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Human beings cannot be reduced to the condition of machines. Lin Yutang on Blind Materialism. Yutang says:. And who can deny that this power and profit motive contains in itself the seeds of future wars? Far from being an empty phrase, materialism colors 95 per cent of our effective thinking. In fact, it is strangling our thinking. In order to tackle the disease of nuclear proliferation which the media, big business ideology and statesmen stimulate one way or another, one must listen to the Chinese thinker:.

Is it not true that almost all our proposals for the future peace stem from the one assumption that the cure for the ills of economic progress is more economic progress? In other words, peace is canned goods, bigger and better canned goods. Peace is a condition where we may sell and sell abundantly. For the world is now business, political business and economic business. Yutang concludes his diagnosis:. The audacity of these thinkers of peace hurts my soul.

Wars are seen as good for business, as long as Life is despised and Money is our god. Freyre formulates a Sociology of civilizatory integration which helps preventing the sources of psychotic behaviour on the part of heads of state and political or religious leaders, and paves the way to universal brotherhood in our planet. The Philosophy of Peace. There is a step ahead mankind needs to take in the present century — the sooner the better -, in order to dispel the clouds of nuclear war danger. It involves not only having an idealistic view of life, but reducing the distance between dream and fact, thought and action, when dream and thought are noble.

Lin Yutang writes about the philosophy of peace that can heal an ailing civilization:. Without that faith, the doctrine of force cannot be destroyed. The dichotomy between ideals and action must be resolved, and an all-inclusive, comprehensive philosophy must be produced whereby ideals may be brought down from the clouds again to activate the affairs of men on earth. The rhythm of life and the unity and interrelatedness of all things must be shown and shown conclusively, so that they become a part of our faith for daily action.

Seen as a tool, his philosophy makes it easier to liberate mankind from the nightmare of nuclear weapons. The challenging task needs a knowledge of human soul: the psychological source of the nuclear nonsense has to be understood before one becomes fully able to remove it. Iberian Countries and Atomic Warfare.

They must still forcefully act in that direction. Ninety percent of the nuclear weapons belong to Russia and the United States. The two should take the lead towards a healthier future. It would give them the moral strength necessary to invite other states to action. Meanwhile, peaceful countries must be heard. At the time he was still the vice-president of the country.

It is essential to eliminate such weapons, which, because of the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of their use, remain a permanent threat to humanity. The view is shared by a number of governments and millions of citizens around the world. Temer is a legal scholar and a long-standing politician and statesman. As a Constitutionalist, he has several books published on Law and Legal Consciousness. Brazil is the fifth-largest country of the world by both area and population, and has million inhabitants.

Mexico, Argentina and Brazil play a central role in keeping Latin America free from such a nightmare. The Iberian Peninsula and the Iberian Americas seem to have been saying something to the world, more in actions than in words. It is mentally insane to plan and prepare actions that would destroy cities and nations in minutes, and provoke an unthinkable planetary catastrophe. The act of making such preparations should be submitted to a public psychoanalytic examination. The scientists, politicians and heads of state responsible for such institutionalized insanity in thought as well as in preparatory actions would better heal themselves and their institutions from this shameful illness in the soul.

One first step in that direction would be to study the lessons human community can learn from a sane psychological view of human conflicts. It is emotionally healthy and morally beautiful to have respect for life: it is also necessary. Everyone must have enough balance and common sense to feel personally co-responsible for the bright future of our planet; and politicians and heads of state are no exception to the rule. Knopf, , , New York, chapter one. Netanyahu, Cornell University Press, fifth edition, , pp.

Minkin, A. E -Theosophy e-group offers a regular study of the classic, intercultural theosophy taught by Helena P. Blavatsky photo. Theodor Herzl The long History of the Jewish people has been inevitably intercultural and planetary. The novel is the draft of a project for the future and remains in many aspects far above the reality of Israel.

An unknown amount of time may be necessary for the country to achieve the level of moral excellence described in the book. Much has been done already. This is a truly visionary essay, thinly presented as a tale. It teaches lessons of decisive importance for the 21st century in Israel and elsewhere. The Duty of Those Who Know. Herzl inscribes his novel as part of the Utopian literature. He discusses on its pages some of the most significant descriptions of an ideal country. There was no other path. Herzl explains it in the novel:. Each ought to have helped according to his ability and insight.

