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It means that the period from 1 Jan.

See Kenneth H. Haley, The First Earl of Shaftesbury , p. The young Anthony Ashley Cooper lived as an orphan with his guardian, Sir Daniel Norton, who was in London during the law terms, from , when he was ten, until he was fourteen. For the backyard sports, Diary, 25 Dec. It was first published in and went on being reprinted until Pepys noted the birth dates of all his brothers and sisters at the end of his Diary for , but not the dates of their deaths.

In the Diary Pepys revisits Kingsland on 25 Apr. On 12 May , however, he recalls being boarded at Kingsland and shooting with his bow and arrow in the fields. There seem to have been fields all the way between Kingsland, a mere roadside hamlet, and Hackney, which was more of a village. Perhaps he was sent to one or another family in that direction for several summers. Diary, 27 Mar. Pepys saw Twelfth Night twice, in Sept. See Diary for 11 Mar. The two Diary entries are for 1 Sept. The Berkeleys came to Durdans in the mid s and added the new Hall in Their own children died at birth, which may have prompted their interest in a visiting child.

Diary, 25 July He married Anne Walpole of Houghton in , both regarded with great warmth by the Cokes, she for particular kindness to the women of the family during illness. Their son was named Edward, no doubt for Coke. For their daughter Jane, see Chapters 4 and 16 below. In Robert Coke was imprisoned in the Tower as a royalist, and John Pepys and his family moved back to London, where he was also imprisoned for four months for his failure to contribute money demanded for the war chest.

Lady Theophila visited her husband in the Tower until her death from smallpox in Information partly from unpublished paper by F. See Family Tree. See F. Richard Baxter in The Holy Commonwealth , ref. III, p. Ashley suggests on p. See Diary, 18 Mar. But see too 4 Mar. Information about the building of the defences of London in and mostly from N. The defences were largely razed in , partly because they took up so much land. See Diary, 26 July Information from F. John Pepys travelled to Holland again much later, in , when Cromwell was protector, Montagu a high official with Sam working for him; on this occasion Sam applied for the pass for his father.

On 7 Aug. For Dutch engineers advising on fortifications, N. Rosamond Webb , vol. By then Pepys himself either rode or took a coach. The only evidence that Pepys attended the school is in his remark in the Diary, 15 Mar. This is good evidence, and seems to establish that he was there in although Pepys is not always reliable in his recollection of dates. He moved to Barnwell in Northamptonshire. The conjecture that Sam lodged with his uncle is supported by the fact that he became his heir, which suggests approval at least.

Information from the Companion to the Latham and Matthews edition of the Diary. He was probably born in the mid s. His two stepsons were some years older than Sam. The house belongs to the Pepys Association. It is a private residence, but permission to view it may be obtained. It has doubled in size, with an eighteenth-century addition behind the original Tudor house. It is now called the Black Bull. Pepys mentions Thomas Taylor, Diary, 10 Oct. He was master at Huntingdon for nearly forty years, from to Information from Philip G.

Cooke was appointed in by his predecessor, Dr Thomas Beard, who had taught Cromwell. So Cooke must have taught Edward Montagu before retreating from the job in He remained the official headmaster until and was succeeded by the Revd Francis Bernard, who belonged to a family Pepys knew well. William Bernard, one of his sons, was a grocer in London whom Pepys entertained to dinner and who returned the invitation, serving an excellent pie. Francis may have been another.

There were still Bernards living in the house in which Cromwell was born as late as The house has changed, of course. Edward Montagu himself made improvements in the s; a fire in led to a great deal of rebuilding; and in the Sandwich family sold it and it became Huntingdon Comprehensive School. The school buildings were probably more extensive than what is now known as the school, currently a small museum dedicated to Cromwell. II, p. Gardiner mentions the episode.

II, pp. I, pp. Diary, 24 Jan. Essex was fifty-five; he made a better end than his father, the first earl, who had died at thirty-five on the scaffold, for treachery towards Queen Elizabeth. He was sentenced to two years in prison and to have his ears cut off, this last part being remitted. See Diary, 22 Jan.

