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Here are our top tips. Take your time. Nailing the time between the two is the difference between a screamer and just a scream of frustration. Now drop your usual difficulty level right down and play some friendlies. Defenders will be slower to close you down, giving you more time to concentrate on timing your shots properly.

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Be careful during goalmouth scrambles as well. When the ball is loose in the box and you just need someone to smash it into the net, it can be tempting to hammer the shoot button and hope.

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During this process, she sees the Slender Man and tries to hide in her room. While investigating the Matheson Farmstead, CR is chased by Charlie, now turned into a Proxy, while discovering evidence that the Mathesons have been watched by Slender Man for generations. Once CR exits the cellar, he then drops the camera and can then be seen getting chased by Charlie as a proxy. She charges toward the radio tower that she thinks will save her from the Slender Man.

Along the way she dodges flames, falling trees, and a very aggressive Slender Man. As she enters the tower, the door slams shut. A loud pounding is heard, presumably the Slender Man having just been locked out behind her and trying to get in. Ahead lies a locked door, where a key must be found to unlock it. After finding it, footsteps can be heard and Lauren is forced to proceed to a dead-end hallway. The leading door slams behind her and as she reads the writing etched on the wall, she realizes that Kate is going to be the one to kill her—that the voice of her only real friend has told her to do it it is presumed that this friend is the Slender Man, who has warped her mind and driven her insane.

An enraged Slender Man.

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Lauren walks to the end of the hall where the charred corpse of a man, presumed to be CR, is lying next to a video camera. As Lauren plays the audio on the camera, she hears CR trying to convince Kate to do something, most likely commit suicide with him, as evidenced by note No. Kate screams that she can't, and runs away.

CR then says sorry to someone, and starts screaming. After a while, a woman, presumably Kate, starts laughing. The audio ends suddenly. The camera, near dead, begins to flash of incoherent shapes and loud noises while the decaying figure is Charles Matheson Jr. Waking up in a basement, Lauren finds herself with an almost dead camera battery.

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A quick inspection of the room, gives her a close look at Charlie, who is guarding the stairs that lead up to the rest of the mysterious setting. Attempting to rush up the stairs will be obviously hindered. Exploration instincts kick in and Lauren finds a nearly burnt notebook and one last printed email from CR.

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  4. She looks again and Charlie is gone, allowing access to the upper floor. She finds, however, she is back in the burnt house from the prologue, replaced by the crying of Kate. Navigating the hallways, Lauren comes face to face with her friend, and a single attempt to get any closer results in her ultimate demise as a sudden switch from Kate to The Chaser in a single instant. And before long, the camera is shown the view of Lauren's legs vanishing slowly from view as her body is dragged away.

    The Global Goals

    And then nothing as the game ends and the credits roll. In it, Kate is wandering around a park at night, when she finds a page with disturbing images and text on it. Slender Man begins to stalk her. When Kate finds all of the Eight pages scattered around the park, Slender Man catches up to her. However, rather than abducting her, he simply says, "I have plans for you, Kate.

    The secret level is a series of distorted rooms in which Lauren is trying to go to another room but instead gets teleported to another room. When Lauren enters a room where the door is locked, she will eventually get captured by the Slender Man and a voice will call out and say, "he likes you" and wants to, "play with you". You are then taken back to the main menu, if the player attempts to continue by checking the option stage selection, all the stages are replaced with the missing child poster you have seen before.

    You are in front of the house where there are a series of distortion all around the environment and the graphics are slightly low. In this stage you simply wander around the house, where at some point, the screen will cut to black and you are "found".

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    After that, the player is placed outside, immobile and unable to move due to being set on fire. Slender Man will then teleport closer and closer to the player until the game cuts to black with the image of the missing child poster combined with Slender Man. The final thing that comes up after it is the voice stating, "You are dead", and then the game ends. When you return to the main menu, the only options available are "Start Game" and "Exit".

    Choosing "Start Game" leads the player to a scene where Lauren seems to be looking up at the sky. The screen cuts to black once again and the missing child poster combined with Slender Man appears like it did before at the end of the secret level.

    If the player exits the game, however, the five stages will return back to normal and will no longer have the missing child poster. Throughout the level, pressing the Esc button will cause the screen to warp as though Slender Man was nearby, even in the menu. Attempting to exit the game by going back to the main menu during the Secret Level and clicking "Exit" will not work, and instead results in a message appearing that reads "Don't leave me".

    Lauren - The game's protagonist and main, playable character. She is visiting Kate, who recently lost her mother and is selling her house, when she discovers that Kate was attacked the night before, and subsequently sets out to find her. After investigating clues and gather evidence of the prior events, she eventually reaches a radio tower, where her fate is left unresolved. In the Hardcore mode, Lauren presumably jumps off the radio tower and her fate is still unresolved. Gagne rated it it was ok Jan 04, Gavin rated it liked it Sep 03, Aaron rated it really liked it May 19, Frank Portman rated it really liked it Dec 26, Jamie Muckler rated it really liked it Dec 10, Paul rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Chris Mizzoni rated it liked it Jan 30, Simon Sweeney rated it really liked it Aug 22, Matt Kamm rated it really liked it Aug 18, Spartacus rated it really liked it May 27, Christopher added it Sep 27, Michael Barba marked it as to-read May 25, Courtney marked it as to-read May 10, Sydney Stype marked it as to-read May 18, Destyn marked it as to-read Aug 07, Jeremy Milks added it Jan 24, Jobber added it Sep 19, Jomiloju marked it as to-read Mar 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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