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That was one of the last conversations we had. I hoped a part of her had stuck around. Instead, I said that everyone had seen a figure from the s. Big beard. With Jeremiah were his wife Paula, his second cousin Jen, and the newest team member, Michelle, who had an energetic poof of blond hair and wore a black tracksuit. I see ghosts all the time. I have six living in my house. We have to go somewhere when we die. Jen is soft-spoken and has a kind, motherly face. Heard voices.

But science can rule out most hauntings. Or gas leaks. Those can cause hallucinations. I have a little dog and he also sees the shadows. He barks at them. He asked if we could do a sweep of the area, find the hotspots to set up their equipment. I took them inside, where Michelle snapped photos of the kitchen windows, the dining room, lamps, couches and hallways.

Jen and Jeremiah tested their equipment, swapping out old batteries. Jen held an infrared thermometer — a little black gun that shoots a laser. She said she looked for a drop in temperature, because spirits are cold. Jeremiah turned on a hand-held radio that coughed through AM stations every fraction of a second.

Spirits talk through the box, he said. Along with her camera, Michelle had an EMF electromagnetic field meter — a walkie-talkie-sized black box with an arcing line of indicator lights that would flash green depending on the force of the electromagnetic field. Power lines, appliances and home wiring all emit electromagnetic waves, measured in gausses, which equal one ten-thousandth of a tesla. A high EMF — if you live under power lines, for example — can cause stress, anxiety, headaches or, in extreme cases, cancer. He reached into his pocket and took out what looked like two perfume bottles.

When the church gets it, they bless it and hand it out to people. This is for demons. I think the church fears what they teach us not to fear: evil. Then Jeremiah commanded all the lights be shut off, and we stood in complete darkness.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Paula had gone back to the car to fall asleep. We moved into the living room, where my uncle had seen the ghost. Jeremiah cranked up his radio. Michelle waved the EMF meter. Jen pointed her laser thermometer around the room. Michelle snapped a few photos at the windows. In the downstairs bathroom, where my aunt had seen the pill bottles rolling on the floor, Michelle snapped a photo. We listened for a voice over the radio.

We watched the EMF meter, hoping for a jump in the lights. Aside from our footfalls up the stairs to the bedrooms and the static from the radio, the house was dead, hollow quiet. The EMF meter stayed stubbornly on zero. The thermometer only registered a change when Jen swept the laser over the windows. I was in the middle of telling them about the ghost of the old woman sitting in the rocking chair, when Michelle pointed to the bed. From the mids through the early s, New Englanders loved ghost hunting. Jeremiah would have been called a medium. You can find pictures of a group of well-dressed adults holding hands around a table that is lifting into the air.

Or of a blurred figure shaking as she communicates with spirits. Or of an instrument lifting in the air. Double-exposures were a hit: phantom hands and phantom gentleman float in many photographs. Mediums wore hard-toed shoes without backs so they could remove their feet and knock or kick or lift the table. Mediums had "reaching rods" they used to tap on the ceiling or a wall. Some ventriloquized. In the late 19 th century, instead of activating EMF meters, ghosts made luminous appearances, were phantom hands or faces, and wrote cryptic messages on the walls.

And like Jeremiah, mediums also used gadgets. The gadget looks like sewing machine Dr. Seuss invented to double as a Ouija board — a long line of wheels, pulleys, discs, dangling weights and metal wires connected by catgut strings and placed at varying heights on coffee tables. One disc pictures random letters and numbers. She sat and patted the empty space beside her. Sit next to me. She spoke calmly, soothingly. We can have a little date right now.

Do you like her eyes? Do you find Jen beautiful? Michelle is looking for a husband, you know. Would you like to marry Michelle? The green lights arced luminescent, as if yawning or stretching, as if Willy was happy to hear his name after all these years. And that first owner of the house was William Slocum.

And my grandfather, though I never met him, was always Bill. Come sit closer to me, Willy. I snorted. And yet, in that, I had just submitted to believing, or suspending disbelief. I had seen the EMF meter dead, unlit, through the whole house, and now here it was, jumping to life almost directly after the questions were being asked. Maybe the bed was at the center of a power line intersection, which is why I had woken up decades ago, disturbed and anxious. The results, have, I confess, astonished myself. I keep silence at present even from good words, but I foresee that I shall have to entirely alter my whole view of the universe and admit the miraculous, as we call it, as a permanent element in common history and experience.

No harm. We just want some answers for this family. To have him quickly dismiss the EMF readings as power lines or appliances sending their regular signals. He first explained the science behind the EMF meter in the dry terms of electronic fields that I wanted to hear. I expected him to re-explain that the meters only pick up real electromagnetic fields from power sources that actually emit them. Matter, antimatter, black matter, light. When you go out at night and you look at the stars, that light has traveled as long as 13 billion years.

