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They married on November 30, , less than two months after the film's release. Mr Casey's daughter, Connie, wants to go to Pottawatomie College and without her knowledge he sends four football players as her bodyguards. The college is in financial trouble and her bodyguards use their salary to help the college. The football players join the college team, and the team becomes one of the best. One of the football players, Clint, falls in love with Connie, but when she discovers he is her bodyguard, she decides to go back East.

The bodyguards follow her, leaving the team in the lurch. Van Johnson Boy No. John Benton Boy. Janet Lavis Coed. Anna Mae Tessle Coed. Amarilla Morris Coed. Vera Fern Coed.

Little Known Movies: Too Many Girls 1940 [a movie review]

Mildred Law Coed. Ellen Johnson Coed. Michael Alvarez Joe. Sethma Williams Marie. Averell Harris Detective. Tommy Graham Hawker. Grady Sutton Football Coach. Homer Dickinson Butler.

Iron Eyes Cody Indian. Jay Silverheels Indian. Chief Big Tree Chief. Pamela Blake Student. Credits Director 1 Credit George Abbott. Writer 1 Credit John Twist. Source 3 Credits George Marion. Lorenz Hart. Richard Rodgers. Producer 2 Credits George Abbott. Harry E. Cinematographer 1 Credit Frank Redman.

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Editor 1 Credit William Hamilton. Musical Composer 2 Credits Lorenz Hart.

They met on the set, fell in love, and got married six months after filming ended. Thus, even though they had no onscreen romance, they had a beautiful offscreen romance which was the beginning of the famous pairing which would would be featured in two other movies and many television shows. Since I was home-schooled, I worked on my schoolwork in our living room. I always felt motivated to work well in the morning, since I was looking forward to seeing more of the hilarious antics of Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred.

Too Many Girls, (Film version) - Lyrics by Lorenz Hart

At that time, since the show was in black and white and looked grainy on our little television, I thought it must be terribly old. Now I realize that it was in the s. I will always think of them as one of the best teams in television history. If you want to see this team prominently displayed and acting together in a movie, I suggest their other two films, The Long, Long Trailer from and Forever, Darling from In general, I would say that this is a pleasant but unexceptional film. It is definitely silly at times, and the plot is somewhat weak.

I found it entertaining, but it is not excellent. It is interesting to see these actors in early roles, and I think that any fans of Desi Arnaz, Eddy Bracken, and Van Johnson would enjoy seeing them in their film debuts, even though the roles are rather brief. I found parts of the film to be very amusing, particularly those with Eddy Bracken; he is very funny in this movie. Some of the musical numbers are very good, and others are unmemorable. Miss Ball and Miss Langford look very pretty in their costumes in this movie, and Mr.

Arnaz looks youthfully fresh and handsome. Personally, one of the things I appreciate most about this film is that it is entirely free from objection from a Code standpoint. It was made in , and obviously so. It has that good, clean Code feeling. The only thing which I sense was changed was the situation with the beanies.

Since this did come from a play by Rodgers and Hart, who were noted for their risqueity, I have a feeling that the beanies originally signified maidenhood. Although that seems more like a useful sorority feature in the s rather than , Pottawatomie does seem rather behind the times, so I find this to be realistic. Too Many Girls may not be the most brilliant film ever made, but it pleases me to see any film which adheres to the Code and which obviously did not give Joseph Breen much trouble.

I recommend this picture for people who like classic musicals, college stories, carefree comedies, Lucy and Desi, or Van Johnson. I think any classic movie lover who can enjoy movies without taking them too seriously might like this picture. Modern filmmakers seem to have forgotten that.

Maybe the reinstatement of the Code could revive simple, wholesome entertainment like this that showcases great talent and can be enjoyed by the whole family! I would like to thank Michaela for hosting this blogathon and for allowing me to participate. Reading her announcement and her first contribution to the blogathon made me want to watch some of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes. She obviously has a great affection for this dynamic team, and she has created a wonderful tribute to them with this blogathon.

I especially like her article about Desi Arnaz; it is tender, fascinating, and extremely informative. Lucy and Desi were a great team who provided wholesome entertainment to America through television even in the later 50s, when films no longer cared to do so! Watch some of their great collaborations at your earliest opportunity!