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Shirts in different styles and colors, jeans and sweaters combined with a jacket are standards. Most Italian boys appreciate details and usually add a pair of fashionable sunglasses and jewelry before leaving for errands, and shoes that looks like they are attending a formal event. Facial hair is a big thing Amen and so is going to the barber shop. Forget the messy lumberjack look, ladies. And be prepared to share that mirror in the morning. How they flirt If a Swedish boy is into you he will add you on social media first, ask for your Facebook or Snapchat instead of your phone number.

20th-century Italian women writers

Social media has become a major part of communicating in Sweden, which has lead to quite a big issue when it comes to actually being social. A lot. All the time.

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Joking aside, not all Italians are whistling Casanovas on a vespa. Along with the flirty reputation comes a soft sensitive side, but with eyes that do most of the work for them. It's impossible to miss if he is flirting with you, but if you are a foreign girl you will probably perceive him as pushy at first. How they ask you out You are most likely going to end up watching a movie and hang out as friends - multiple times. Being invited to a party is typically Swedish. But there certainly still exist some old-fashioned gentlemen in Sweden, you just have to be lucky enough to meet one.

And you better say yes. The first date That first date could just as well be at your own place, after taking the first step by inviting him over. If you're not heading out to the local restaurant or cinema, you'll watch a movie and eat tacos together. You will get a goodbye hug while wondering if you are his friend or fling.

It's an ongoing mystery. If your date is taking place in Italy, you could be getting t he full Italian experience , like strolling down the streets of Rome or walking along the beach in the sunset of Sardinia.

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How they dress on a date You may notice a distant scent of aftershave. But just maybe. How you know they like you It's most likely that he will express his feelings for you under the influence of alcohol, or take a risk by confessing it with a text message. It can be a long and frustrating process so you have to make it easy for him. His mother definitely knows who you are. He calls you Italian words that sounds like poetry in your ears. But most of all, he makes you feel like a woman. How you know it's serious Instead of being the one who takes the lead, many guys have a tendency to wait forever.

In general, it's a pride thing among Swedes, you don't want to be too pushy or clingy. I mean, what if you actually end up being happy and in love? If it's serious, you will be introduced to his family and answer tons of questions about your values in life and where you bought that gorgeous purse of yours. Italians are very driven by emotions and act on them. But don't try to come between his mother or his favorite football team, they are fights you simply can not win.

How you know you're going to get married Once you are engaged, you can go years before actually getting married. Despite the gender equality you will be responsible for planning practically every detail of the wedding except his suit with your closest friends and family.

Be prepared to plan the wedding as a team, which includes both families. Even though Italy is an open-minded country and the Catholic traditions aren't as strict as before, a wedding is still considered to be a big commitment between the couple and their families. The value of family is one of the main ingredients in the Italian society, and perhaps that's why the rumours about Italian men haven't changed much through the years.

Maybe it's the rest of the world who needs to bring back the heart into the family, to our loved ones and into life itself? After all, it is called La Dolce Vita. If you are non-Italian but have dating experience with Italians and would like to guest post in this "Italian Boys vs. Here's what we have so far in the series:. You can download it for FREE in my store!

This is the second part of our 2-part series, written by myself Jasmine and Jessica, a Canadian in Italy and an Italian in Canada, respectively speaking. If you've read that already, then keep scrolling, today we have Jessica's take on all the dating differences. Translation provided by yours truly! This is a bilingual post again, except there's Italian first and English second this time. Canadesi : il Canadese-tipo sembra sempre o appena tornato da una gita sui sentieri sconnessi di Rock Dunder oppure in procinto di partire per un weekend in campeggio. Il Canadese vi confonde! Tendono ad evitare le catene di abbigliamento ed a preferire i negozi di seconda mano.

Canadesi: Ho sempre pensato che il Canadese avesse delle frasi standard da adattare in base al tipo di ragazza da approcciare. Dimenticate quindi gli intensi giochi di sguardi e dolci parole, accontentatevi invece di due complimenti scontati ed imparate in fretta il vostro nuovo numero di telefono canadese non fate come me che ho impiegato 3 mesi! Nota bene: una grande differenza rispetto al Nord America in generale consiste nel fatto che gli Italiani non sono molto inclini alle etichette.

Canadesi: per questa parte devo assolutamente dare ragione a Jasmine. Il mio primo appuntamento con un Canadese ha visto come protagonista un pic-nic, una sessione di trekking nei boschi sperduti vicino Ottawa ed un pomeriggio in canoa ed annessa sessione di pesca con tanto di diluvio universale. Vi dico soltanto che: 1. Sicuro meglio occuparsi della canna da pesca che dei remi eh. Lui ovviamente la calma fatta persona. Gli piacete davvero. Non ha mai avuto a che fare con le famiglie italiane e pensa di cavarsela facilmente senza subire un terzo grado; 2.

