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The light it illuminates, while very bright at lux, is the softest and most pleasant of any lamps I have ever tried. That is thanks to the smart light diffuser and very clever allocation of the LEDs so that stronger light is illuminated to the sides and softer light in the center. This makes it a far cry from other LED lamps on the market, which causes glare that you can feel even when reading on a rough paperback. The icing on the cake is that you can customize the light brightness and temperature to make it even more pleasant on your eyes.

This can be done by gently pressing and turning the knob on the lighthead. To each their own, I guess. The lamp, like other high-end LED desk lamps on the market, is fully adjustable in height and lighting angle. It can spin on the base, bend and twist at the body and the neck. Even the head is twistable. Despite the agility, it is very sturdy. The lamp is made of high-quality materials and is definitely built to last.

Even the cord feels so bold and strong with woven fabric cover. The base is unbelievably heavy and can take up quite some space. This is not some lamp that you can easily move around by hooking a finger on its neck and lift it up. Nor will your naughty cat be able to push it down. But maybe the cat can turn it on and off if their tail reaches the control ring. If you hold the ring for about 2 seconds while the lamp is on, the green light lights up and it goes into Eye-care mode. According to BenQ, in this mode, the light sensor works to determine the ambient in the room.

Then the lamp adjusts the light accordingly to offer the best option to your eyes. As per my observation, it does get into a very pleasant setting — soft and slightly warm light. I have stable background light in my room so this is not an important feature to me in the first place, but it would be nice if it worked better. Overall, this is a big, well-built, beautiful desk lamp. Totally worth every penny you spend, in my opinion.

On the office desk, you need a lamp that is compact, durable, one that gives off sharp, crisp light to enhance the accuracy and quality of your work. Designed to fit in a small cubicle with various office items, the Lumiy desk lamp is minimalist in appearance. Not a single detail on the item is gimmicky. And yet it looks so sleek and beautiful in its shiny black shell. Unlike its bigger friends, the BenQ and the TaoTronics, this lamp is not for wild bending or twisting. You can bend its neck and rotate the lamp head to pivot the light where you need it, but the angles are not too wide.

Not that it is a problem: its smaller size makes it more convenient for moving, at least around your desk. Despite its compactibility, the lamp is capable of brightening up your whole desk. It produces light of lux — not the brightest on the market but sufficient and very impressive for its size. According to Lumiy, the light has a CRI of higher than 90, making it a world-class lamp in terms of light quality. And it is easily adjustable via the touch sensors on the base. It is dimmable, and has a color temperature ranging from K for high concentration work to the orange K for relaxation.

This means the lamp can make a pretty good bedside lamp too, if your bedroom has a contemporary decor.

Top 7 Best LED Desk Lamps of 12222 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

As an LED lamp, the Lumiy consumes very little energy. You can use it every day for long hours without worrying about a surge in the electricity bill. It also produces infinitesimal heat compared to other types, say halogen or incandescent. However, it does get hot after a few hours. Or you can use the integrated timer to give both the light and yourself a short break after every hour of work. The lamp comes with a USB port, which is pretty handy when you want to charge your phone. Check Out Best Price on Amazon 4.

Search no further than this OTUS baby. The OTUS is an architecture desk lamp with a traditional structure: a round base, a flexible arm, and a round shade. And yet the smart construction makes it look like a lamp from the future. The lamp comes in a very sleek, shiny metal finish. The metal and plastic parts are in silver and black, beautifully combined together to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the lamp.

Now to the coolest feature of the baby: it can be controlled using hand gestures! The sensitive movement sensor allows you to get the light on and off with a wave in the air. If you wish to adjust the brightness and color temperature, the changes can be make via touch sensors placed along the arm. There are 12 levels of light intensity and 3 different color modes for your choice.

I love how modern lamps are so versatile. For the desired light area and intensity, adjust the height of the lamp by bending or stretching its flexi arm. It could reach up to 24 inches, and at a maximum intensity of lux, can easily cover your whole table. Light angle is in your full control too, with a twistable head.

Just as it looks, the OTUS feels solid and robust. The joints are firm, keeping the lamp stable where you put it. The beautiful design of this lamp makes it a perfect gift for your family, friends or co-workers. It works more than efficiently, and looks much fancier than its cost. Just remember to check the decor around their desk — the lamp may look out-of-place in a vintage setting. Check Out Best Price on Amazon 5. If you want to change the light angle, however, its neck is foldable within an angle of degree. Despite the humble size, the lamp is quite impressive in functions.

It illuminates at lumens, and a CRI of 80 — which translate into crisp, sharp light. You can actually use it without additional light sources for an hour or two. Cool thing is that the light is dimmable with 3 intensity levels. The lamp also comes with an alarm clock, another reason it would make a useful item on your bedside table. On the front of its body is a VA screen, whose brightness is adjustable.

It is where the temperature is displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit , together with the time and date. Since it comes with built-in battery, the display works even when power is off, which is pretty nice.

Laura Garcia Senior (Author of The E-Colors Desk Book)

This lamp is loved not only for its portability and functionality. Its appearance is pretty amazing too. The dark coffee color and nice sewing lines also add to the luxurious look. The verdict? Go for it if you want a smart small lamp that not only gives off quality light but also saves space on your desk by working as a clock, a thermometer, and a decorative object. Check Out Best Price on Amazon 6. Brightech Lightview Pro — Best Magnifying Task Lamp A desk lamp for highly detailed work should be at least two things: very bright, and have magnifying feature.

