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Elizabeth Hardinger. Mistress for Hire Mistress. Too Soon to Die Jensen Brand. Johnstone William W. The Dante Chamber. The Bear King. The Jewel. My Antonia. Willa Cather W. I often wanted to quit. And as we all know a manuscript; just like anything else man made can be changed and improved. I decided to try and learn all I could about being a successful writer, and yet, was too impatient, to take the time to go back to school.

I was so very fortunate to find several new friends who are successful authors. They critiqued my works, made suggestions and even helped me to quit being so sensitive about my attempts and failures. My wife, who is my full partner in my writing and is my hardest critic, says anyone who chooses to raise mules must accept the obvious reputation of not being too flexible. I am up and going in my Death Valley office by each day. My view as I turn my computer on is of the historically intriguing Frontsight Mine across the valley. I schedule a fast review of my e-mails as I watch the morning officially arrive with the sun shooting beams through my window from the Nopah Mountain Range.

I set a priority agenda for the day with the first priority of so many pages to be written by noon on my current book. Then I let the rest of the day unfold as it will. I love history. I encouraged everyone who I met to tell me of happenings to them or their community or tribe over the years. I have saved these stories in the cavern of my mind, not knowing, but dreaming that I would eventually depict them at a later time in book form. All of the interloping events that make up the story are true. B: What areas of expertise do you have that helped you write your book?

Did it require extensive research? My deep curiosity about the many events and places in the Western US has helped me to garner a unique library on this extensive subject. With access to computer files, the work of an author doing research is now so much easier. However there are still many gems of knowledge that cannot be found, except by personal investigation.

Look for the many variations of self publishing there are. If you believe in yourself and your creation bad enough, you will find a way to make it available to the public. Get it out there and let the market determine your success. Do you just sit down and write, waiting to see what happens next? Or do you outline first? Personally, I find it more challenging and therefore much more fun to just start with a very general idea of a story and then let it evolve. The fun is to look at where your characters are this morning and then to envision what they might want or must do today — but always remembering to put some adversarial events or people in their path to keep it interesting.

If so, how do you deal with it? This can be very frustrating. I usually find that one of two things has happened. I have allowed the main character to move into an easy situation with no challenges. In my simple way of handling things I just back up a page or two after determining which category I am in and make an adjustment to the flow. In rare situations where the story has become quite complex, I simply take a long walk. Many times it is as though they speak to me and give me my answer. Do you listen to music when you are writing?

As I look out my window I can usually see quail, mourning doves, an occasional road runner, several varieties of song birds, cotton tail rabbits, jack rabbits, and maybe a badger or even a coyote from time to time. Their company and antics keep me feeling like I am part of life. I also have a computer program with over six hours of my favorite songs.

I am fortunate to have many friends. Although the list of those who really lived the life I like to write about is at zero, I do know a few who heard the stories first hand. I love to visit with them and reminisce. My grandfather Penrod of Provo, Utah shared with me many happenings of the early pioneer days in Utah Valley.

The way they told the stories piqued my sense of good story telling and set the foundation for period information. Army of the West — Utah State University Press a detail writer focusing on early Mormon history in California encouraged, prodded and critiqued my early efforts. From there she has been a true friend helping in every way to get my books out to the public. You further helped me to understand aspects of dialog and story flow. You have been a great inspiration as you continue to write and have books published. I hope one day to do the same for some other struggling and hopeful author.

We live at the Resting Springs Ranch, the most famous camping spot for pioneer wagon trains along that historic trail. We invite readers who might be interested in seeing a very preserved piece of history to come and visit. I try to encourage all my readers through use of hidden treasure, intrigue, mystery, factual history, and curiosity to always be searching for the truth. In addition, there is so much history that has been passed over because it was not preserved.

I encourage all my readers to keep records and interview those who have stories to tell. Of course they all have treasure secrets! Feel each page come alive, get into this great new western adventure and enjoy an extraordinary read that will surely take you to the edge of your seat. The manuscript has been kept from the public since his death in This personally written story of Mr. He tells of hidden signs identifying treasure sites and of gold map plates that pinpoint exact locations.

Petroglyph markers are described in detail. Live with Buckshot on the Navajo Reservation. Go with him into treasure rooms that open with water-balancing stone doorways. View the vast amounts of gold, silver, and precious stones stacked on shelves along walls of Aztec honed treasure rooms. Learn about the dangerous sites along with false ones that discourage treasure hunters who are not seeking to use the treasure for good. What of the ancient curse on the treasure? Many have perished or met with untimely accidents and death, including unexplained plane crashes, mysterious explosions, and painful run-ins with those still protecting the sites today.

