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Related Items. Size 0 Unit EA Height For more information on delivery options please click here. Tips and advice Best Summer Feet Treatments. A great look for current redheads, adding blonde highlights can cool down the color to give you strawberry blonde vibes.

1. Dark hair/Black hair:

Achieve this look by taking your hair to a light red color and then adding in blonde to add depth and dimension. You could play around with the number of highlights to see what works best for your personal style. Looking for a color that is more on the red side of strawberry blonde? Then this color is perfect for you! A gorgeous all-over red color is sure to give your locks life that they were missing in the past.

This is also a great color if you are wanting something that looks natural and would make a cute hairstyle straightened or curled! Take your long luscious locks to the next level with this beautiful warm blonde color with brown and red undertones. Take advantage of a layered cut if your hair length allows it to really show off all levels of your colored creation!


If your hair is shorter and you do not have the length for layers, think about adding bangs to this look! This stunning color reminds me of sunny summer days. Sure to warm up your look, this shade consists of all warm tones including reds, browns, and blondes. This straight out of the salon color is sure to be a showstopper!

Style with loose curls for a fresh effortless look. Copper hair color can often seem intimidating, but the blonde low lights in this copper colored hairstyle make this a look that anyone could rock! If your natural hair color is not copper or red, it could take a few dyes to achieve this color, but your patience will pay off when you end up with an approachable warm-toned color that looks great when styled naturally! This color is a beautiful balayage of strawberry and blonde tones with a light brown base.

A great color for shoulder length hair, this style could be worn curled, straightened, or natural. Achieve the same curls as in this photo with a larger curling iron and a little bit of texturizing spray! A delicate color, this cool toned strawberry blonde look is great for someone who wants to do something unique with their hair without being over the top.

The color blends flawlessly for a natural look instead of your typical foiled highlights. Accent this color with a nude lip as seen in the photo above to really enhance the hair color. This is another great cool toned option if you are looking for something that is on the pink side of strawberry. With icy tones underneath, this look is sure to make a statement! Allow extra time to transition to this color if your hair is naturally darker.

Because of the pastel like nature of this color, it could take multiple dyes to reach the desired look. To get the look you see here, you will be heading towards a light red base with blonde highlights to really bring out the color. Have your stylist add layers to take this look to the next level! This bold red color is accented with blonde and red highlights to create depth in the hair.

To create the choppy style as seen here, curl your hair as you normally would but leave the bottom inch of hair out of the curling iron or wand. Once your hair is curled, run your fingers through it to create these nice, trendy, choppy curls. This look is perfect for the warmer months because this color looks like you spent the day at the beach being kissed by the sun.

The brown based color beautifully blends blonde and subtle red tones to create a look that is worn beautifully in the form of loose tousled waves that could easily be created with a flat iron. This peachy toned color works great with darker roots because of the complexity of the colors that are at work. Mixing pink, peachy, and blonde tones is the perfect combination for this voluminous style. This works great on short hair because it creates depth and dimension which can often be hard to achieve on short hair. This color takes the best of current hair trends and brings them together seamlessly in one style.

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Featuring a dark root with warm blonde hair highlights, this look also incorporates an ombre effect as the hair gets lighter towards the tips. This blending of red and blonde hair color creates a beautiful dark golden blonde hair color that is not like any other! This style looks beautiful when styled in tapered curls, as seen here.

This color is what comes to mind for most people when they think strawberry blonde. A cool and frosty yet approachable look, this red and blonde hair color is sure to get you noticed. This bouncy style looks great curled but would also look great left natural, as it embraces the epitome of a natural strawberry toned hair color. This look is for the gal that wants to take strawberry blonde to the next level. Create tousled waves for a look that is sure to show off this unique color combination! What is strawberry blond-bre?

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Are we just making up words? Probably, but this beautiful style is worthy of a new word! It starts out with strawberry tones at the root and gradually fades into completely blonde tips. Style this look in loose waves to show the beautifully transitional shades.

This beautiful reddish blonde look starts off cooler at the root of the hair and gets progressively warmer as you work your way towards the end of the hair. A subtle, yet distinct, transition, this color is perfect for the girl who wants to quietly make a bold statement with her hair. This beautiful color starts out with a light red base and is beautifully accented with blonde and darker red highlights and lowlights. In this image, this color is styled with a smooth layered look, which shows off all the colors in an effortless way.

Ask for the stylist to frame your face with layers to create even more dimension to this look! As you can see from the photo, the amount of shine on this hair color is incredible! This look was created using a pink base with platinum blonde highlights to create that gorgeous shine! Of course, you can add extra products to your hair to increase the shine as well! This bold wispy look starts with a red base color and adds in blonde highlights to accentuate the style. Adding side bangs helps to add to the wispiness of this style. Using a flat iron to create waves is a great way to style this look.

Consider adding a little dry shampoo before starting this look for extra volume! This long style has an emphasis on a brown color with blonde highlights. The slight strawberry tint works to warm up this look and make it the perfect strawberry red hair color. If you go with this color, consider a middle part as seen in the photo here to highlight the cheekbones.

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Add texturizing spray to your look to create this effortless look. This beautifully blended color starts with a darker base and effortlessly transitions to a light strawberry blonde shade towards the tips. This multi-toned color looks great straightened with the ends slightly curled away from the face. Consider adding a smoothing serum to your hair if you struggle with everyday frizz to really show off this color. Perfect for the woman who wants to make a statement with her hair, this color combination of red, blonde, and pink tones is sure to create the look you are going for.

Since this color has a very vibrant base, you may need to allow multiple trips to the salon to get your hair to the desired look depending on your natural color. This is a great example of one of the cute easy hairstyles that you could choose to rock in ! This color is perfect for someone who is looking for a light strawberry blonde hair color. The blonde almost platinum base is beautifully accented with pinkish-red tones that will look slightly different depending on the light you are in at the time.

Add loose curls to this look to really show off the pretty color! This reddish blonde hair color is for the person who always wanted a traditional red color but never had the nerve to do it, until now. This red is a simple hue that is embellished with very subtle blonde highlights which create a modest look.

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Frame the face with bangs to take this look to the next level and make for a cute hairstyle! This combination of platinum blonde and pink tones makes a statement without being over the top. Depending on your natural color, this transition could take a lot of work since it will be taking the natural pigment out of your hair.

If you decide to go with this color combination, leave the top half of your hair straight and curl the ends for a super cute and easy hairstyle! If this is the color you are looking for, you can probably pass it off as your natural hair color! This color is a very light red with strawberry blonde highlights mixed throughout. If you have time to do an easy and simple hairstyle, start by curling the ends of your hair and add in a twisted bun at the top of your hair to finish off the look! A vibrant red base with subtle highlights sets this color apart from the rest.

Frame the face with a few layers and choppy bangs to really make a statement. Take your look a step further by adding dramatic eye makeup as seen in this photo. Hopefully, this article helped you to make your decision on how to get strawberry blonde hair and the perfect color selection for you.

Whether you are looking for a traditional strawberry red hair color or something on the light strawberry blonde side, we hope that you have found your perfect match! Refer back to the DIY tips in the beginning of the article before you head out to purchase your hair dye or save one of the images to show your stylist your desired color at the salon. Also feel free to use this guide for inspiration for cute easy hairstyles for Source: instagram.

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