For ages the idea of such a duty has been an axiom in every nation. Millions of individuals have ceaselessly followed it. There is a utopian aspect in the modern esoteric movement, since the primary goal of theosophists is to build a nucleus of universal brotherhood. Lazy minds believe that looking for the best is useless. In fact, despondency regarding the future is a dream, too; and a self-defeating sort of nightmare at that.

Dreams both good and bad are part of human reality. Theodor Herzl writes:. Dreams are not so different from Deeds as some may think. All the Deeds of men are only Dreams at first. And in the end, their Deeds dissolve into Dreams. The Jewish Openness to Universality. Any sense of deep isolation is an illusion. Everything is interconnected in the universe and no country or culture can ever be an exception to the rule.

Many Arab Israelis love and respect the country and different religions co-exist in it. By now, however, facts on the ground are still the seeds and seedlings of a more enlightened future. We do not ask to what race or religion a man belongs. If he is a man, that is enough for us. They are the same here as everywhere else in the world. But I can tell you that the fundamental principles of humanitarianism are generally accepted among us. As far as religion goes, you will find Christian, Mohammedan, Buddhist, and Brahmin houses of worship near our own synagogues. Besides being open to every religion, the Land of Israel is cosmopolitan:.

Now, my dear friends, do you understand what I mean? It would be unethical for us to deny a share in our commonwealth to any man, wherever he might come from, whatever his race or creed. For we stand on the shoulders of other civilized peoples. If a man joins us — if he accepts our institutions and assumes the duties of our commonwealth — he should be entitled to enjoy all our rights. We ought therefore to pay our debts. And that can be done in only one way — by the exercise of the utmost tolerance.

Plato, Herzl and the Need for Honesty. The Platonic Ethics is easy to find in the Jewish Utopia and provides us with a ground-breaking point of view from which to look at present-day facts. He writes:. And not being ambitious they do not care about honour. We have kept ourselves unsullied by that plague. People who try to live by spouting their opinions instead of by work are soon recognized for what they are.

They are despised, and get no chance to do mischief. That fact speaks for itself. The Platonic influence gets obvious as Herzl proceeds:. But the salaried positions are allotted for skill and merit only. There is a healthy prejudice against partisans of any kind whatever. Paid officials are not allowed to take part in public discussion. But it is quite different with the honorary officials. For filling the honorary positions we have one simple principle: Those who try to push themselves are gently ignored; while, on the other hand, we take great pains to discover real merit in the most obscure nooks.

We thus make certain that our precious commonwealth will not become the prey of careerists. Our president, for example, is a venerable Russian oculist. He accepted office most unwillingly, because he was obliged to give up his practice. He worked mostly among the poor. He turned his practice over to his daughter, who is also a prominent physician. She now heads their great eye clinic.

A fine woman, who has never married, and devotes her skill to the sick poor. Later on in the novel two characters discuss the issue of Ethics in Politics:. Why did you choose him especially? Plato and Herzl think the same, and they are not alone. The raja yogis of the Himalayas have a similar approach to political power, and one of them wrote:. Both kinds of human beings exist, however. And since humans are complex and contradictory, every good-willing collective project must share the same characteristics. The Unavoidable Lessons in Realism.

Author identification Alexandra Areia. Recently, she has organized a national encounter of architects CPAM and she is editor and writer of an independent publication Friendly Fire. Abstract: No one can ever deny the relationship between cinema and architecture in creating new scenes in architecture. Both cinema and architecture are set to create new scenes in which they both follow the same principles at this process.

For this reason, we can share the same principle for these two arts such as space, scene, light, movement and etc. Constituent elements of an architectural context like color, surface, line, point can also be used in the background of a film or an illustration sequence, which can help to induction the concepts that has considered by director. Filmmakers by utilizing architecture through the creative semantic visual spaces, they set to Characterization, Establish the identity of creative spaces.

This paper revolves around the usage of architectural qualities induction of conceptual meanings of seven deadly sins in film Se7en by David Fincher in a descriptive analysis method by relying on visual semiotics approach and combination of qualitative and quantitative concepts. The process of this research concluded that architecture characteristic elements have a significant role on manifestation the spiritual meanings and concepts desired by director of film se7en. The first time in at Cambridge University a seminar was held on architecture and cinema which was the ground began of the researches on the effects and subscriptions of these two arts.

In this study, Tried to define these subscriptions in atmosphere of the film based on survey of different terms especially through its impact on characterization, semiotics and semantics, establish identity, sense of place and time, creating suitable space for a particular location, creating sense of psychological and its impact on the narrative and etc. Architectural impression and juxtaposing spaces with each other, can create the original rhythms of dramatic movies.