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A Cardboard Christmas - booklet. The Spirit of Christmas. Finding Paradise. I lived with my father until I was twenty-five years of age. By her I had one son born, James Parks, Jr. He went for his horse one morning, only to find that it had been stolen. Recites Incidents 90 Years Back.

Father bought a boy named Moses, and he and I were reared together. No labor-saving machinery. Gave Steer For Piece of Calico. Our school house was made of round logs, i with a dirt floor. Large cracks were left to admit the light. These completed our reading books. No grammer, geography, nor history was in use that I ever heard of till my education was completed. I learned to cipher as far as the rule of three, and some in fractions; could write a tolerable hand, and was considered a fair scholar for those days. Our school house was also used for a church.

We boys were spared that trouble, from the fact that we had none. The custom was for almost every farmer to tan his own leather and make shoes for himself and family. Sugar and coffee for only special occasions. Fruit was abundant. Peach brandy and honey were tolerably plenty; whiskey scarce. There were very few drunkards. No doctors or lawyers. I never saw either, that I know of, until I was fifteen years old.

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Emigrate After War of The land was not yet in the market, but was surveyed off, ready to be sold. As the sale was to come off the next season, at Jeffersonville, a dozen or more of us went down. Not the first man saved his land or improvements. I had about eight acres cleared, surrounded by a good fence. We moved again and selected our lots. Purchases For Entire Colony. By this time we became somewhat acquainted with fever and ague.

I was the only one able to attend the sale, and I took the chills while there. After the sale, we went that winter and built cabins on our lots, and cleared some ground. I got in about six acres of fine corn, which was our sole dependence for the year. In October there came a frost which bit the last ear so with the whole settlement.

Then we were in a fix! We had no mills to grind our corn, so we were compelled to pound it into meal. But the corn was so soft it would neither beat nor grind, until it was kiln-dried. That would be thought of as pretty hard, these times. I was considered a good shot. We also had plenty of milk and butter.

So, we passed the season safely. Indians Were Plentiful. They had a trading house within a half-mile of where I now live. They were quite friendly, and often would come with their squaws and papooses to stay all night with us. If ever you saw logs come together, it was about that time. It is not worth while to say we did not feel the drink, for that was what we drank it for. Oh, what a thing custom is when rightly considered, whether good or bad. Counties were then laid off and established.

Organized Monroe County. We purchased a half-section of land,where the court house now stands in Bloomington. We laid off the public square, and had a court house and jail built thereon. We were now ready to hold court, and the county machinery was ready for action.

I offered my services, and was elected. By this means, a large fund was raised and the school placed on a firm basis. I have to make long strides on account of my records being burned up. Finding that there was not much money in such warfare, and perhaps less credit, I would not offer any more. At the expiration of my term of office, I retired from public life— I never was beaten for any office I offered for. Voted For Thomas Jefferson. I thought the Democrats got off the track there, and I would not follow them. Parks made in his remarkable sketch of his own life events.

Was Wonderful Man. When we consider the fact that this sketch was made by a man who has lived far beyond the age when most men have vitality enough to re- 24 Historic Treasures, Compiled by Forest M. Parks lived until , four years after he had written the above sketch, and died at the age cf years.

Many other interesting things are told by neighbors, about Mr. Incorporation Proposed. At this meeting, Ellis Stone was chosen as president chairman of the meeting, and Benjamin V. Peele was chosen as secretary. Getting up as quietly as possible, Mr. Parks walked to a window which commanded a view of the door step.

When he looked out, much to his astonishment and with some alarm, he saw a big black bear lying there asleep.

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The sharp report was followed by the death growls of Bruin, and in a few moments all was still; the bear was dead—the family ate bearsteak for breakfast. LOWE, Clerk. Section 3 provided for the annual election of town officers. Labertew, Treasurer; D. Judah, Marshal, and W. Smith, Samuel Kirk, J. First Meeting of Council. The Council then proceeded to adopt sixteen ordinances for the municipal government of the town. No person shall be allowed to keep a dog within the limits of the corporation.

Any person violating this ordinance shall be fined 50 cents for each dog so kept, provided that no person shall be fined more than once during the same year for the same dog. At the same meeting Samuel M. Orchard was granted permission to erect hay scales on Market street.

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Smith resigned as Councilman, and Dr. Hamill was appointed as successor to finish the unexpired term of Mr. At the election held in , David H. Maxwell was elected Mayor of Bloomington; J. In May and June, active work was done in improving and grading the town streets and sidewalks. Cholera Visits Town. It was also decreed by the Council that all saloons be closed until the scourge was safely passed. Election Held To Determine. The object of the meeting was then stated by the Chair. Throop for fines..