But with the naked eye we see a billion stars. Thoughts, too, are electronic emissions. If you have a thought, like, I love my wife , that thought is a transmission. It transmits out into space and travels, like light, to infinity. Every thought you have throughout your whole life is traveling to infinity. That, in my opinion, as an engineer, is what a ghost is. Which, I think, is how ghosts have energy of their own. I programmed the meter with algorithm software to pick up on weaker signals. I can send it to you for 30 bucks with free shipping.

But I am aware of the fact that every thought is a signal that travels to infinity forever. I decide to go to bed. I wake up hoping yesterday was a dream. Falling to sleep not knowing the time and being afraid caused it to be hard to sleep last night. But yesterday truly hap All the clocks still all saying different times. Before I do anything I decide to correct my clocks. I find the real time by my phone. I start to change my alarm clock to when I realized that was what it read last night.

I try to remember what the other times where and if they had any importance. I didn't think they did until I looked at my to do list for yesterday. Wait is also when all this crazy stuff started and is now. I think about this for awhile. I believe now that this was set up. So I decided that maybe if I do everything the same as yesterday something might happen. I wait in my house until I get ready to leave. The clock strikes I start my walk.

Following the same path as yesterdays walk I keep looking at my phone to make sure I'm going to make it to the crazy circle path in time. What is going to happen, Is anybody or anything going to be there, Should I be scared, are some of many questions racing through my head. Finally I arrive at the crazy circle paths and nothing is there. I think to myself. Should I do this?

I choose to move on. Moving slowly through the bends I begin to count my steps again. As I move around the last corner a dark and short figure appears. He is wearing a black suit with pencil thin gray stripes. On his head lies a black felt dress hat. Black running shoes cover his feet. He walks towards me with a straight face and extends his hand to greet me. I catch a glimpse of a watch that seems to be expensive. Well let me start. You agreed to undergo an experiment in exchange for dollars. The test was a drugged dart. In the past 24 hours have you experienced any a confusion?

Who am I? Thank you for your help. I stand there confused once again in my life. I don't know why I am here. I don't know what day it is or even what happened the day before.

Holy Spirit

Candyland There once was two young boys named Bob and Billy. On a hot summer day when they had nothing to do, they decided to go to a local beach to take swim and play catch. When the boys were playing catch Bob overthrew the football into the pond. The football went straight to the middle of the pond and straight down into the water.

Billy and Bob looked at each other amazed because the football got sucked down into the water like a siphon. They both dove into the pond and started swimming toward the center to see what was going on. They got to the middle and something strange happened. All of a sudden the water started swirling around like in a whirlpool and it was dragging them into the center and pulling them under.

The water finally settled and the boys found themselves sitting on the bottom of the pond. All of a sudden the pond floor was transformed into a type of candy world. The ground was made of peppermint candies lined with trees made of licorice sticks with green mints hanging from the licorice like leafs would from a normal tree. The houses were made of gingerbread and the doors of chocolate. The strange thing is that there were no people, just animals. We noticed the football a few feet ahead of us and as we approached it, it was snatched up by a hawk made of taffy.

The bird could not keep control of the football and the football fell onto a hill of gumdrops with a chocolate waterfall running through it. First they had to swim across the chocolate river, then through a candy cane maize and run past the gummy bear without the bear waking up. Why were we playing with it then?

They both proceeded to swim across the chocolate river. Their clothes and faces were covered in chocolate. They get out of the river and continue walking not saying a word until they reach the candy maze. The maze was more difficult than they thought, moving left and right, it seemed like a lifetime before they got to the end. So they decided to make a camp and spend the night after all. They awoke the next morning and were very sore from their adventure through the maze.

Billy and Bob were almost at their destination. As they were walking they saw a giant gummy bear taking a nap in a candy filled den. They snuck past the bear and made it to the top of the gumdrop hill and then they saw the special ball. The bear began to charge at them so they ran as fast as they could through the maze. The bear did not follow so they were relieved. Once they reached the end of the maze, to their surprise the bear was waiting for them.

They manage to outsmart the bear by throwing him some Swedish candy fish to get his attention off of them. As the bear is munching, the boys run past him looking for a way home. They went back to where they had first entered the magical world of candy. They noticed a portal which they had not noticed before. Billy jumps in the portal first and Bob watched him disappear.

He becomes frightened that he will be left behind so he jumps in. Up they travel toward a bright light. They are shot out of the portal like a cannon shoots a cannon ball. They swirl through the air and land on the beach. They have never been so happy to be covered in sand. They run home and put the football back in the case before anyone knows it was missing. They vow never to speak of this day again. This is gonna be our year, Lyla! The cool, calm ocean breeze whooshed outside and the smell of the ocean filled the crisp, summer air.

