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Return to Book Page. Twice Loved by LaVyrle Spencer. Five years ago, Laura Dalton gave up her husband, Rye, to the sea -- a sailor who never returned. But soon Laura learned to love again, settling into a life of motherhood with Dan, her late husband's best friend. They had a happy life together -- until the day Rye came home again. Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages.

Published November 15th by Jove first published June More Details Original Title. Nantucket, Massachusetts , United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Twice Loved , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Shelves: g-historical-romance , hero-favorite-smokin-hot-sexay , reads , colonial-america , heroine-or-hero-married-to-another , keeper , library-book , friends-to-lovers. Wow — what an emotional read!

I needed my tissues for sure with this wonderful, bittersweet love story! Lavyrle Spenser is a master of human emotions. And boy were my emotions used in this book:- There is desire, guilt, love, recriminations, fear, impatience, jealousy, despair and hope! All wrapped up in the lives of three friends who had grown up together in Colonial Nantucket and now find themselves facing one of the greatest challenges of their lives… Rye Dalton, Laura Traherne, and Daniel Mo Wow — what an emotional read! All wrapped up in the lives of three friends who had grown up together in Colonial Nantucket and now find themselves facing one of the greatest challenges of their lives… Rye Dalton, Laura Traherne, and Daniel Morgan have that unique bond of friendship that is formed by spending endless days together throughout their childhood.

You would most always find these three together and a deep connection existed even into adulthood. Having shared a lifetime of memories, Rye Dalton and Daniel Morgan are two best friends with a relationship more like brothers. And while one grows to manhood and marries his childhood love, Laura Traherne, the other finds himself holding his feelings for her deep inside.

In the months that followed, news reaches the island that all is lost on the Massachusetts as it went down leaving no survivors. Anguish, hopelessness, misery are her constant companions and she is lost, with no hope and a broken heart! He filled a void and was good to her. After the many months of being in his care, these two marry with a promise to spend their lives together.

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But deep down Laura still mourns the loss of her first love; the one who filled her days with intoxication and made their nights a celebration. A good provider, thoughtful and kind, his life is full, they are content. And it is here, in the midst of their contentment and routine, that her first love returns, never suspecting that anyone thought him dead.

The Twice Lost

After spending five long hellish years at sea, his anticipation of seeing Laura is so great he could barely breathe. She owns his heart and his dreams of this day are what kept him going through the agony of their separation. His returning home is where the story begins. Within the first few pages he comes to know of the many shocking changes that have taken place since his leaving. Immediately my emotions were on a rollercoaster ride. I knew going in that someone was going to get hurt and I immediately knew who I wanted her to be with. It was the getting there that had me all bunched up with nerves.

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I loved the hero of this book and my impatience had me wanting to shake Laura, insisting she stop letting guilt and duty rule her life. But then in the end, I found myself hurting for the one not chosen. This book was first published in and there are a few dated phrases but none that bothered me in any way or interfered with my loving this poignant, bittersweet love story. There were many descriptions involving the whaling industry and this small town and while it may hinder other readers, I enjoyed most of them. Another winner by one of my favorite authors!

Thanks again Tammy and Jill for steering me to this one! And loving all three friends, I found myself drawn to the hero's plight and rooting for him all the way! He has become one of my favorites! View all 11 comments. Another first book for me. I was on a trip with friends and bored out of my mind when I went down to the hotel gift shop looking for something to read. I picked up Twice Loved and spent the rest of the weekend buried in it. I was 18 at the time and this was the first real romance novel I'd ever read.

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Spencer drew me into her story from the first page. My heart broke for the three main characters who are caught in a terrible triangle not of their own making. Warning for those of more delic Another first book for me. Warning for those of more delicate constitutions Spencer writes hot love scenes, i. Her mastery of human emotions and seamless weaving of historical details make her another of my all-time favorites. I've read every one of her novels, and was sad beyond words when I found out she was retiring back in the '90s, I think.

Aug 22, Chelsea rated it liked it Shelves: romance-angst , historical. Oh, the cruelty of fate! Yeah, that's what this book is all about. Desperation led Laura to do something that later made her heart shatter after knowing the truth. I don't know how to make judge of every character because as a reader, it seems easy to decide what I believed to be the right thing, making me pissed if the character can't even act on it.

But in reality, it wasn't that easy. Laura fell on this category, the situation she was in was really hard, I understand. But the mom 3 Stars!!! But the moment view spoiler [ she cheated on Dan, that sure pissed me off. Don't leave both men dangling on your fingers!!! But I must say that despite of it, the author provided a great reasoning that made me accept it as it is.

No other way is more suitable on how to end all their misery. The story is slow but seems to cover all aspects needed so it was good. It wasn't hurried so everything just fell out perfectly. View 2 comments. Jul 13, Hilcia rated it liked it Shelves: historical , romance , read.

I've loved every single book I've read by Lavyrle Spencer so far. I still love her gorgeous writing style and how she develops characters and a story -- all are evident in Twice Loved. On the positive side, I absolutely love the setting and atmosphere in this novel. It is set in a small fishing village, and the place and people who inhabit it come alive in this novel. Unfortunately for me, this romance is a triangle, and I mean one of those triangles where the woman who finds herself in the midd I've loved every single book I've read by Lavyrle Spencer so far. Unfortunately for me, this romance is a triangle, and I mean one of those triangles where the woman who finds herself in the middle knows who she loves but doesn't have the gumption to make the right decision.