William C. James M. Howe Settles Suit. The following, year, , the town of Bloomington was incorporated anew. Not, however, under a special act of the State Legislature as was the previous incorporation, but under the State Law which thus provided. As there were voters in the town, and as a majority of the same had not voted for the incorporation or at the late election at all, the question of the incorporation of the town as a city was abandoned for the time.

An election was held and resulted as follows: For incorporation as a city, ; against First City Officers. Vos, W. Showers, A. Massey, Andrew Hoover, and M. Dillon were the first City Councilmen. Greeves was the first Clerk of the incorporated City; C. City of Higher Learning. Indiana University Influence. This means many things to the citizens of the city. It means that the citizen must be able to overcome the desire to spank many of the youthful visitors for youthful and seemingly thoughtless pranks and misdeeds.

Industrial Inducement. With this scheme of centralized business, one finds that it is not a great distance to any point in the city one desires to reach, although the size of the city would indicate otherwise. Prospects Then and Now. The first man to settle permanently upon the present site of the city of Bloomington can not be named with certainty. Neither can the time of this first settlement be given. The land in Sec. It is probable that no man lived upon the town site, which was laid out by David.

Bloomington a Wheat Field. At all events, when the first lots were laid out, in June, , a crop of wheat was growing on the land that had been purchased of Mr. The number of lots to be laid out was left to the direction of the agent. The county agent seems to have been Benjamin Parks as shown in other records. Public Auction Sale of Lots.

The settlement of the town seemed Phenomenal. At the close of the vear , not less than thirty families Historic Treasures, Compiled by Forest M. Lower—Monon Passenger Station in A log court house had been erected, in whicn the first school was being conducted, probably by Dudley C Smith. The town boasted a population of more than First Store Opened. Elias Abel stated in that when he came to Bloomington, in , the population was over , possibly Joshua H.

In , he ran for the Legislature against William Alexander. The race was close, but Mr. Maxwell, W. Foster, Roach and Jenkins. The County Seat. At the time of the organization of the county Monroe , of course the population was sufficient to warrant such organization. The town was laid out by the County Board, and not by the State commission as some older settlers now believe , and while this was being done under the direction of the county agent, probably Benjamin Parks, who conducted the sale of lots , many citizens of Hie county visited the spot.

The Early Townsmen. Miller, W. McCullough, J. Brown, Joshua O. Smith first school teacher David Clements, the Rev. We decided to take a ride in an aeroplane, as a tonic for over-work. Takes Dog Along. Fooled Expectations. But we fooled them all.

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While we were about 3, feet in the air, just over the University, the aviator, or pilot as we now like to think of him, decided to bring us closer to our studies; so, suddenly he did the nose dive for about 2, feet. Saw Fish On Court House.

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As we became more confident, the airplane passed over our place of abode, and we recognized the old place and mentally gasped. And, to tell the truth; the earth felt just a little better under our feet than it had ever felt before. Mary E. Stewart, oi Mitchell, Ind.

Stewart found that I loved Blomington so dearly I could never be satisfied to live elsewhere, so he made me a home in this city to the time of his death. Why, I remember the old Methodist church had no bell, but a great big horn was blowed to announce the meetings to the people. From this start, little by little, the boy built up the world-famous Gentry Dog and Pony Shows, which were sold only a few years ago for a fabulous sum of money. Ah, we—though wed—still love the role All lovers play—to reach their goal— Or, seal the pact with fond caress, On moonlit nights.

One hears a good deal of cynical talk, however, about the advancing bond prices. This is the merest drivel, not only not having any basis in fact but in general is absolutely contrary to the fact. The bonds were bought by some 20,, investors, which virtually meant the enitre population able to buy. They were issued by the billions because the government which means the people had to have funds to carry on the war.

Every banker in the country knew at the time that there was no investment demand that could absorb these billions no matter what interest rate was offered. The result would have been a terrible financial panic. Now with 20,, holders, hundreds of thousands of whom were sure to die each year, a great many of the bonds had to be thrown on the market and naturally the prices dropped.

Even after the war ended the prices slipped down further. Citizens number 1,,- , of which , are males and , are females. The citizen population comprised all native persons and all naturalized foreign-born persons. Women voters were made up of , native-born and 28, foreign-born. There are twelve Buddhist temples, with thirty-four priests and 5, members, in the United States. There are 49, drug stores in the United States. Census bureau analysis of reports reveals that the average American family consist of 4.

