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Men need to feel validated, admired and looked up to.

But they want that from a self-respecting woman who has a backbone and who first and foremost loves herself. Change the way you see yourself, be careful of those who try to convince you of who you are. Follow The Sun. Your Sun Sign in.


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How To Truly Get A Man Obsessed. Women Give In Too Easy To This.

All News. Updated: 4th April , pm. THERE are many myths surrounding relationships. These are just some: You have to be perfect. You have to be his sex toy.

Why Men Love Bitches

You have to be whatever he wants you to be. Make him chase you until you catch him. With voice messages, shorter is better. This is false. The following suggestions will set a classy tone, so he views you as someone he can take seriously: Dress a little sexy but not too revealingly. Question 4: What secrets do men keep with regard to sex?

Question 5: Why do men test women? And is it done purposefully? Question 6: What are men secretly afraid of?

How to get your man by being a bitch – The Sun

Question 7: What is the best way for a woman to reignite a man's interest if it might be starting to cool off? Question 8: How can a woman tell if a man's really in love and thinking about forever? Average customer rating 5 2 comments. Sherry tells it as it is. No mincing of words, No sugarcoating. I totally luv this book.

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Ladies this is a must have Want some insight to some things you haven't been able to figure out about that man that caught your eye??? Read it. I first seen this book in a friend's Boutique in Houston one day while I was shopping. She let me sit down and read this book.

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One of my favorites. COM Terms Cedar Hills. Booty88 , January 16, Sherry tells it as it is.