Poi, ho capito che qui ci si impegna maggiormente nella fase che PRECEDE il matrimonio: dalla richiesta che viene fatta in un posto significativo per la futura sposa o per la coppia e rigorosamente testimoniata da un fotografo professionista. Quindi se il vostro Lui comincia ad atteggiarsi in modo sospetto, se notate un bozzo nella tasca destra dei pantaloni attenzione, ho detto tasca!

Hence, even when he shows up in simple jeans and a solid color hoodie, just know that his grey-going-on-taupe hoodie was the result of a grueling shopping session that probably led to the resignation of the salesgirl that helped him. This predisposition and attention to detail will come in handy, however, when he comments on every single one of your new purchases or changes in look, while will turn out to be a disadvantage if you live together and share the same mirror. Canadians: The typical Canadian boy seems to always be on his way back from a trip out on the hiking dirt trails of Rock Dunder or on the verge of leaving for a camping weekend.

The Canadian will confuse you! They tend to avoid the clothing chains and prefer second-hand stores. Anyway, in my opinion, this romantic fairy tale tends to last the duration of the falling in love phase what a smart guy! How they ask you out… Italians: They study the right moment.

You can even expect a text when he arrives home. Generally, a first date is divided in two phases: a dinner followed by a walk or a dinner followed by a movie. Canadians: For this part, I absolutely have to agree with Jasmine. My first date with a Canadian involved a picnic, a hike through the middle-of-nowhere woods near Ottawa and an afternoon canoeing paired with a fishing session under a downpour. Can you imagine me reeling in the fishing rods when it started to rain cats and dogs and one of us had to row as fast as possible? He really likes you. By now, everyone considers you part of the family and his grandma lets you make the egg pasta for Sunday lunch.

Canadians: If you live in Canada and your handsome Canadian offers to come with you to Italy, during those 15 days of the year that you can actually visit your family, there are two options here: 1. Extreme amounts of it and the planning anxiety creeps up even in your dreams!

So there you have it folks, the end of our two-part series on differences between Italian guys and Canadian guys. I hope you've enjoyed it and I'd love to hear your own experiences whether it's a botched first date or a killer first kiss. Write them in the comments. If there's any other "duel-perspective" issues you'd like us to talk about, please let us know!

This post is supposed to be comedic, but only in order to use comedy as an excuse to hide just how true it all really is. Quanto appena detto vale per tutte le situazioni che menziono di seguito. NOTE : To ease reading, the first half of this post is the English version and if you keep scrolling, you'll see the exact same post in Italian. I feel like this breaks up the continuity of the post less than alternating text, however I'm open to feedback.

I know some people who are learning languages really appreciate seeing parallel text so let me know what you think. And too cold. Standard fare is a concert T-shirt covered by a hoodie, over jeans with no belt and low-key sneakers, probably a little on the dirty-side. Shoes are super clean, not a scuff mark on them. Their high-maintenance, metrosexual look can be a turn-on or a turn-off, different strokes for different folks!

They treat like you like of the guys and then they get really drunk and ask for your number. Actually before the number asking and just after the getting really drunk part, they might spontaneously appear behind you in the club during a 50 Cent song and start rubbing things in all the wrong places. Or maybe they buy you a shitload of shots so you get shitfaced together and both of you forget how to use your phones to exchange numbers so you decide to just seize the moment and make out in the bathroom. Italians: Ok so first they give you the eyes.

Italians are all about the eye fuck. Oh did I mention that all these observations will be told to you in a self-composed sonnet? Italians: They just ask you out. Usually something in the evening or that involves eating. Or sometimes they try to do something progressive like an arcade or bowling. A girl who looks as good in flannel and hiking boots as she does in stilettos and bodycon dresses.

The ideal Canadian dream girl can go from the tobagganing hills to dinner. She is cool with shot-gunning beer and sipping pinot grigio. Italians: Dinner that lasts hours, followed by a walk under the lights of Rome. Ok ok, just half-kidding. They will wear a button-up shirt instead of the hoodie and they might accessorize with a watch and some hair gel.

So they will do a nice, freshly ironed shirt courtesy of mamma most likely as well but they will always bring a scarf or a light sweater and do that insanely stereotypical thing of slinging it over their shoulders. This is real life, they actually do that. They wear sweaters around their shoulders. I know, mind blown right? How you know if they like you… Canadians: You never know. Italians: They tell you. In Italian, the gradations of like to really like to love facilitate all the steps of falling in love.