Revised census figures place the population of the country; as of Jan. More then 2,, acres in this country were planted with peanuts last year. There are about as many rats as there are poeple in the United States. On an average, twelve schoolhouses and two college buildings are burned in America every week.

The alleged insane person must be present at the trial of his sanity. If the alleged insane person is adjudged to be not dangerous he is discharged. In the event the alleged insane person is found to be not dangerous the costs of the trial are assessed against the complaining party. In the event that the alleged insane person is adjudged insane and dangerous the issue is tried again at the next session of the county Circuit Court before a jury of twelve. Presbyterians Earliest. Isaac Reed. Maxwell, Mary D. The church was organized in the log court house, and the first three baptized were the children of Dr.

In the church had its first regular minister, the Rev. David C. Proctor taking charge. The Rev. Proctor as minister in Andrew Wylie, D. Ranson Hawley served from to ; the Rev. Martin, from to ; the Rev. Alfred Ryors, from to ; the Rev. Levi Hughes, from to ; the Rev. Thomas Alexander, from to ; the Rev.

Laird, from to ; the Rev. Lowman Hall, from to 2 the Rev. Hopkins, from to ; the Rev. Moore served in Methodists Organize. The Methodists organized their class at Bloomington in , and built a church about six years later. Among the early members were: Joshua 0. King and wife, Abraham Pauley and others.

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A church building was erected of brick, the Wrights doing the brick work. Elias Abel wheeled mortar. In the forties it was sold to the Baptists, and in the sixties was sold again to the Catholics. Big Horn Is Used. In the Methodists erected a new church. Owen was pastor at this time. Other members of the church in the earlv years were the families of John S.

Watts, Beniamin Neeld. Ballard, J. Jones, W. Moore, J. Davis, Weslev Robertson, and others. Smith, D. Eckles, J. Hardin, John P. Rader, William A. Clark, Thomas N. William, D. Tilferd and many others were members. The Baptists started a small class at a little later period, the leading members being the Fosters, Stones, Vanoys and others. They also built a brick church, but were not as strong as the other three denominations. United Presbyterians. In , the Reformed congregation, under the Rev. Early accounts of the separate branches are meager, indeed; but it is known that most of the members were from North Carolina and the South, having left there, owing to their abhorrence to slavery.

They were for the most part farmers, and were scattered outside of the county seat. McNary became pastor in Other Classes Organized. Up to about other religious classes had been organized. The Catholics had a small organization in Bloomington, and built a handsome brick church west of the railroad, on Sixth street. Terry, who was widely known as a citizen of pure and patriotic Christianly character in Bean The colored people built two small brick churches in the city. Weston A. The city contains over colored people, many of whom are well educated and well mannered.

Worked as Silversmith. After his marriage, George W. He studied at night during these years while following his trade, in order to prepare for the Baptist ministery. The grandfather of this man was in the War of the Revolution, and at the siege of Yorktown received a wound which later resulted in his death. His father, Thomas Terry, was a soldier of the war of , and participated in the battle of Craney Island, Va. With such a parentage patriotism was a sacred element in the life of George W.

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Followed Regiment on Crutches. In September, , Mr. From exposure, Mr. He obtained a furlough in and returned home for a visit, where he recovered his health enough that he was able to discard the crutches and use a cane. He took part in the grand review held in Washington, D. Since the earlist settlement of the township, a large portion of the citiz- , was discharged from service, and returned to his family, who were then living on the farm near Stines- ville. After leaving the army the Rev.

Terry devoted his whole time and life to his ministerial duties in the Baptist communion. He served as Moderator for fourteen years in his association, and preached more than 5, sermons in twenty years. A large number of descendants live in Monroe county now. About a class of Christ Church was organized, and for a time met in the house of Joseph Berry, who was one of the leading members. Smith, John Givens, John Bunger and their families were active workers in the organization. A log church was erected about and served for many years.

In Lewis Dale was the pastor. United Baptist Organize. Treadway —the last four families also belonged to the Baptist Church in Richland township, Monroe county. First Baptist Church. First M. United Presbyterian Church. Religious Sentiment United. Members of and orthodox Christian organization were eligible to membership.

Horance Greeley Interested. Many families, in all parts of the nation, would place their property in charge of a committee enpowered to manage the common interests and benefits. They were governed by a constitution and by-laws which were binding upon all alike. Every means possible was used to make the system popular and universal throughout the United States.