This Brightech is one of, if not the best lamps you could find with those two qualities. The Brightech Lightview Pro is super bright. It has 56 miniature LED bulbs distributed in a circle, which boast to last , hours. In the center of the circle of LEDs is a lens, with a diameter of 5 inches. The lens is made of clear high quality glass, and has a magnification power of 2. It magnifies well, and things appear through the lens crystal clear. Or people like my mom who has difficulty reading the small printed newspapers. Now to the body of the lamp.

This ensures you can pivot the light to the exact angle and position you need it. Despite the flexibility, the Lightview Pro is very stable and sturdy. The clamp opens to 2.

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The only thing I would like to add to this lamp is the dimmability, so I have more choices of the brightness. The feature can be found on its larger version, the Brightech LightView Pro floor lamp , which also has various light color choices, but is unavailable on the desk lamp. Nevertheless, without the dimmable feature, this is still an amazing task desk lamp with its crisp, bright light, clear magnifying lens, and flexible but stable arm. And if anything, it also comes with a 3 years warranty. Check Out Best Price on Amazon 7. I have to say that this is not the kind of fancy gadgets that will decorate your working space.

It looks simple and not exactly sleek or shiny. The lamp offers crisp, stable, and flicker-free light.

Monsters Love Colors

And as typical of TaoTronics lamps, it comes with 7 levels of brightness and 5 different color temperatures. This makes it very easy on the eyes, as you can conveniently adjust the light among the 35 different settings until they feel comfy and satisfied. All of the settings can be done via the very responsive touch controls on the base.

Thanks to the various light modes, the lamp is extremely versatile. You can have the full intensity mode on with the whitest light color for enhanced concentration when studying during the day, when there is background lighting. At night, when your roommates have gone to bed, you can still keep reading with a lower brightness mode and a warmer temperature. If you always use it at a particular mode that is not its default mode, this could be a little inconvenient.

To ensure the right light angle and prevent glare, the TaoTronics comes with a flexible body. There are three places you can twist and turn to adjust the angle and distance: the head, the neck, and where the arm joins the base. The lamp is made out of plastic and aluminum alloy, resulting in its lightweightness 2. The compactness and lightweightness of the base makes it easier to move around whenever I reorganize the desk, which I do very often. You may notice that there is an integrated USB charging port on the base. It takes quite long to charge and is not the best option if you need your device full fast.

Thanks great review. I bought the Lumiy Lightblade. It is very bright, and I like how the touch panel lights up in the dark. So glad you found what you needed Hanna! Would you know a desk lamp not too heavy or tall which produces 1, lux? The USB light is bright! The nice thing about the light is that if you do not need it, you can take it off and there is a little pouch you tuck it in.

The wrist pad is nice as well; it also helps with the books not sliding off the desk. That is how comfortable it is!

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  • Construction feels high quality, from the memory-foam padding, to the included LED light and slide-out mouse pad holder. Very satisfied with my purchase! I do most of my laptop work in bed when I am home. My back and hips would kill me after spending long periods of time doing homework. This thing has all of the space that I need. My mouse does not move when I am not using it. I absolutely love the cell-phone slot. My MacBook is still cool to the touch after being on it all evening. The one that I have is the one with the wood finish and I love how it looks.

    The raised material at the bottom stops my laptop from sliding off. Order it, now!!!! The surface area on this thing is YUGE, and it makes portability great again. The padded cushion underneath is very comfortable and feels like memory foam — and is also detachable with simple Velcro strips. The simplicity of this is what makes it perfect. No gimmicky curves or patterns or textures that make a lot of lap desks annoying. I have a small apartment and no room for a full-size work desk. This is lightweight, plastic, foldable, and has adequate storage for my mouse and headset, with plenty of room to spare.

    My inch laptop sits perfectly on the lap desk, and it does not slide around nor hang off the edge. I recommend this desk to anyone in my situation, and for those that like to use their laptop in a variety of locations.

    Hollander MakeCentral Service Desk

    When I realized I needed something to keep my laptop from making my legs too warm, I spent a lot of time looking at various products and reading reviews. Now I wonder what I ever did without it. I really prefer to just have my laptop on my lap, but I also like using a separate mouse. This was the perfect solution.

    My I love that I can bring this desk with me for use anywhere. I have been looking off and on for something like this for years! It is lightweight, has holes to ventilate the computer to keep it from overheating, and best of all has a place for an external mouse! I love this because I do a lot of games on my computer that require an external mouse, and this lap desk is the perfect size without being too bulky, and also gives the mouse enough motion room. Also, there are cool trays up top for storing pens and pencils or your cell phone, etc. Very much a great buy!

    The stand is extremely sturdy and well-made. It can be used in so many different ways, from a stand-up podium for a speaker or in my case to hold a cookbook on my kitchen counter. Mostly, I use it to hold my iPad to watch movies or sometimes my Kindle or a book that I am reading.

    Yes, it really is that sturdy. It is fully adjustable both up and down and a variety of angles from flat to almost vertical. I could not be more pleased with this stand. It also folds flat for storage. It works like a height-adjustable, portable folding table, which is exactly what I wanted: a portable desk that adjusts to varying heights depending on where I am sitting or standing.

    The fact that you can also tilt the top is a great feature. I also love that the legs, when folded, stay folded in place, so you can transport this table without pinching your fingers or whacking yourself accidentally.