This was it. Tomorrow we were back to school and we both had mixed feelings about it. Nikki was the kind of girl I would want my children to be: funny, beautiful, amazing, and intelligent. She was the whole package, but most of the students at our school completely disagreed. Nikki had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a beautiful smile, but almost the entire school never saw the real Nikki Tyler. My best friend was misunderstood and the way she carried was altered by her past.

She had an enormous secret that she desperately wanted to keep hidden. If it was me, a secret like that would have remained in the vault under lock and key, but Nikki was courageous enough to share it with me. She is the bravest person I know. I rolled up in my navy blue Nissan Altima and soon after Nikki arrived. We both stood outside of the school just staring at the doors, and we both were anxious to walk in.

Nikki and I were leaving chemistry class third period. I stood with great posture, head up back straight and made eye contact and smiled to some familiar faces in the hallway. But I look over at Nikki, and she, on the other The loud clanking of heels made Nikki cringe with every step. The three girls approached Nikki and began antagonizing her because of her appearance.

To me, Nikki dressed very nice - a cute top, a new pair of jeans, and a pair of chestnut brown UGG boots. But the most popular and ruthless girls and the most critiques. Her bright blue eyes pierced Nikki and she had an evil smirk on her face. I stepped closer to Bella and the girls and they all took a tiny step back of defeat. I turned to Nikki, her hazel eyes are filled with pain and she tried to avoid eye contact with me but I got her attention. Her eyes wandered off to the rest of the hallway. Everything seemed to have returned back to normal and no one was staring at Nikki anymore.

And then she finally responded. What did I ever do to them? I wished I could just grab each of those girls by their fake blonde hair and show them pain. But Nikki never let me chase them down. I just had to sit there and watch Nikki take it, and it was like taking a sharp knife to the stomach every time.

I hated just letting those girls get away with hurting my best friend. We both were giggling about how Jimmy, a student at our lab station, was practically in tears because he was afraid to touch the frog! As we continued discussing about class, the cafeteria was loud and crowded, and the smell of nasty sloppy joes filled the air as I tried not to gag. I feel someone almost breathing down my neck, and then I hear her annoying high pitched squeaky voice.

My heart started to race because I knew she was up to no good. She acknowledged Nikki by dumping her heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs on her head and then walks away laughing restlessly. That whole time, Nikki just sat there with the same expression on her face: nothing, almost as if it was a cardboard cutout of her sitting next to me in the cafe. All I knew was that nothing I did or said at this point would make her feel any better.

I wanted to make sure that she was holding up okay, and she was still not devastated about what happened at lunch earlier today. She tried to cover it up with a few fake coughs, but I knew she was lying by the sound of tears in her voice and the sniffles through the phone. - Online Home Store for Furniture, Decor, Outdoors & More

Monday morning, the air was still outside and the shining sun beamed down on the pavement. Nikki approached me with a gigantic smile on her face. She told me she was ready for a fresh start and so was I. This could be the beginning of a great new chapter in our lives. No more tears, no more pain, just lots of smiles, laughs, and blissful memories that would last a lifetime. It was like a library threw up in my living room.

Textbooks, papers, articles, and pencils were scattered all around the room. And while we were taking a break from our project, I asked Nikki how the rest of her day was. What happened? He said we should hangout sometime! The light in her eyes was full of optimism and it was a nice change of character for her. Being lively suits her well. And I truly was. This definitely was much needed for Nikki because now instead of just having me, she had Toby too. The more time they spent together the more they fell for eachother.

Toby would drive with her to and from school, eat lunch with us, and go on dates with her on the weekends. In a matter of months her life had drastically changed and Nikki was now genuinely excited to go to school. She knew that no matter what happened, she would have Toby and me by her side every step of the way. It almost seemed too good to be true for Nikki at this point. And it sure was. The moment students at school realized the growing relationship between Nikki and Toby, they just had to tear it down. I guess a normal everyday girl being with a popular, gorgeous jock was unheard of.

They should have just minded their own business and let Nikki live her life. Melissa, Emma, and Bella knew just what to do to take Nikki down: find and expose her deepest darkest secret. To this day I have always thought back on this day, and how these three girls could be cruel enough to do this to Nikki. It was English class, and we all had to give presentations in the auditorium about the books we read for our book reports.

The auditorium was rather large, but every seat was filled. Some students were on their phones, some were sleeping, and the very few students were actually paying attention. She was in mid-sentence and suddenly I heard movement from behind me. It was Bella. My heart sank to the floor and then Nikki glanced up between sentences and saw Bella glaring at her with an evil smile on her face. Tons of blank stares of confusion lurked throughout the auditorium.