And also where Sir G. Downing my late master was chaireman, and so but equally concerned with me. George Downing in Islington to Winthrop, 8 Mar. IV, pp. Lee , p. Talbot Pepys is on record as having been one of the commission that raised taxes to support the parliamentary army in , , and again in for the war against Spain. III, pp. It must be remembered that the general height of the population was lower — for instance, William III was described as tall at 5 6. The many portraits of Pepys, although they were all made later in life, give a consistent picture of his facial features — see also L.

They are taken from p. Purnell, Magdalene College Charles Henry Cooper, Annals of Cambridge —53 , vol. He kept a record of his destruction.

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See Diary, 7 Oct. John Phillips , although you can imagine how it might be made ruder:. Diary, 25 June, 7 and 11 Nov. Verney , vol. Tachygraphy is rich in symbols relating to biblical names and religious terms. I of the Latham and Matthews edition of the Diary, pp. This is what Samuel Morland did in see p. Purnell, Magdalene College, citing his own account. Oliver Heywood was up immediately before Pepys. He named the divines whose works he enjoyed as Perkins, Bolton, Preston, Sibbes, and the titles given in the text are from their works. See J. Mullinger, Cambridge in the Seventeenth Century , p.

Costello, The Scholastic Curriculum at Early Seventeenth-Century Cambridge , gives a good account of the curriculum, with many examples drawn from commonplace books, etc. Diary, 8 Oct. Pepys to Dr Arthur Charlett, 5 Nov. Tanner , vol. This was in Oct. Sir Henry Vane and Gilbert Pickering served on this body with him. Charles Henry Cooper, Annals of Cambridge, vol. Diary, 30 Mar. Sawyer became a barrister and rose to be attorney-general in Pepys heard him pleading a case 26 Nov.

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This must be the lawyer son of John Pepys of Ashtead and Salisbury Court, born in and admitted to the Middle Temple , and evidently rich enough to be a patron. Edward Pepys was of course known to Samuel Pepys, who attended his funeral in A note by H. Nixon, in vol. It adds that it was given to Mary Skinner later. Pepys destroyed some of his love letters during the quarrel of Jan. Like Pepys, he lost her early.

From the Autobiography — of the Revd Oliver Heywood , vol. For Act of 24 Aug. He noted the anniversary in the Diary in , , and He also put on the monument to Elizabeth that she died in the fifteenth year of marriage. She died on 10 Nov. Legally, men were allowed to marry at eighteen and women at twelve. An attempt to raise the age to fourteen in failed.

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Diary, 2 Aug. Accounts of the sufferings of those with bladder stones are found in medical manuals of the time and make unpleasant reading. See notes on surgery below. Although it was not caused by venereal infection but by bacteria living on the skin, Elizabeth may have suspected her husband of infecting her. I am indebted to Patrick French for the medical information.

Keynes is altogether more convincing than Power on the subject. It may have been during the separation that Pepys went to Fleet Alley. During the Diary period he avoided prostitutes entirely for fear of infection. When Balthasar married on 3 Dec. He may have got it wrong, or they may have been twins, or just possibly born within a year of one another, in which case he must have been born in Jan.

Balthasar de St Michel to Pepys, 8 Feb. Heath , pp. Diary, 2 Nov. Elizabeth sometimes spoke of becoming a Catholic to Pepys; and she and her mother were friendly with a Jesuit called Father Fogourdy in Paris, who visited her in 6 Feb. And I at a distance did observe him; but Lord, what a company of Questions he did ask him; what kind of man I was and God knows what.

Diary, 22 Nov. Rutt , vol. Gilbert Pickering, Thurloe, Whitelocke and Cromwell were for a more merciful treatment. Quoted in F. Pepys in a letter to Edward Montagu, 9 Dec. Montagu was also a founding member of the Royal Society. Pepys to Edward Montagu, 8 Jan. Howarth , pp. Pepys to Edward Montagu, 8 Dec. Pepys to Edward Montagu, 26 Dec. Pepys to Edward Montagu, 22 Dec. Lithotomia Vesicae , English translation from the Dutch, pp.