In cinema, film makers who knows architecture very well, by integrating architecture semantic with those concepts which would desire to use them in film, tries to correct the viewer understanding of those concepts. The conclusion of this event which leads to alignment of architecture and cinema, are successful movies that after seeing them the viewers are satisfied and have achieved true results. This paper examines converting the thought and meaning to the architectural space of the film and how to create them over the sketches of architects and set designers.

The meaning that is considered by director in this text's case study is sin; which he tried his best to depict that. Guilt or sin in the Abrahamic faiths is defined as violations of will and God's law which means opposite in religious terms. According to belief of followers of some religions we will see the wages of our sin in the other world.

How to depict this human feature are requiring sufficient knowledge on architecture and its effects; that will be continue to investigate interaction between these two arts and explore their impacts on the film. First, the most obvious manifestations of a text; a picture or a shot in a sequence are discussed. Understanding the sensory aesthetic. In the second phase, it's formed with the support of the creation fields of work such religious backgrounds, socio, political.

Comprehend rationally. The final phase, researcher involved himself with themes and inherent meaning of image, text, or view of a sequence. At this phase in order to discover the meaning of the picture, researcher should be familiar with the tendencies of the human mind, at this stage, the interpretation of art would appear which may be a carrier of meanings beyond the purpose of the artist.

Terminology: cinema: Cinema is an art based on video recordings of events and supply it along with sound which is appearing with various concepts of design in the special forms of art. Cinema from the content is based on many fields of human sciences, communication sciences, literature and other artistic disciplines and in the term of technical it has used physics topics, chemistry, mechanics, and electronic. Goharpour, 80 Architecture: architecture is an art based on statics and strength of different volumes which is appearing with combination of continuous and discontinuous spaces.

In the most general definition, architecture can be recognized as an art that would be shaped the spaces. From a point of view, architecture is a consistent motion but since it expresses the relationship between the various spaces it also knows it as an internal motion. On the other hand the architecture won't be understood without spectators moving in the space.

Rahimian, , 11 Space: Aristotle is comparing space with the container which is the empty space and in order to exist; around of it has to be closed. As a result, there are always an ultimate for its capacity. Kurt Grutter, , Stavros Antonopoulos has defined it, as an encounter of visual reality with imagination. Jaroslave Malina claimed that designing scene is a statue which. Joseph Ciller called it as a reification of imagination. Ultimately famous Czech scene designer Joseph Svoboda says: The scene is a result of the interaction forces that is hidden in motion, time and light.

As shown in figure 2 a Scene from film seven designed on paper before they build it. Pamela, , Cinemas theorists who also used this expression for directing of the films, utilized that for emphasizes on director's control over what appears at the film frame. Bordwell and Thompson, , The symbol which has meaning in the Islamic thought, will never be separated from the world because everything have inner and hidden meaning which is complementary to its outside. On the one hand essential role of aesthetics next to idealism symbol for the primary communication of artwork with the audience and sustaining this intellectual explored in the immortal works of architecture and influential works of cinema, is an important consideration.

The symbol can be named as the intersection of architecture and cinema. Hatami, The relationship between cinema and architecture The relationship between cinema and architecture can be classified in different ways. The most general form of it will be classified as follows: Conceptually which include two types that are related with each other: Inward for example in the space decoration and ideological ideas, etc. Outward for example in Rhythm, Hierarchy of introducing the space, light, stillness and etc.

Referential which also has two types: Presence of Architecture in the Cinema like the scene designing profession and Presence of Cinema in the Architecture like some contemporary modern buildings Tools like architectural, graphical, cinematic software. The world of multimedia and digital technology Penz, , 15 In continue, tried to study the highlight points of this relationship which have been classified in 6 category: The relationship between cinema and architecture in terms of Designing Scene: Space decoration in cinema is occurring based on films necessity.

This need is the one that the film story has determined. The cornerstone of this thing is in the script, then by director and scene designer comes into force. Decorating space or designing scene in Cinema can be considered as a sort characterization of the place. Like a scenarist when he does characterization while he is writing the script, a director which gives the visual aspect to the characters by the actors, decorating space or designing scene is also a result of characterization process. In space decorating at first they think about the event that they want that to be happening in terms of physically, and then they choose the best place.

For example most obvious place for surgery is the operating- theatre in the hospital. After that it is important to pay attention to instruments and people that is necessary in the operatingtheatre and choose the best one. Form and light of that place is also into consideration. At end mental atmosphere of space are examine. From the scripts necessitythe quality of the space such as being old or new, large or small and modern or classical have to be chosen.