Nikki remained silent and ignored what was going on. It was like the entire room was spinning, and I was desperately trying to keep balanced. Everything happened so rapidly and before I could stop Nikki from running out of the auditorium crying it was too late.

She was already gone. Nikki encountered two near death experiences and since her rehabilitation, she has been following her diet orderly and precisely. She knew what the girls at her school were like so she knew that she had to keep this to herself. And now, it was all out in the open. Nikki was an open book and the pages were burning one by one.

Surprisingly, Toby stuck by her side too. And even though that was a lot of help, it was the three of us against the majority of the sen-. It was lunchtime and Toby and I had gone to buy lunch. I swore we were gone for no more than five minutes. We were on our way back and a group of girls were standing around a lunch table. Our lunch table. Toby shot me a glance with worry in his bright green eyes and we both hurried back to the table.

No surprise, Melissa was there with Bella and Emma, so I knew they were up to no good. We all knew what was going on and we all knew why she did it. By the time we got to the table with Nikki everyone was gone, but the silent stares remained. The scene in the cafeteria got the attention of everyone, but there was not a sound. Everyone was completely quiet, even Nikki was. After the event that occurred in the cafeteria, Nikki was absolutely shut down. She told me every night she would cry herself to sleep and was sick and tired of people mistreating her.

Ever since what happened Nikki sort of locked herself in her own little world. She only talked to Toby and me every once in awhile and I was really concerned. After eight years of friendship I had never seen Nikki this emotionally drained, and it broke my heart. I answered the phone and she sounded somewhat happy.

It was relief to hear a shred of positivity in her voice. Smith this afternoon and she had some pretty exciting news! My heart sank but I acknowledged the news with believable excitement in my voice. But then again, I was so proud of her and I thought this experience would be great for her. After graduation, summer flew right by. She was off to Paris tomorrow and Toby and I were going to school close to home. I gave her a huge scrapbook filled with all of our blissful memories: the birthday parties, summer days at the beach, first days of school, and at the end, a picture of us now.

The transformation of us then and at the end of senior year was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Pigtails, braces, and t-shirts were now dresses, curls, and gorgeous smiles. This is what I miss - the little details of our lives as best friends. And although we are far apart now, the memories will last forever and I know that someday I will see Nikki again. She will be home in five days. The Prettiest of Eyes Tell the Ugliest of Lies I have a story that I need to tell, not to anyone in particular, just anyone who will listen. So I know that somewhere out there a person is carrying around my story too, that someone knows the truth.

Because this truth deserves notice. Today had to be the longest day of my life. From first period to seventh it felt like a lifetime. I try the key one more time click click Now ignorant faces are turning and staring at me, do they think I can't see them? The school doors finally slam shut as the last student walks out of the dungeon of a school.

All of the freshman ride their little bikes home and the upperclassmen are making a scene like they are in a race to get to nowhere in particular. The exit of the parking lot is always a traffic jam, with kids wailing their horns, cutting each other off, because no one knows how to drive in this town. The school doors swing open one more time I thought everyone already left. Is he being serious right now I hop off my lifted jeep.

Did you leave it at a quarter of a tank? Oh crap. He closes my gas tank and walks over to me with his hand out. I grab the keys from him and hop up in my jeep, slamming the door. Okay, maybe I was a little mean, I mean he did help me and what not, but if it was any other person I would have been nice, not him though, not him.

BOOM, the thunder roars over my bare jeep roof, I have to get home. This is strange. I press the button for the garage and enter my house. My bed looks so comfy in my light blue ocean sunset themed room. I turn my bed lights on and put down my canopy over my bed, pull up my fuzzy blanket and giant white puff, and sink into my bed.

As I close my eyes I let all the stress, worries and problems and annoying smirking guys slip off my mind. Just me and my bed. It will all be fine! With her long blonde hair and pail blues eyes, batting them around, I run after her because I am not leaving my best friend alone with this guy.

When she has a plan she goes through with it…nothing can change her mind. She just smiles at me. With those perfect teeth and perfect crooked smile. And they were off, walking into the dark woods, to god knows where. I blast my music and get under the hot water head, warming my frigid toes. Who is texted me now. I roll over the clock only reads am, who in their right mind could possibly be awake in this world right now. I open the message and it reads a number that I have never seen.

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I hope you got home okay, just remember why you have to be nice to me. One more rude comment Faith. I shut my phone and try to ignore the fact that I had to take on another day in the morning. I swing my head around to face Matt running towards me. God, why can't he get the point, I do not want to talk to him, I just want to get my best friend and leave.