From mi piaci to ti voglio bene to ti amo , they have so many options to express where they are in the sacred process with you. He hired a professional photographer to capture the moment. You have a ring and an Instagram hashtag for your wedding already. Getting down on one knee, asking, and getting the ring are all optional, marriage prep is not. Le scarpe saranno pulitissime, senza un minimo segno.

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Vi trattano come uno di loro, poi si ubriacano e vi chiedono il numero di telefono. Anzi, prima di chiedervi il numero e subito dopo essersi ubriacati, potrebbero anche approcciarvi da dietro, in discoteca, durante una canzone di 50 Cent ed iniziare a strusciarsi con fare sospettoso. Italiani: Ok, prima vi lanceranno insistenti occhiate. Gli italiani credono molto nel gioco di sguardi. Ah, ho detto che tutte queste osservazioni vi saranno fatte con tono melodioso. Vi chiedono di passare del tempo insieme.

Ma, in Nord America in generale, le sveltine vanno per la maggiore. Italiani: Semplicemente vi chiedono di uscire. Generalmente di fare qualcosa di sera o comunque qualcosa che implica la cena. A volte vi chiederanno di incontrarvi nel fine settimana, allora voi vi recherete al pub e li troverete seduti al tavolo con un gruppo di amici.

Una ragazza disinvolta sia in camicia di flanella e scarpe da trekking sia in stiletto e tubino. Quella con la quale possono sia tracannare birra sia sorseggiare del pinot grigio. Italiani: Una cena che dura ore, seguita da una camminata sotto le luci di Roma. Ok ok, scherzo…ma non troppo! Indosseranno una camicia al posto della felpa e potrebbero accessoriare il tutto con un orologio e della gelatina per capelli.

Italiani: Anche se estate piena, gli strati sono fondamentali! Lo fanno davvero. Indossano davvero maglioni sulle spalle. Siete rimasti a bocca aperta, eh? Italiani: Ve lo dicono. Dal mi piaci al ti voglio bene fino al ti amo, loro hanno vari modi di esprimere le varie fasi della vostra relazione. Italiani: Avete conosciuto la mamma. Ha ingaggiato un fotografo professionale per catturare il momento. Avete un anello al dito ed un hashtag su Instagram pronto per il giorno del matrimonio. Nel mentre, fatemi sapere i vostri pensieri a riguardo e le vostre esperienze personali nei commenti!

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on this topic and what your own experience has been in the comments! A million and one thanks to the fabulous Jessica, my partner-in-crime as we dissect the differences between dating in Italy and Canada. Not only a collaborator, she is also the official English-Italian translator on this two-post series. Can't wait! In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram at: jessicagiordani. Search the blog: I suggest "Italian Men" or "wine" but that's just me! Jasmine is a former pharmacist turned writer and wine drinker from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy.

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She wants him to build a chapel to host the now open-air Masses that a travelling priest celebrates beside a gas station for the small local Catholic community made of poor Mexican migrants. The man who abdicates responsibilities, lives in his station wagon and is happy without ties, becomes essential for the nuns. He teaches them English and gospel songs and drive them around in his car. Thanks to him the priest Ralph Nelson , who once dreamt a Cathedral and now is discouraged, rediscovers faith.

And while all that happens no one notices his black skin. A sort of miracle. United Artists provided only To find the rest Nelson had to put up his house as collateral and Sidney Poitier helped accepting a profit-share dealing instead of a full salary otherwise impossible to be paid, cause he was a star who had already won an Oscar nomination for the picture The Defiant Ones. Not to mention that the whole movie had to be filmed in fourteen days not to exceed the budget. A light-earted picture that even those among you who are sceptical just like me about religion will be glad to watch again.

A few related movies you could also like click on the title to watch a clip or the trailer :. Amen form the album The Immortal Otis Redding Civil Rights March on Washington, D. Una specie di miracolo insomma. Ma in effetti lo stesso I gigli del campo ed il suo successo sono una specie di miracolo. Dei dollari necessari per produrlo in grande, grandissima economia , la United Artists ne mise soli Senza tener conto del fatto che per non sforare il bilancio il film dovette essere girato in soli quattordici giorni.

Un film capace di scacciare i cattivi pensieri e che persino i miscredenti come me saranno felici di rivedere. Alcuni film collegati che potrebbero piacervi cliccate sui titoli per vedere una scena o il trailer :. I want to thank all the journalists that against all odds have tried to translate in something intelligible the words pronounce by Mr Matteo Renzi in our Parliament during the last two days while asking a vote of confidence for his new government.