Penz, , Each building from it qualification just has one or two angles which gives the best visual shape of the building. In fact, the building can express itself on these angles. Type of architecture can even tell how much liberty or tyranny a country did have and so the other aspect of the architecture is revealing human emotions at filmmakers work. It is interesting to note that these principles not only in architecture but also in other fields of art and cinema has its own art form and maybe they should be known as a common principles of all arts.

But apart from these there is also other important principles such as harmony, etc.

Thus, cinema has also principles as equilibrium, unity, appropriateness and they can be considered as a type of relationship between cinema and architecture. These principles are using in the whole filmmaking stages from script writing to the sound mixing. ArabzadeYekta, Against that, architects use different ways as drawings, maquette and computer models which can help to reification their thoughts. If we compare,.

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Thus with architect's help, movement in the mental images of future will be happened for the filmmakers. The image which is in the audience mind become to the real objectivist. The second difference is that the architect builds a building to be sustained and he uses the tools and materials that may help to the strength and durability of building while the law of cinema is that nothing is sustained.

The third difference is that the architect builds an actual space that in the terms of function and interior or exterior shape,is real. But decorator builds a scene with the dramatic function which can respond to the demands of the film.

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Some people claim that the main part of effect ona picture caused by lighting and have determined four major features for lighting: Quality - Direction - Source — Color. Lighting by creating shadows give shape to the objects. The light that emitted from the bottom of the image, dose distort the face of actors and it often be used for dramatic visual effects of horror movies. The light that emitted from the top of the image, used to display cheek bones of actors.

Each region has a unique natural landscapes and architecture of itself which includes is proportional light and color to that area. Bordwell and Thompson, , Generally, each show in its entirety inculcate some colors to the mind, sometimes diversity of scenes is such that after watching them with recalling scenes some contrasting color appears in the mind.

Expressionist cinema is a good example that contrast colors of white and black in designing scene can intensify psychological sense of the films. Color is a constituent element of the scene. Sometimes architecture helps to understand the films and sometimes, cinema gives identity to the city and. Cinema masters clearly know the symbols of architecture and they have been used in case of necessity such as doors and windows role as an intermediary between two worlds and use them to framing, the intimacy sense of the Fireplace, the ceremonial and focused role of the table and etc.

Walter Benjamin in the book named Oneway street says: Work on good prose has three phases: Musically phase which gives tone to the prose, architectural phase where the prose built and the textile phase where the prose woven. The thing that he forgot to put in the category, is the thought; which can help us in shaping the music, architecture and textile.

As Seyyed Hossein Nasr says : Not only in architecture but also in none of the traditional art nothing is empty of meaning. The darkness, bitterness, tormenting and religious themes shows themselves from the start of the film the things that Fincher use them in his films because of his religious beliefs. The film is a usual story of descent of tainted and sinful man on earth.

From this view of point it is an unforgivable sin that a man has to pay it back. That's why the film was created in the dark and dirty spaces. A city without sun and sad and cloudy hat even permanent rain do not clean the environment. The same hell that the killer of the film mention it in his first note Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.

Also our architecture has religious themes arising from some concepts which can be used in the conceptual cinema. Because some these concepts are common in Christianity and Islam so we explore its occurrence in the film seven; which is one of the best examples. Accordingly director processed this scene such as dark and old apartment which provides confused and questionable feeling for viewer makes audience feel confused , all windows are covered with fabric that intensify trigger this issue and the choking sensation.

Nested spaces of apartment which arranged along mysteriously and the main stage is located at the end of this direction. Placing a couch in front of two television and in addition to that unfinished food container which the meaning suggests that one spends a lot of time here. Small yellow spot lights which help the viewer can get a little bit of space. Arrangement of murder scene in the kitchen if that is the large and unusual volume of foods and cans fills all space, square table which located in the middle ofthe space and makes sense of focus and also yellow light of the mural lamp which only lighted the victim's body intensifies the feeling.

Using gray paint on the murder scene in terms of aesthetics, it is a sign of vice and corruption. That is not how you learned Christ Bible, Ephesians and Woe to the diminishers 1 , who, when people measure for them, take full measure 2 , but when they measure or weigh for others, they reduce! Dastgheib, , The apartment scene on the upper floors of a tower which intensify the sense of mastery of surrounding space by using transparent walls and glass tower. Inside the apartment we observe regular arrangement of luxury and precious objects, The use of cubism paintings which create confusion in the mind of the viewers can be considered as the most prominent feature of Cubism, Using black furniture, this color is used more as a symbol of evil, and Symbol of darkness, void, great darkness, evil, despair, destruction, ruin and grief; Black means cruel and irrational too.