They said you went into the woods with Jake. Matt I just want to go home, but I Matt you cannot touch me! I kept walking, and time kept passing, the night kept getting darker, brush thicker, trees taller. And the wind has gotten stronger, I look up, clouds are moving in the moons reflection is the only thing lighting the ground, I turn around and I can hardly even see the light to the house anymore.

I pull out my phone, no signal of course. Okay, well I need to do something, so I turn and continue walking into the dark, the mysterious, growingly frightening woods, until my foot gets caught on something lying on the ground, I wale my arms around trying to catch something to grab onto but instead I fall straight on my face, onto the cold wet ground.

Making me 1 minute late to my first period class, I walk in and all heads swing towards my direction like coming in late is a sin. Plus I know someone is going to give me trouble for making a scene in that class, joke around with me about it. But I am just not in the mood to be teased by them just like every other day. So, instead I go to the library and attempt to write the 5 page essay that was assigned to me last night and is due in 2 periods.

Trying not to let my mind wander back to that night, what happen, the screams, the noise, the blood. The next several periods go by fairly quick. And when that last period bell rings and all the student start piling out I am more than happy to get out of here. I rush to my car because those words keep rolling through my brain. My hands start to trembling and then my arms and then my knees. Finally I make it to my jeep without crumbling to the ground. I let myself calm down, breathing in and out, thinking of anything else, to keep myself from falling apart right here.

I fling my body into the jeep taking my keys out with my limp arms and drive, I drive straight home through the honking horns of students cars and yellow lights of intersections. I drive to my house, run to my room, and slump back in my bed. Time to repeat the process, I close my eyes and let the problems slip away. My bodies in shock, I feel around to find the ground, smooshing my fingers into the damp, muddy ground. My fingers scrambling through the dirt looking for my phone, but instead land on something wet, not like the damp ground, but gooey, and thick.

I bring my hand closer to my eyes, the texture on my fingers is smooth and wet and red. My nose suddenly picks up on the intoxicating smell, engulfing my nose hairs, condensing the air like a hot cloud. My eyes follow the trace My eyes follow it up to the face of a girl, a pail sad girl. Now my hands are trembling, my whole body trembling, shaking. A thick ball forms in my throat, my vision blurs and I become light headed. But my eyes continue following the blood back to my hands.

My quivering hands now fully covered in the blood, my saliva starts to taste sower, and the ball in my through is growing larger. My head turns around aimlessly, my breath becoming shorter and shorter. Before I know it I hear a screaming and realize it is coming from my own mouth. I stare into her open eyes. I can almost hear her reassuring words. It will all be fine. Convincing myself, trying to tell her it will all be fine.

I grab her arm; I put both hands on her shoulders. And I sat there, in the middle of the woods, in the wet dirt, under the wide shining moon. I could hear the music in the distance, now faint and no longer seeming happy and fun. I can almost see the fire crackling with girls and guys standing around it. I can picture them laughing and telling jokes, not even knowing what had just happened. And then I could see them, all of them walking towards me, I could see them looking at me, still screaming. Staring at us, with their judging eyes, I could feel them staring into my soul, I could almost hear their fear, their silent screams for help.

Because what they were looking at looked like a murder scene. It looked like two best friends, one dead, one alive with blood coating her white pail hands. It looks like I, Faith Daly just murdered my best friend. But I continued rocking, back and forth hugging my best friend.

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  • I Was Ready to Go to Prison for My Anti-War Beliefs. Then One Man Changed My Life.;
  • I Was Ready to Go to Prison for My Anti-War Beliefs. Then One Man Changed My Life.!
  • The alarm clock still ringing in my ears, making my pounding head worse. Still gasping for air, I get up to the bathroom to get a drink of water. My knees are shaiky along with my breath. Before I even have time to recover I swing on my clothes and backpack and am out the By the time I get to school my body is fully recovered, my mind not yet fully. Though I should already be used to this by now, the night terrors, but by the time I get to my fourth period class and see the face of him but body starts shaking all over again, this time with anger.

    He looks up at my with those green eyes, I quickly look away and find my seat. As soon as I sit down the bell rings and an announcement comes on the intercom. Good afternoon fellow Hawks, Reminder of the Friday night game tonight, come watch your fellow football team destroy their rival! And of course watch their captain, Jake Walker dominate the field! Go Hawks! I rush out of my seat and go to the door. I look up to catch a huge smirk straight in my face. I hardly look at him, and as fast as I can rush down the hallway.

