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They prayed as they knelt before the Islamic State militants, according to the ministry leader, who spoke with relatives and villagers while visiting the site.

Boy Crucified by Jerome Wilde

According to the Christian Aid Mission, the underground church in the region has developed rapidly since , when ISIS began terrorizing those who refused to pledge allegiance to the caliphate. The village where the atrocities took place is currently under the control of ISIS, and according to VanValkenburg the ministry's operatives are in hiding to protect the people who are still living. Well, at least, so reported "Channel One", referring to a screenshot of the unknown site which reminded the site of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission.

But Petro Poroshenko became the president for some reason after all.

ISIS thugs crucify Christian boy aged 12 after slicing off fingertips in front of his father

The crucified boy in Slavyansk On July 12 again "Channel One" made a plot in which a certain Galina Pyshniak, born in the Western Ukraine, mother and the wife of "rebel" told a terrible story from Slavyansk: "They took the child of three years, the little boy in shorts, in a t-shirt and crucified him as Jesus on a bulletin board … And then they took his mother, bound her to the tank and carried her out for three circles on the square. And one circle equals to a kilometer". Information was not buttressed up by facts, but caused an indignation storm in Russia.

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Only in December when during Vladimir Putin's press conference Ksenia Sobchak asked — why nobody apologized for a fake plot, on air of "Channel One" the anchor Irada Zeynalova reported that journalists didn't have any proofs of the history described in a plot. However, she did not apologize.

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  • Taken off the train and sent to the National Guard Journalists from the neighboring country practiced in distribution of fakes not only on official channels, but also on personal pages in social networks. The post in Facebook of the managing director of the Russia 24 channel Alyona Kochkina collected nearly two and a half thousand "likes" and more than six thousand comments.

    Kochkina wrote that "children were removed from trains and sent to National Guard". Volunteering for a reconnaissance mission which required someone whom the Germans would not suspect of being a Russian soldier, Sioma was sent to the Nazi lines to secure certain necessary information.


    He was captured by the Germans who did not believe that he was just an innocent, homeless child. Unable to force any information from the boy, the Nazis crucified him and built a fire of twigs under his feet.

    Boy, 10, ‘crucified’ by his own father for failing to do his homework

    The Germans left him for dead, but Russian sailors who occupied the sector shortly afterwards found him still alive and nursed him back to health. His hair, the Pravda report states, has turned almost completely gray. The Soviet press today also carries lists of Jews who have been decorated for heroism.

    Daenerys executes a Slave for killing a Master - Game of Thrones S05E02

    Among them is Ruben Himleman, commander of a Soviet mine layer, who was posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin, for remaining on the bridge of his vessel under severe bombardment from enemy planes and for skillfully directing antiaircraft fire resulting in the destruction of many Messerschmidts. Another posthumous award was given to Junior Lieutenant Aaron Ruslekov, who led a company of Soviet infantry in a nine-hour attack on the strongly fortified village of Karpovka on the Kalinin front.