There were specialist surgeons all over Europe, where the operation had been practised since ancient Egyptian times. Both returned cured, and the first of the two lived another thirty-three years. Diary of Ralph Josselin —, ed. Alan MacFarlane Diary, 30 May , mentions this aunt James and her account of John Pepys seeking prayers for his son. You can read the prescription, given in Latin by Dr J. Morris suggests in Medical History, vol.

This is his account of one:. Surely Evelyn was wrong about the incision being through the scrotum? The Diary of John Evelyn, ed. A second prescription, this time by two doctors, Moleyns and Dr G. See Diary, 27 Feb. Pepys preserved his stone and showed it to Evelyn on 10 June He did not order the case until 20 Aug. See also Diary, 3 May , where he describes taking it to be shown to the earl of Southampton to encourage him to be operated upon, unavailingly; he died two weeks later, unoperated. Diary, 18 Feb. So Pepys said in a letter of 1 Oct. Unfortunately they have not survived to the present.

For cake-making, Diary, 6 Jan. Female literacy increased steadily during the seventeenth century, from 10 per cent at the start to 55 per cent at the end, according to Tim Harris, London Crowds in the Reign of Charles II , p. See Diary, 28 Nov. Ward, but accepted by most other authorities, and certainly seems likely. Evelyn mistakenly gave the date as 22 Nov. After this they are numerous. The Diary of John Evelyn, 5 May De Beer vol. For Captain Country, see Diary, 27 Sept. The footnote in the Latham and Matthews edition points out that Pepys conferred a sinecure on Country in , as a gunner on the Royal Charles.

For Lieutenant Lambert, Diary, 4 Oct. Morland to Charles, 15 June , cited in F. Pepys to Edward Montagu, 20 Oct. Pepys to Edward Montagu, 6 Dec. All following quotes from Pepys to Montagu in this chapter from this source, spellings modernized. Montaigne was born exactly a century before Pepys, in , and died in He also suffered from the stone. An English translation of his essays by Florio appeared in , another by Charles Cotton in , and he was greatly admired in England throughout the century. Will Hewer, for example, learnt and used tachygraphy. The introduction to vol. Diary, 11 Apr. Anderson; the manuscripts of the rest are owned by the present earl of Sandwich.

See G. None of his diaries appear to have survived. The philosopher John Locke, another close contemporary, kept a diary during his travels in France in the late s and s. From what I have seen of it, it was a record of his journeys, the sights he saw and notes about agriculture, manufacturing, tax, religious questions, notably the condition of the Protestant population in France: highly interesting and quite impersonal.

Lord King Diary, 4 Mar. The standard editions of the Diary, including J. Part Two: — 7. Changing Sides. Henry Neville was another republican and atheist member of the Rota. Pepys put a portrait of Harrington in his collection in the Pepys Library. Oceana was reissued in and is still discussed to this day. Harrington is now considered a forerunner of Adam Smith and the science of political economy. Richard Creed eventually moved to Monmouthshire, where his father-in-law, Walter Cradock, had been a puritan divine and a leading Propagation commissioner in the county, responsible for ejecting royalist clergy.

Creed had clerked for him in the s and also acted as parliamentary surveyor. Cradock died in , but Creed was specifically named in the Act of Indemnity as one excluded from ever holding public office again, and he ended his days as a humble schoolmaster in Llangwm Uchaf. He died in and his memorial tablet recorded that he had served admirals Blake and Sandwich, but nothing about Harrison. Diary, 12 Apr. Diary, 18 Jan. Diary, 8 Mar. Diary, 19 Mar. Later on the same day he makes the point about the waste of money again, and says that it has in any case been forgotten whose head it was.

Diary, 14 Dec. Thurloe was arrested a fortnight later for high treason, but released six weeks later. Diary, 4 May Diary, 20 May It was then mysteriously transmuted into the sense of having a liking or fancy for something or someone, as in Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona, I. Years later, in Oct. Waller was a friend of Montagu, and all of them known to him. Diary, 21 June , and footnote for information.