    Come on sassy I know you're better than that! My heart sinks at that nickname he uses again, everyone stares at me as I nearly sprint down the hallway, still keeping my head down. I can feel their eyes digging into me, still judging me. But I finally make it to the front door, and I swing it open, the ball is forming again, making my throat swell, my hands start to tremble, my knees shake. I waste no time but grab my books and jump into my jeep, pushing my keys into the ignition, and slamming on the gas. I backed out of that parking lot faster than ever before. Racing against time, driving, and driving.

    Still shaking, my fingers trembling on the steering wheel. But her face keeps popping in my head, the blood, the screams, the judging faces. I gave you all And those eyes, those green eyes stabbing me with the truth. I could see through those eyes, I could see the truth, the knowledge he held in those eyes was so strong. Looking at this all playing out in front of And his hands clean and white. Just as everyone saw them as, innocent.

    I run out of my jeep and keep running, running into the woods, deeper and deeper. And at that moment I collapsed, for good, I just sat there staring up at the sun that was slowly descending under the horizon. How time flies, things changed so quickly, just this past summer I was living a happy normal life. I had a boyfriend, friends, people I could trust. Sincerely, Faith Daly.

    It had not always been this way. Everything used to be jubilant and entertaining, but everything happens for a reason. I have been pushed around, judged, and mistreated, but it has all taught me a valuable lesson. Be wise and never underestimate what could occur in the near future. About ten years ago my life was everything a young girl could have fantasized it to be.

    I had the luxury of being born into a lively, wealthy family accompanied with both a mother and father figure. There was nothing my parents loved more than me, their precious daughter Kourtney. But all of that was rapidly changed in just one day. My father departed to go away for a long business trip when the dreadful news was delivered. The plane he was taking got into a horrendous accident and he had passed.

    My mother, Jen, and I were devastated. It was months before we could even get over the death. The event brought us close and made the two of us the best of friends. I looked up to my mom and depended on her for everything, until one day several years later. When I was about the age of sixteen my mother informed me that she had accepted to attend a date with a successful man from her office building, Scott. I was beyond ecstatic that my mother finally decided to get back on her feet and have a social life again after all these years! Unfortunately for me, I never saw the great impact it was soon about to have on my life.

    Scott was always taking me and my mother out to dinner and buying us lovely gifts. He was a really nice man and I grew to enjoy Scott a lot. Although this brought me so much disappointment I decided not to intervene with their relationship because I enjoyed seeing my mother happy. Ever since she started seeing Scott she was always so energetic, like she was when After a long year of dating Jen and Scott got married and forced me to move to Miami.

    It was going to be a huge change for me, but I was willing to do it for my mother. Scott hired a team of people to pack up all of our valuable belongings and get them shipped to Miami as soon as possible. When I first arrived there the new house was beautiful. It had a stone walkway, marble pillars, and a luxurious pool. The only down side was nobody thought to mention to me that Scott had two twin sons, Rob and Justin.

    They were the same age as me, but we were complete opposites. They were handsome, popular, and athletic, and I was just some stereotypical unpopular, nerdy, new girl. Right some surprise. I could already tell it would be a horrible idea to interrupt their game of basketball they were playing with their friends.

    This is Kourtney. I knew this was a bad idea. I appreciate it. I just smiled and waved to everyone I was way too embarrassed to even think about saying anything to them. They were all genuine people from what I thought, nothing what I expected.

    To proceed, please verify that you are not a robot.

    That night I got all of my things moved into my new room. My room was the greatest thing since microwave popcorn! Scott had it painted and The walls were a dark, mysterious purple. I had a waterbed with a canopy surrounding it. I was living the life. When I look back on how great my life used to be it is hard to imagine my life still being like that. Nowadays I spend my life picking up after the boys around the house, and struggling to finish my schoolwork. My life was always changing at a fast pace for me. Not to long after we moved to Miami the school year was going to start up again.

    My mother was more excited about school than I was! She decided she wanted to take me out back to school shopping. We were both so glad I was starting my senior year in a whole new environment. This could either make me or break me so I was determined to do it the right way. Everything happened so fast it was really just a blur to me. My mother managed to spin the car so her side took most of the hit. She was killed instantly.

    I have never seen or felt something so traumatic and depressing in my life and I never will. I watched my favorite person leave forever, in the blink of an eye. That day transformed my life into something I never wished it to become. About a month after my mother passed everything was slowly starting to go back to normal. My mother left me in the hands of Scott and that was such a big mistake.

    He was all about his sons and their athletics never really paying any attention to me. He never cared about anything I had to say or if I made a good achievement in school. All I ever got from him was a list of chores to do. Justin and Rob became the stereotypical brothers that nobody wanted to have. Always antagonizing me and pushing me around. I had to obey everything that they told me to do unless I wanted to figure out what my consequences would have to be.

