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I am honest with myself about my limitations and the things I cannot do if I want to maintain mood stability. For years I did not want to believe I was bipolar: I tried to convince myself that it was only drugs or difficult life situations that caused my volatile mood swings. But, yes, I am bipolar and I practice acceptance every day in order to live the best life I can. Limiting my time on social media to brief minute Instagram visits mainly with bipolar and recovery followers ; using the Moodnotes app a daily journal of what is going on in my life ; and the Huddle app its bipolar group: an honest discussion about the illness by people who suffer from it.

Bipolar Disorder In The Workplace

Both have helped me to learn more about myself and my illness and how it affects others. I try to help other people with what I have learned and experienced over the years. Keeping a blog about my bipolar experiences for a few years that allows me to write openly and honestly about my illness in a public forum.

Reading memoirs and non-fiction books about mood disorders and addiction, including:. I know my mood is easily off with too little or too much sleep. The meds trazodone and melatonin; white noise from a fan; and a cool place to sleep all help me.

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I keep regular hours of waking and going to bed. And playing my acoustic guitar and trying to sing a few times a week, just for me, is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Bipolar patients 'express more genes for calcium signaling'

This has greatly improved my life and lessened my mood swings. Paying attention to my cat: petting her regularly and playing with the odd toy with her. I now take quick notice the first signs of a mood swing and I make appropriate changes to my day: rest more than usual, try to eat healthier, more exercise sessions, meditate more or for longer durations, cut even further back on my alcohol intake, and talk to someone who understands the illness and who knows me. Mood stability is a life-long journey, not a destination.

Every day is another page in a new and improved memoir each of us is writing. Email Address. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Search this website Hide Search. For me, the only rule is, there are no rules…There are only codes. Every authentic person must have a code. And it has to be our own code. Thanks, Dyane! Like this: Like Loading Common causes are lack of sleep, jetlag and stress.

First stem cell model for bipolar disorder could lead to new treatments

Regular sleep is a real must-have. For example, if I hear that a lot of work pressure is building up for my return, or if I hear something about a delicate office politics situation, it could make my symptoms worse. I need some time to digest that feeling and also to stop thinking about work projects. I try to schedule just one activity a day to keep my mood from going too high. First of all, thanks for grappling with this situation: I know for many this is a sensitive and delicate situation to handle and my absence may leave you with additional responsibilities.

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  • I appreciate that you may have questions and worries at that stage, but this is not a good time to discuss these. Consistency and patience speak volumes. We should probably have a chat about how to handle my duties on the days after I come back from work. See below. However, if for any reason the work environment is tense, my doctor may suggest I take more time. I need to start with the least stressful tasks and build up to more challenging ones.

    What causes bipolar?

    For me, the most challenging things are dealing with difficult people and conflictual situations — as well as tasks that require a great deal of detail. Thanks for taking the time to read this! DSW: Well, a jury still had to decide innocent or guilt, even after another Navy man, who was granted immunity, confessed that he did it. He wasn't granted immunity, nothing could happen to him, and he got this Navy Seal off by saying he did it.

    Childhood Bipolar Disorder

    Marsh adds. You feel confident, like anything you do is right, and there will be no consequences for your behavior. Gracie, 30, has experienced these issues firsthand during hypomania. I craved attention from anyone. I was unfaithful to my live-in boyfriend whom I love beyond words and never wanted to hurt.

    How To Be Your Own 'Bipolar Detective' |

    Marsh agrees that hypomania or mania can bring on periods of great creativity or confidence for a person with bipolar disorder. Some medications may be used to treat all types of mood episodes; other medications may only work to help manage mania, hypomania, or a depressive episode individually, as SELF reported previously.

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    • How To Be Your Own ‘Bipolar Detective’!
    • Additionally, some medications used to treat bipolar disorder, like antidepressants, can also trigger a manic episode , and many drugs come with side effects. Marsh explains. Psychotherapy is valuable because it can help a person identity the first signs and behaviors they exhibit when a mood episode may be coming on, Dr.

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