make sure not to blink in the first photo of us together. Until then, in a continuing quest to have something beautiful to wake up to in the morning, I've been travelling some more, including a trip to my fourth live Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month.

Fair play to The Netherlands for their winning game, will be nice to get a contest close to the UK for once but ticket sales will be so sought after I'm not sure how lucky I'll be. Maybe if I am I'll finally bring a friend along next time. Leaving my job later this week. I gave it another go after my long time off at the start of the year, but after a month it became clear that it simply wasn't working anymore.

Son of Nergal

I could grumpily list every grievance I've had in recent weeks here, but in all honesty the thought exhausts me too much to even bother Whatever my next career ends up being, the jobhunt won't be resuming immediately, as first up I'll be resuming what I do every time I'm depressed about something - start another travel adventure. I know, I'm predictable like that. But this one may well be the most special one yet. The 68 countries I've visited currently mean nothing outside of small talk, bragging rights and the occasional nice-looking Instagram liked by a few friends and bots.

Trying to plan something that could for once spread outside the usual circles and make some kind of positive difference, I've elected to fly from London Stansted to Sofia in Bulgaria, and make the journey back of over 2, miles without a single flight - via if all goes to plan Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and France. All while fundraising for Friends of the Earth on a climate change and anti-Brexit message, two issues heavily in the news thanks to several recent London demonstrations in our world.

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Naming it 'BohEUmian Rhapsody' which is either brilliant or terrible, I'm intending to create a seperate blog and Youtube channel for when the journey begins on 11th June, my goal being to reach Paris for their Bastille Day celebrations on 14th July and then coach it back to London the following morning. Still a couple weeks to go so plenty of time, I just hope - as with everything in my ever-changing life - it all works out ok.

If not, expect an entry titled "Billy blows all his money on something no one cares about" when I'm back. For now, one more work shift to go until I'm free to be whatever I choose, and I'll sing the blues if I want. Please be a good year? My heart's too fragile right now for anything worse.