    Going to school was even worse than being at home. Justin was captain of the football team and Rob was captain of the hockey team everybody knew them. One day they really pushed me over the edge. I was casually walking through the hallway I could not understand why, until I walked straight into their trap. There was a massive bucket of ice water hanging above the door way waiting for me. As soon as I entered through the doorway it was dumped all over me. I was completely drenched from head to toe. I was beyond mortified and embarrassed. My only instinct was to run away to the bathroom.

    I stormed through the laughing crowd as fast as I possibly could. I needed to get out of there. Once I made it to the bathroom I did not care if anyone saw me, I sat in there and just cried for the rest of the day. As soon as I got home I grabbed my chores list on the way to my room. I was not in the mood to speak or even look at Rob and Justin after what they put me through today.

    Suddenly I was stopped in the hallway by Randy. I could almost sense he had something to tell me. His heart was racing; I could heart beating out of his chest. I just thought I could finally tell you something, but it can wait a little longer. What a weirdo. The next week in school Randy appeared more than usual. I would run into him when we had classes on complete opposite sides of the school. I decided to do some snooping around. I crept down the hallway on the way to my forensics class and I saw him talking to my best friend Sarah.

    As soon as he saw me coming he ran. The only thing I got out of it was that he has something really urgent and important he has been meaning to tell you. Luckily, Randy was at my house that afternoon. I called him over so we could talk. Just tell me so we can get on with this! It was wron..

    You all knew how upset I was about losing my mother and then months later I have to hear this! I can not even fathom that the three of you would do this to me, especially you Randy. You act like a puppy dog for Justin and Rob, doing whatever they say. They put you out here to take most of the blame and you did it.

    And to top it all off even after knowing this the three of you continued to harass me and make my life a living hell. I hope you all feel better about yourselves now. They did something horrible to such a perfect person. How could they let this happen? I want absolutely nothing to do with this family or anyone in this town. I had to get out of her before anything got any worse.

    I packed my things and left with no intentions of ever coming back.

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    They all betrayed me. I booked the next flight I could and returned to my home town in the suburbs. Throughout my life I was never really given a happy ending, but I suppose you determine your own fate. Dead and Forgotten, but Never Really Gone Now tell me friends how would your life be without your mom and your best friend, it would suck right. Now tell me this has knowing something ever hurt you? It did to my best friend and this is her story.

    We had been with each other through all the hard times and had never once questioned why we were. As time went on and we grew up and our friendship only grew stronger, it had its tests for us along the way and somehow we made it through each one. Without an answer she dropped the phone to the ground, leaving it up to me, to find out all the details. The tragic loss of her mother tore her away from the rest of the world, isolating her within the tragedy.

    However, just as things got back into a normal state she was hit again, struck down for the second time within a matter of 6 years. She was now 21 years old and our friendship was still as strong as could be, that was all about to change. On the night of September 3rd, I had been viciously attacked and killed by a man no one was able to She shut out the only people left in her life and never opened up to anyone on how she truly felt.

    Time passed and Scarlett pushed further and further away from the people trying to help her isolating herself again but this time in her own world where not a single person was allowed in, she skipped my funeral, broke up with her longtime boyfriend, and moved away from the town she had lived in since she was a child, a town full of so many memories. Trying to escape her past she enrolled in college and started school that same year, at first she was hesitant to let people in but over time she opened up, and started talking to a young man named Mateo.

    Mateo was had also just moved into the school, and he was also trying to escape the past but his was in a different way. Mateo had once lived in the same small town as my best friend and I just under a different name.

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    I knew him well a little too well. The two grew closer and closer, soon they enter into a budding romance and start going out. They both learn more and more about each other and slowly my murder investigation became the last thing on her mind. As I started to fade into the back of her mind still there but just as a distant memory. Over the years she stops even thinking about me at all. She forgot about the open case surrounding my murder forgets that my killer is still on the loose, she lets everything go and focuses on her new love, her new life that she has found herself.

    On the day of their college graduation Mateo asks Scarlett for her hand in marriage and without a single hesitation she accepts, after three years together she thought she really knew this man, however from what I know everything she knew. When they all return back home they take up their suspicions and search around about their new family member and realize where they had seen him before.

    He was a member of local street gang from their town and had been a suspect in my murder, things I had all already known the thoughts that consumed my afterlife. With their new found information they call Scarlett and tell her the news, at first she becomes really defensive over her husband and defends him to the end, but as his web of lies starts to unfold she becomes more and more wary of the situation she may be in. Her call would be answered by Mateo and his plans would all change because of that. In hearing his wife now knew the truth about his past Mateo devised a plan to take her out and get away again.