She ends up hurting everyone, including herself and her child, so that by the time the happy ever after comes along I really did not want her to have it! I wanted the "hero" to walk away from her, and that's not the way a romance works, right? This romance is brimming with betrayal, yearning, love, angst, anger, and passion. I could not help but feel terrible for both men and the child caught up in the middle of it all. Just as I could not help resenting her for the lack of backbone that destroyed whatever connection I could have felt.

In this case, it may be that it is a case of personal preference. If as a reader you don't mind triangles, you may want to read this book by the amazing Spencer. However, for me personally, this was a beautifully written, but painful read. In a pattern that will sound all too familiar to others who've struggled with their weight, the pounds started to creep back on when she left the strict confines of her dad and stepmother's home and started binge eating again as she transitioned into college. She was so ashamed of her problem that she worked hard to hide all the evidence from her friends and family.

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But she couldn't hide the physical effects, and by the end of her undergraduate years, she'd reached her all-time heaviest at pounds. Despite the consequences, binge eating was doing what she wanted it to: killing her emotions. After graduation, she decided to study abroad in China. While she enjoyed the culture, the people, and her studies, she started to notice another perk: She was losing weight.

Plus, she adds, the Chinese have no qualms about commenting on people's physical appearance or giving diet advice-people would poke her or take her picture all the time. So big! But rather than upset her, she found that their honesty forced her to face her phobias and she was able to stop bingeing and lose pounds. As the scale went down, her confidence went up and she began to appreciate her body in a whole new way, grateful for being able to do all the activities she wanted to do while exploring another country. Plus, she says, being a "recovered" binge eater had become a core part of her identity and she was desperate to maintain her weight loss.

Quiz: Are You Addicted to Food? But then life threw another curveball. During her fourth year of her study abroad, her father passed away. He'd always been her rock and Karoly missed him desperately. The emotions overwhelmed her; at first, she tried drinking and partying as a way to numb her feelings but, she says, nothing worked as well as binge eating.

I stocked up on food and then locked myself in my apartment for two weeks and just ate. The only person I saw was the pizza delivery guy," she says. Eventually she was in so much pain that she couldn't even walk. As she crawled to the bathroom, she says she had an epiphany. The weird feeling progressed to my entire body and I just felt like everything was going to sleep - I guess that it the best way of describing it, not tingling but just softly going to sleep.

It felt the the EMTs took forever to come but Junji said it was fast. We were originally heading to St. I remember them getting me up in a chair to get me to a stretcher telling me I was going to pass out and that is when I lost consciousness. During this period of being out I saw fields of flowers, Junji said I said I saw people but I just remember the flowers - everywhere as far as the eye could see.

When the EMTs woke me up I remember being annoyed why did they wake me up from this wonderful "dream. In the ambulance I kept passing out, and "annoyingly" they kept having to sternal rub me and shout my name to get me to wake up. I was terrified, I didn't want to die, I kept thinking of Sophie, I couldn't leave her and maybe that is what saved me, I don't know. My PALS instructors would be pleased - as I laid there on the stretcher in between losing consciousness my brain kept telling them what do to but I couldn't get the words out.

Are you going to need to intubate me? When the doctor came with ultrasound, he instantly told me they wouldn't let Junji back at this point because of the severity of the situation so I was all alone he was sorry but the baby was gone and that my placenta had completely separated, there was a lot of blood. I became numb at this point of time. It was like the room was moving around me and time stopped. By now time became of the essence to save me, I was still bleeding and was rushed up for a c-section, and extreme pain had set inky this point.

I lost three liters of blood and so by this time they were worried about me. I wanted to turn back time, be a different person, have this not be happening to us. I wanted to run as far away as I possibly could - I was sure and still not fully convinced I bury another child and go through this grief journey again. She was unbelievably beautiful. A full head of dark hair, the perfect mixture of her beautiful sisters. I wanted to shake her, wake her up, start CPR - surly they could do something, she looks perfect, she could survive at 33 weeks.

But it was too late. They said that she was perfect and likely healthy and that she probably died within a few minutes of the abruption at home, peacefully and pain free just like going to sleep. This was a rare and unpredictable complication.

Twice Loved by LaVyrle Spencer

Many people have abruptions but not complete abruptions so their babies are often able to survive. That was not me. It is hard to fathom that we have lost two of our beautiful girls within two years. I know we are not unique to this type of loss, there are many who have lost multiple children in this world. She was our hope, she was going to bring so much Joy back into our life, but for some reason beyond my understanding God needed her back up in Heaven.

Some things I know are not for our humanly understanding, but that doesn't make my heart and soul hurt any less. Sad just doesn't even begin to describe it. I want to hide under my blanket and not come out.

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November 28th. There could have been family and friends admiring her beauty, giving her her first taste of human love - that is if I would have let her out of my arms. Today was supposed to go so much different, and right now it feels so unfair. I hope that within my womb you could feel my love palpating through my soul into yours. That you could feel my loving hand rubbing over your kicks and somersaults. A mother's love is hard to put into words, but even as I write about how much I love you I can feel it surging through my soul, a burning flame that lights as soon as your life begins.

I imagine Charlotte and you up there in Heaven running and playing - giving Jesus a run for his money keeping you two in line.