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Two areas are examined in detail: the religious and the judicial. Docherty shows that despite the tendency to regard transparency as a general social and ethical good, our contemporary culture of transparency has engendered a society in which autonomy or the very authority of the subject that proclaims 'I confess' is grounded in guilt, reparation and victimhood.


In this, his latest foray into his chosen intellectual terrain, he deploys some of his key concepts? Everyone should read it.

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Tele-technologies, kiss-n-tell biographies and massmediatic intrusiveness have rendered confession meaningless to such a great degree, that to read so finely attuned a 'confessional' as Thomas Docherty's stunning critical and philosophical inquiry is to be reminded of an ethical imperative that is as inescapable as it is misunderstood in so wilfully stupid a secular culture as the one we presently inhabit. In a study that begins with disarmingly straightforward questions concerning what it might mean 'to confess', and what the role of the subject is in this practise, Docherty opens out his exquisitely crafted meditation, with a breadth of scope that belies the filigree-work of its arguments, its explorations, and its always-political interrogations.

It is a literary, theoretical and autobiographical tour de force. Docherty's acute critical sense ranges across the philosophical and cultural landscape to read Paul de Man, Giorgio Agamben, Hannah Arendt and the Lisbon Lions. Drone Object Lessons.


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Confessions - Thomas Docherty - Innbundet () » Bokkilden

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  • Confessions - Thomas Docherty - Innbundet () » Bokkilden.
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  6. Om boka Confessions This book explores what is at stake in our confessional culture. Docherty outlines a philosophy of confession that has pertinence for a contemporary political culture based on the notion of 'transparency'.

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    In a postmodern 'transparent society', the self coincides with its self-representations. Such a position is central to the idea of authenticity and truth-telling in confessional writing: it is the basis of saying, truthfully, 'here I take my stand'. The question is: what other consequences might there be of an assumption of the primacy of transparency?