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Contact the Sponsorship Department. Sign up to receive email updates, and follow us on Twitter EnigmaConf. From the common comforts to the most unprecedented excursions—ENIGMA will hand-craft your trip, true to you and your unique interests and style.

Thus, we operate at all times in a manner sensitive to and supportive of Peru's amazingly rich but extremely delicate natural and social environments. We are deeply dedicated to this aspect of our operations, and our Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy is fundamental to our overall philosophy. This journey will remain in our memories as the most engaging and panoramic trip of our lives The nature and culture of Peru took on special meaning thanks to your passionate staff of local experts.

Thank you, Enigma Such an important part of our trip was the amazing and personable team, making sure we maximized our time in a way most meaningful to us The journey made the destination all the more magical Eidolons multiply at the start of the seventh attack. Cannot cast on neutral creeps level 5 or higher. Does not affect ancient units.

Enigma Launches Second Testnet for ‘Secret Contract’ Blockchain

Midnight Pulse. Targeting Point Target. Damage Type Pure. Damages enemy units in an area of effect based on their maximum hit points. A section of the world slowly descends into the void. Notes Damage per second is based on a percentage of maximum enemy HP. Total damage: Destroys trees in its area. Black Hole. Targeting Point Target Channeled.

Summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units.

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Enemies affected by Black Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells. The ground trembles as Enigma channels his ultimate vortex of destruction, a singularity with the power to end worlds.

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Force Staff. Geomagnetic Grip. Eidolon [ h ]. Starting Items Early Game. Mid Game Late Game.


Widely feared for his ultimate ability, Enigma can summon a black hole capable of entrapping enemy forces, so that allies can then destroy them. An ever-present contingent of eidolons at his side, he pummels foes with ranged attacks.


Hidden category: Pages with hard coded colors. This page was last edited on 2 July , at Licenses for other media varies. Disabler Jungler Initiator Pusher. Talent Tree.

The Fall Of A Rebel Angel

Intelligence gain reduced from 3. Base movement speed reduced from to Demonic Conversion Eidolon bounty reduced from 29 to Malefice stun duration rescaled from 0.

Base strength increased from 19 to Reworked Talent Tree.