Thanks to those who have been able to find in all those words many, many, many words and emotions overwhelming emotions a few traces of a programme…. Italy PM Matteo Renzi vows radical change bbc. Renzi alla Camera per la fiducia: taglio del cuneo fiscale da 10 miliardi. Bersani e Letta in aula repubblica. Directed by: Clarence Brown. The film is all about Sadie McKee Joan Crawford a pretty girl working part-time as a maid in the big house where her mother works as a cook.

When Tommy moves to New York, Sadie decides on the spot to follow also wringing a little sincere proposal out of him. But happiness only lasts one night cause Tommy has no time to waste: he gives with pleasure to Dolly Merrick Esther Ralston , his singing neighbor, the opportunity to seduce him and introduce him to the Vaudeville stage.

Sadie is stubborn, determined but also has a heart of gold that makes her impossible to hate who broke her hopes, but also to take advantage of that rich guy looking like a giant teddy bear with a brain steeped in alcohol she marries in a wink of an eye. A few related movies you could also like click on the titles to watch a clip or the trailer :. What Price Hollywood? Starring: Constance Bennett; Lowell Sherman. Quando Tommy si trasferisce a New York Sadie decide su due piedi di seguirlo strappandogli una poco convinta promessa di matrimonio.

Alcuni film collegati che potrebbero piacervi cliccate sul titolo per vedere una scena o il trailer :. A che prezzo Hollywood? Con: Constance Bennett; Lowell Sherman. From: Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde — Congratulations to young Mr Renzi: finally he almost made it! What a superhero! Una performance degna di un supereroe! Finalmente mi sento libera, libera di votare a sinistra.

Italy president asks Matteo Renzi to be next PM bbc. Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock. There are failures that never cease to torment you. Bergman was in fact the reason why Hitchcock chose to produce because, after the previous film Rope , this was also the second film he produced with his production company Transatlantic Pictures a film adaptation of Under Capricorn , the novel written by Helen Simpson.

He thought it was the right subject: the story and its protagonist would have made the Swedish actress shine. The film is set in Australia in When the new governor Cecil Parker arrives, Sidney is an expanding town full of convicts and ex-convicts Australia was used by Britain as a penal-colony and adventurers. The young man soon meets a wealthy land owner, the shady Sam Flusky Joseph Cotten , who makes him a business proposition. Years earlier, when Charles was just a child, Henrietta was the young daughter of an Irish noble man and Sam just a stable boy.

Like in Rebecca class differences the wealthy semi-aristocrat and the insipid poor girl become the stable boy and the Lady and a mysterious event happened in the past threaten the future happiness of two lovers who have almost forgotten to love each other; a sinister governess works in the shadow to sabotage the mental health of a damsel in distress though this time the dreadful lady is young and pretty — even too pretty according to some critic — and the damsel cooperates and a ball turns out to be an humiliating event.

Like in Notorious there are two men in love with the same woman who drinks too much and someone who thinks to solve a complicated situation with poison. Only in Under Capricorn there is very little suspense because this is not a thriller, but a drama, a beautiful and very romantic drama shot in an expressive Technicolor. A few free-associated movies you could also like click on the title to watch a clip or the trailer :. Carrol; Donald Crisp. Ci sono fallimenti che non smettono mai di tormentarvi.

“Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

Hitchcock credeva che fosse un soggetto perfetto, che quella storia e la sua protagonista avrebbero permesso alla star svedese di brillare. Anni prima, quando Charles era ancora un bambino, Lady Henrietta era la giovane figlia di un nobile irlandese e Sam solamente uno stalliere. I due si erano innamorati ed erano fuggiti insieme per sposarsi, ma la fuga romantica aveva prodotto delle tragiche conseguenze: la morte di uno dei fratelli di Henrietta e la deportazione di Sam in Australia.

Come in Notorious ci sono due uomini innamorati della stessa donna che beve decisamente troppo e qualcuno pensa di risolvere una situazione complicata con il veleno. Alcuni film liberamente-associati che potrebbero piacervi cliccate i titoli per vedere una scena o il trailer :. Da: La gatta sul tetto che scotta — Directed by: William Wyler.

This way, just like the W. Anyway, if you prefer to do so, you can read the rest of it at your own risk…. But Leslie is protected by prejudices and racism. The delicate woman crocheting in jail is innocent for sure, the pervert man only had what he deserved. After the reinforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code, censorship required that every crime had to be punished. Censors were served. The Letter was the second film Bette Davis made with William Wyler, the man she considered the best director in Hollywood, the one who had helped her achieve her full potential thanks to Jezebel the film that granted her the second Oscar, in and the love of her life though, to Davis great regret, he never was one of her four husbands.