The first life seemed to thrive more than could be expected in the backwoods, for there was much to discourage the growth of this charming enterprize in the early times. Neighbors Laughed. The neighbors laughed and made much fun of the pretentions of the communists, and scornfully predicted the speedy or ultimate dissolution of the community. The first year, things went along smoothly, or until cold weather came on, when many families left for their former cabins. The farm extended from what is now E. Tenth street to E. Third street and from a line running north and south somewhere near the present Phi Delta Theta house to what is now Dunn street.

Farm Passes to Heirs. The farm was willed to a son, Geo. Dunn, who fixed the limits of the Dunn family burial ground and deeded it to the descendants of Samuel and Elizabeth Dunn forever. At this time the University was located where the high school building now stands. An account of this fire and the transactions following are given in full in another article. That is, he sold all except the graveyard where his family were buried. All these things have only helped add to the renoun of Bloomington and her citizens for their merit as people of high intellectual attainment and good moral virtures as a community in which to rear a family.

Upon further investigation we find in an old record the following: Dudley C. Three Sisters Buried. In the stone wall surrounding the graveyard is built a three-faced stone upon the surface of which are carved the names of three sisters, Ellenor Dunn, mother of the original owners of the land, Jennet Irvin and Agness Alexander. These sisters were pioneers of the Shenendoah valley in Virginia and were born subjects of King George of England.

As soon as one batch of food was cooked and on its way to the soldiers, the women prepared another batch. This was kept up for days at a time. Church of Christ. Charles Catholic Church. As they appeared in Only one persons was ever buried in the cemetery who was not a direct descendant of one of the three sisters. Dunn for perpetual use as a cemetery. William D. The Bloomington pastorate was the first and only charge this teacher of the Holy Bible ever held. With the Rev. Health Failed. He found no relief from this disease through home treatment, and finally sought the services of a specialist in Cincinnati, where he found partial relief, but not complete recovery of his health.

Takes Up Bee Culture. They had come through that period when their religion was subject to persecutions of all kinds, and had come through the trials faithful to the ideas they held as sacred as their lives. Under these happy and restraining influences the boy passed his early days. Married in Soon Out of Control. A high wind was blowing and houses in the neighborhood were saved only by hard work, one of these being the parsonage to the south of the church cation periods in helping finance his education.

On the Sabbath day, August 5, , the Rev. Turner was in his accustomed place in the church and taught a class in the Sabbath school 2 but, on the following day, August 6, , while in the office of his son-in-law, Dr. The widow and Miss Clara M. Weir, of Bloomington, and another was the wife of the Rev. Foster, of Cincinnati, Ohio. The church was situated on the top of a high hill and the fire, visible for many miles, attracted thousands of persons to the scene.

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Practically every member of the congregation lives within a few blocks of the destroyed structure, and it had not only been a church but had been a great social center as well. First Work in Work on the Fairview church was started in , the structure taking the place of a small wooden building. One fireman was overcome by smoke during the fire. On account of the danger from live wires, the electric current was shut off from the northwest part of the city during the night.

Thirty-six hours after their church had been destroyed by fire, twenty-five members of the Fairview Methodist church congregation marched on to the site of the burned building and started with their own hands the erection of a tabernacle which was completed Wednesday night, of the same week, in time for the weekly prayer meeting.

A meeting had been held on Monday afternoon at which it was decided not to accept the offer of other church buildings of Bloomington congregations for temporary use, but to erect a tabernacle at once. The lumber was ordered and delivered on the site at daybreak Tuesday morning. The working party was headed by the Rev. The work was rushed day and night and a call for volunteers from other churches was issued. Church, as it appeared before fire destroyed the beautiful edifice on Christmas night, December 25 , Emma R.

Attended Seminary. I attended the old Seminary for two terms in the building which still stands just north of the post office. Then I entered college. I was married on the day of my graduation from the University. Mv father, T. When we came he was choir leader of the Christian church. Along with being blacksmith, he was also wagon- maker—in those days the whole wagon was made by hand. He would frankly tell his customers if he considered their wagon unworthy of repairing, and made many friends through his truthful dealings. One of these grandchildren is now a song writer and poet of prominence at the present, time, reflecting the musical traits of the old choir leader.

Van Forsen. Rogers, of Cincinnati, Ohio. This bov grew un in Bloomington, and went to school in the davs when the first, railroad was being constructed through Monroe county. As did manv other bovs of the community, he worked at times in the Holtzman woolen mills, where he narrowly escaned accidental loss of one of his hands. Thomas J. Clark, when not vet eighteen vpars of age.

After returning to Bloomington, this young man entered Indiana University, from which institution he graduated in , taking the first honor of his class. He then began teaching in the high school at Vincennes, Ind.