There is no picture of Seething Lane and it is not possible to construct any plan, but the whole complex must have been vast and each house substantial, with up to ten rooms apiece and two or three storeys high, with cellars. For the payment to see the body, The Diurnal of Thomas Rugg —, ed. Sachse , p. Diary, 26 May Pepys is frank about the contents of the chamber pot: solid and liquid. Diary, 2 Jan. Diary, 8 Jan. Sir George Carteret, the treasurer, made the accusation and expressed his anger against Will to Sir William Penn, who advised Pepys to sack him.

Pepys questioned Will without revealing the source of the accusation, saw that he understood and did nothing more. Pepys himself saw less of Blackborne after this. Information about variant spellings of Hewer from Dr Charles Knighton. For sale of the lease, Diary, 17 Sept. For Betty Lane at the house, 12 Aug.

Pepys is sworn in as JP 24 Sept. Penn was close to Lawson and Fifth Monarchy men, just as Montagu was known as a religious radical. The Quakers were the first group to object to slavery on principle, in They were called servants, and seem to have been affectionately treated in the families they served, but they were really slaves, brought from Africa, without rights. Pepys saw the little Turk and Negro acquired by Lord Sandwich to be pages to his family on 30 May Note also a letter from Pepys to Sandwich,?

The slave trade had been going for forty years, and Bristol, home town of Batten and Penn, was one of the two chief ports in England used by the slaving ships, Liverpool being the other. Neither puritans nor cavaliers saw anything wrong in slavery. George Downing observed and approved slavery at Barbados, writing to his cousin John Winthrop on 26 Aug. Sir George Downing — , pp. Pepys himself later owned two black slaves see below, p. The London to Oxford coach took twelve hours. Pepys uses it in his letter to Lady Carteret of 4 Sept. Howarth , p.

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His spelling is wonderful, e. Diary, 1 June — Elizabeth writes to Pepys to tell him about the Joyces. For the story about Tom, see Chapter See, for example, Diary, 1 Sept. Diary, 29 Oct. Richard Gibson, who served the navy for more than five decades in various positions of trust and outlived Pepys, sent pathetic letters enclosing testimonials in , begging to be given a post as a steward at Greenwich Hospital in order to support his family. Colonel Thomas Middleton, appointed to the Navy Commission, Portsmouth, in , had fought for parliament and sometimes compared the poor organization and discipline of the s with the superior conditions prevailing under the commonwealth.

Pepys saw his first actresses on 3 Jan. He saw Betterton in Hamlet on 24 Aug. For Coventry replacing Blackborne, G. Evelyn called him wise and witty in his Diary for ; H. For the gift of the pen, Diary, 5 Aug. For Pepys singing to Coventry on the barge, Diary, 16 Apr. For the boat trip in which Coventry shielded Pepys from the sun and told him his rules in life, Diary, 8 Aug. Dines with Pepys at home, 18 Dec. For the Hayter affair, Diary, 9, 10, 15 May He encouraged Dryden to make his versions of some of the Tales.

See Chapter For Chatham trip, see Diary, 8—11 Apr.

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And it is too little. Davies, Gentlemen and Tarpaulins , p. Some of these were not in active service but laid up in dock, without officers or crew and stripped of rigging, guns and perhaps even masts: information from Professor Bernard Capp in private communication.

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He points out that the fleet the Navy Board actually had to deal with in was of 84 ships in service, with 25 waiting to be paid off; the others were laid up. Diary, 14 June He mentions his letter to Lord Sandwich, who was at Hinchingbrooke seeing to his building works, but it has not survived. It appears from these two passages that Penn was attacked from both political sides.

See Diary, 19 Oct. The truth is, I know one that if you shall think fit to have it propounded to, I dare go far in assuring you the work shall be done to your mind…. His employment in another capacity I confess is very full, but half the trouble which this will add will be saved by the ease it will bring him in the many letters, orden, messages, and mental labours he now is exercised with. Further Correspondence of Samuel Pepys —, ed. Tanner , pp. The Diary merely mentions the drawing up of the agreement, 26, 27 Mar.