I warn you, the film is a bit slow and is soaked with racism. Anyway, this is one of those movies you should have watch at least once in you lifetime.

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  • A few more dangerous ladies you could also like click on the title to watch a clip or a trailer :. Starring: Edward G. Robinson; Joan Bennett; Dan Duryea. Per scoprire cosa ha indotto la dolce signora ad uccidere con tanta determinazione un uomo, che presto scopriremo essere Geoff Hammond, un amico di famiglia, non resta che guardare il resto del film e quindi…. Oppure, se preferite, continuate la lettura ma a vostro rischio e pericolo….

    Asta by Cambi Casa d'Aste - Issuu

    Altre signore pericolose che potrebbero persino piacervi cliccate sul titolo per vedre una scena o il trailer :. Con: Edward G. The Vatican replied in a note reiterating its commitment to defending and protecting the rights of the child but accusing the commission to interfere with Catholic Church teaching on the dignity of the human person and freedom of religion.

    Directed by: Wesley Ruggles. Vi giuro che vi divertirete un sacco. Alcuni film liberamente-associati che potrebbero piacervi clicate i titoli per vedere una scena o il trailer :. Certainly, those take it or leave it negotiations give some reason to suspect that, with raising unemployment and the consequent impoverishment for an increasing number of people while the few already rich are becoming even more rich , the never-ending crisis is so convenient to make hard to imagine it will end soon.

    La svedese Electrolux ha proposto ai lavoratori dei suoi stabilimenti italiani un drastico taglio degli stipendi in cambio del mantenimento dei posti di lavoro una delle quattro sedi dovrebbe comunque chiudere. Convocato un tavolo a Roma con il governo repubblica. Directed by: Gillo Pontecorvo. January, 27 is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Every barrack or block in a camp had one, so that a fewer number of SS were needed to control them.

    This way, turning a victim against other victims, Nazis could crush any residual resistance moral or physical and isolate prisoners one from the other. Nobody could know for certain if a fellow prisoner could become a brutal criminal too. The movie, telling the fictitious story of Edith, talk about the systematic prisoners annihilation practised in Nazi concentration camps. First stage: loss of identity.

    Just arrived in a sorting camp, Edith and her parents are separated. Trying to find an impossible way to escape, the girl is helped by another prisoner and by a doctor also a prisoner and, to survive, accepts to take the place of a captive who has just died, a thief called Nicole. Disguised as a non-jewish, the doctor explains, she will be treated in a better way. Second stage: fear and loss of dignity. She seems unable to cope with her new almost life and often weeps.

    Then, she passes from solidarity with other prisoners to food stealing and she refuse to wash herself because she finds this activity simply pointless. Third stage: survival instinct and detachment from other prisoners. When the doctor asks her in German to show her hands, she opens instead her uniform showing her bosom. To be sent to the left meant slave labor; to the right, the gas chamber. Photo credit: Wikipedia. Fourth stage: acceptance and adaptation. Removed her previous identity, Nicole accepts to be a prostitute for the SS guards to have extra-food.

    She becomes a cruel guardian and is always ready to brutalize or menace other prisoners. The only thing that counts is to survive, no matter who will pay for it. A few related movies you can also watch a click on the titleto watch a clip or the trailer :. A kapo leader at Salaspils concentration camp with a Lagerpolizist camp police armband. Ogni baracca o blocco ne aveva uno, questo permetteva di gestire i campi utilizzando un numero inferiore di SS. In questo modo, usando vittime contro vittime i nazisti piegavano nei prigionieri ogni residua resistenza fisica e morale isolandoli gli uni dagli altri.

    Nessuno poteva avere la certezza assoluta che prima o poi un compagno non si trasformasse in un aguzzino. Appena arrivata nel campo di smistamento Edith viene subito separata dai genitori. Alla richiesta gridata in tedesco come tutti gli ordini, non importava rivolti a chi ne tantomeno se fossero in grado di comprenderli di mostrare le mani si apre invece la divisa mostrando il seno. Conta solo sopravvivere, non importa come e a spese di chi. Alcuni film collegati che potreste vedere un click sul titolo per vedere un clip o il trailer :.

    Ecco, magari bisogna solo cercare di accettare il fatto che anche i miracoli producono effetti collaterali: io, ad esempio, sono un paio di giorni che provo un certo senso di nausea. Italy reform deal puts Berlusconi back centre stage bbc. Alfano rialza la testa.