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My burdens are overwhelming and it doesn't seem like I'll ever catch up. I feel the pain of stress, hurt and setbacks. Strengthen me to stand up knowing you are always with me. When things are so hard to understand that all you can do is call forth Jesus. Person1: Did you hear Keri is still a hoe.

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Person2: After she apparently found the Lord? Person1: Yes. Person2: Oh Jesus take the wheel!!

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When one is to drunk to drive while still insiting on driving, allows a higher power to do the driving for them. It stems from the popular Carrie Underwood song with the title of the same name. Jason, The Great April 15, Hi there!

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We've updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then Brett told us about a time when his wife Sandy actually was in an accident on the interstate. Her car went under a tractor-trailer, and she pretty much walked away without a scratch.

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We started talking about the idea. Words just started flowing from all of us. It just fell out. Brett and Gordie kept adding lines and the song came together pretty quickly. That was one song that definitely came from the spirit in the corner of the room.

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Not long after that, Carrie Underwood won American Idol , and of course won a record deal, and started looking for material for her first album. I was going through some tough things emotionally right then. About "Jesus Take the Wheel" is an expression that is often used in rage comics to summon Jesus to take the control of a moving car.

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Origin The song "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood was released on October 3rd, , which tells the story of a mother who hits a patch of black ice why driving on Christmas Eve and cries out for Jesus as her car spins out of control. Jesus Take The Wheel Uploaded by capcon. Jesus Take The Wheel Uploaded by charli Jesus Take The Wheel Uploaded by theincrediblecherrychanga. Facebook Comments. Add a Comment.

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