    His plan to kill his new wife and make a clean get away without the chance of being traced. The problem with his plan his every move is being closely watched. His every purchase closely monitored his every action mark down somewhere. Their house was bugged and put under 24 hour surveillance and she was in constant contact with a special agent from the police. One night as Scarlett lay sleeping in the bed her and Mateo shared she felt a sense of danger and that her life was being threatened and her senses were Scarlett lay fearing the end of her life she could sense Mateo closing in on her; she now felt the way I felt.

    And just as Mateo lifted the knife to kill my best friend the way he did to me, the man she had spent hours talking to daily, divulging key information in the case with, Keith burst through the door to save her life. Mateo was now locked up and serving time for the crime he previously committed and the attempted crime he had planned out.

    She was glad she still had her life and was happy to know that people around her still cared, but also tainted by the pain she was forcing herself to constantly think about. The trial finally ended and Mateo was finally out of her life forever, but there was a new person she had found interest in, and that was the man who saved her life, Keith. The man she had told so much about her life, a man she trusted with everything. As things settled down Scarlett moved back into her old small town realizing no matter where you go in life trouble will always find a way to bring itself back into your life, and she soon fell hard for her savior and he fell for her too, they soon developed a strong friendship and showed how much she truly trusted him, they both fell in love and decided that it was the destiny for them to be together, they got married and lived in that small town full of so much love and so much loss.

    They started a family and she was never happier, and somewhere deep down inside she knew her best friend was looking over her, and she knew somewhere inside of Keith was a part of me, something that made her fall deeper and deeper in love every day. That something may not be the only thing that connected me to Keith… There was another connection that had previously close, close enough to kill. The man no one was going to suspect, but the man knew had a part in my death. This man much like Mateo had become so close to my best friend she would never suspect him, but he had also had a plan to take her out, a plan he would never have the chance to commit.

    She held them in her hands thinking this is how, why, and by whom I lost my best friend, these letters read, Dear Mateo, I know you have been experiencing some trouble following Scarlett due to the presence of Vivian; I would just like to inform you that problem will be taken care of as soon as possible.

    I have a plan to get rid of the girl without anyone ever knowing. Scarlett will finally be all yours and no one will ever suspect us in the murder of poor little Vivian. Scarlett finally realized she was the cause of my death, the reason I was dead. Smaller clues lead into big hints on how these men truly felt about her something I had known since my death.

    I can no longer hide how I feel about Scarlett and having Vivian always with her is ruining everything. My plan to get rid of Vivian has started by the end of the week I plan to have Scarlett all to myself. She was the only person left fighting for my story to be heard and I was going to give her all the help I could, from the place I was.

    I could have lived life with both of them all the time. Please help me get out of here, help me see her again because I truly cared. Your Friend, Mateo. Knowing she was the reason, love was the reason. If she had separated from her friend to let others in would it have changed anything? Scarlett soon devised her own plan to get the word about who killed my out to the world while still keeping her name and her connection to knowing the truth out of it. She took hours out of her work to keep up with her ever growing knowledge of the truth, changing her plan day by day.

    The closer she grew to knowing the whole truth the more she feared her own safety, till finally one day she had to put a stop to their freedom and go to the police, the place where Keith worked some them what she had found. Much like how she defended Mateo at first accusation, the men on the force dared to believe Scarlett but the letters and all the information she had gathered forced them to see the truth, and though she had loved both men, she never really saw who they truly were until the day they both were cuffed and put into cells.

    Not only had my best friend solved the end to my life she had also established herself as a strong powerful woman. She finally got back to focusing her life on herself, letting her family have her back again. Although I know the true reason to my death I also know that there is something that people have neglected to tell us all, something that the whole world is hiding about itself, something everyone is hiding about themselves.

    Can you picture living through this, Scarlett made that hard choice and she choose to lose the one she loved to tell the truth she knew. Shattered The wind was bitter as its harsh words pierced my nose. Gusts and whirls sent the golden amber and rust colored leaves sailing, settling gently at the bottom of the endless decaying forest. I watched as the earth behind me remembered my steps creating a map to take me home.

    He listened to every word that spewed out of my lips, never judged or talked, just comforted me when needed. I wish I could stay in these woods for a while; become lost, unknown, and invisible. People disliked me, ignored me, and dodged me through the crowded, chaotic hallways at high school. It was sophomore year, and I already hated every second of it. No one talked to me, glanced at my faceless expressions. If only one looked into my eyes and saw the pain that filled my broken body.

    Sadness and solitude boiled inside of me, waiting to erupt. Kindness and generosity were nowhere to be found in the walls of the prison. It stunk of cruelty; shear insanity. I was nobody. I was useless for nothing except to fulfill the needs of others thirst; power.