There is more: for example, on 11 Dec. Povey wrote to Pepys, 8 and 13 Mar. The words quoted are from 13 Mar. Povey to Pepys about Tangier profits, 3 Feb. Diary, 21 Dec. Hayter to Pepys, 31 Dec. Tanner, pp. This was the Hon. James Montagu, the last child in the family; Pepys records his arrival 15 July Tom Pepys to Pall Pepys, 16 Jan. Heath , p. Diary, 23 Apr. The point is made by Christopher Morris in the Companion to the Latham and Matthews edition of the Diary in a fascinating discussion of why the plague was the last great outbreak in England.

He suggests that those susceptible to it may have virtually died out, leaving a population with natural immunity. He also suggests that some people are more attractive to fleas than others, something many have noticed. Like her son, she clearly much preferred town life to the country, even at the risk of the plague. This was her last visit to London.

Diary, 15 Feb. He met and was impressed by Robert Hooke; he had recently bought his Micrographia. This was probably one of the plague waters made up by the College of Physicians, distillations of plant juices — tormentil, angelica, peony, salvia, pimpernel, scabious, calendula, juniper are all mentioned by Nathaniel Hodges in his Loimologia of , translated by J. Quincy, pp. Hodges thought sack was good, tobacco useless and the wearing of amulets had a purely psychological effect.

Pepys to William Coventry, 5 Aug. Tanner , p. Pepys to William Coventry, 25 Aug. Tanner, p. Pepys to Lady Carteret, 4 Sept. Diary, 4 Nov. Diary, 21 Sept. The girl was Barker, who succeeded Mary Mercer, but, although she sang well, she did not take to life with the Pepyses and they dismissed her. Luellin took Elizabeth to the theatre 8 Mar. On 17 Feb. When Daniel Defoe, who was five or six in , published his Journal of the Plague Year in , it was meant as a warning of what might happen again.

On 11 Sept. Esther St Michel was living on the Essex coast and saw much of the Dutch action. Her remarks to Pepys are recorded in the Diary, 17 July William Coventry to Pepys, 21 Apr. Powell and E. Timings Pepys to Lord Sandwich, 12 Oct. I, fol. Lord Sandwich to Pepys, 14 Oct. Diary, 19 Oct. Pepys to duke of York, 25 Oct. Pepys to Albemarle, 28 Oct. Pepys said in a statement dated 12 Feb. Pepys to Peter Pett, 2 Dec.

Pepys to Coventry, 4 Nov. Letter of 29 Dec. Harris, Life of the First Earl of Sandwich , vol. Diary, 7 Oct. Pepys wrote on 8 Sept. Diary, 7 June Pepys says in the Diary that Christopher Myngs was the son of a shoemaker, as indeed he was. The new DNB entry by C. Diary, 23 July I am indebted to Richard Luckett, Pepys librarian, for telling me that they are the first-known purpose-built bookcases in England. Warren, who do tell me of the great difficulty he is under in the business of his accounts with the Commissioners of Parliament, and I fear some inconveniences and troubles may be occasioned thereby to me.

So to dinner, and then with Sir J. Minnes to White Hall, and there attended the Lords of the Treasury and also a committee of Council with the Duke of York about the charge of this year's fleete, and thence I to Westminster and to Mrs. Martin's, and did hazer what je would con her, and did once toker la thigh de su landlady, and thence all alone to Fox Hall, and walked and saw young Newport, and two more rogues of the town, seize on two ladies, who walked with them an hour with their masks on; perhaps civil ladies; and there I left them, and so home, and thence to Mr.

Mills's, where I never was before, and here find, whom I indeed saw go in, and that did make me go thither, Mrs. Hallworthy and Mrs. Andrews, and here supped, and, extraordinary merry till one in the morning, Mr. Andrews coming to us: and mightily pleased with this night's company and mirth I home to bed.

Turner, too, was with us. Up, and to the office, where all the morning. At noon home to dinner, and there dined with me, besides my own people, W. Batelier and Mercer, and we very merry. After dinner, they gone, only Mercer and I to sing a while, and then parted, and I out and took a coach, and called Mercer at their back-door, and she brought with her Mrs. Knightly, a little pretty sober girl, and I carried them to Old Ford, a town by Bow, where I never was before, and there walked in the fields very pleasant, and sang: and so back again, and stopped and drank at the Gun, at Mile End, and so to the Old Exchange door, and did buy them a pound of cherries, cost me 2s.

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