But GOD did not like their going forth and held them back, and it was said: 'stay back with those who stay back. The scene of this film to show the consequences of this sin include following items, the old Multi-story school Chicago-style apartment which has sense of obsolescence. Passing through spiral staircase which make question for viewers, the walls of nested corridors are.

Dusty items inside the apartment filled with irregular layout. Putting a lot of air fresheners were hanging from the ceiling which conveys the opposite sense, that is corrupt and dirty. They designed the murder scene by placing a bed in front of the entrance, and put the light on top of the victim which suggest the sense of emphasize on the subject and using the same air freshener and injection needles that were a lot of them around the victim and photos of the victim on his side, to draw all the viewer's attention to the proceedings that sinner passed and suffered to the death point or liberation and purity which symbolized by white cloth which put on him.

And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ forgave you Director designed this scene by choosing the spiral staircase for its location which gives the sublimation and solitude senses to the audience. Wroth detective was at the upper satires so he over looked the whole location. Bible,Epistle of Judas and Do not draw near to fornication, for it is an indecency, and its way is evil.

This part of film was located in the basement which inducted the sense of humiliation. And also use of nested corridors that challenges the mind. In this scene, the color red is used for lighting spaces which is aggressor color, because it has close relationship with the anger, wrath, strife, and danger. In Jewish religion, red is more a sign of sexual sins. Pieter Brueghel used this color in his paintings as a sign of sin. Bible, Obadiah and Enter the gates of hell to be in it for ever. Evil is the lodging place of the proud. Although white color has been as a symbol of purity but at this scene, by using it along with this light, it induce the sense of frost and pride.

Meanwhile by putting a huge picture frame of victim overhead of her and also a small photo frames that are placing on the table near by the bed; shows the victim's sense of narcissism and the designer by putting the focused light on top of those wants to put emphasis on them. Bible, Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and Evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls, that they disbelieve what GOD has sent down, grudging that GOD should send down from his bounty to whom he chooses from his worshipers!

This was the reason that make the killer envy. At detective house, designing is such that they used warm light which has expressed a sense of unity and love. White walls along with yellow light indicates that the sense of place is warm which would be the symbol of peace and intimacy. Putting some spotlights in the area, using the doors of glass between two rooms, an opening. White color along with warm lights, A sofa along with Fireplace, Glass doors, An opening between kitchen and living room Table 1: Classification of visual occurrence of each sin.

The characteristic elements of architecture can help to create the meaning and implications of spiritual such as sins like Greed, Sloth, Lust and etc. Architecture by precision design of Mise en scene like using text, specific objects, light and color, and other architectural elements; can process the scene in order to express design concepts which has a profound role to play in the occurrence of thought. Precision architectural spaces design can help to reach the characterization through the semiotics and also these semiotics can be used in conceptual architectures.

The architect who know how to use conceptual spaces can easily go through the wonderful world of conceptual architecture. On the other hand, the film makers who use conceptual architecture, it would be help them to reach characterization through the semiotics , establishing the identity, a sense of time and space, creating space for a specific location, going through the layers of history and creating a sense of identity and psychological. Abstract The success of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao by Frank Gehry, which was opened in , proved that the mass popularity of an architect can be turned into new commissions.

Henceforth the stars of architecture understood that creating the public image and maintaining their popularity in media is a necessity. The best known feature-length documentary is 'Sketches of Frank Gehry' by Sydney Pollack , mainly because of its famous director, which has been shown on the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Pictures of a different kind are 'Eye over Prague' and 'Tumult over Lodz' Both of them were made in Central Europe and have an extemporary character, being voices in local disputes over the controversial buildings. All of the discussed movies depict the star-architects as heroes and are focusing on the artistic side of their activity. Film and photography prove to be media favorable for star-architects as after the recent global crisis the press opinions about them ceased to be unanimous. The success of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao by Frank Gehry, which was opened in , proved that a spectacular, innovative architecture can attract the crowds, which may result for an architect in profitable new commissions Seligmann, Also since then the contemporary architecture aroused significant interest outside its specific community.

The stars elaborated diverse methods for maintaining their popularity, the most important of which is a collaboration with famous brands not only in architecture, but also in design. While such architects as Santiago Calatrava or Tadao Ando tend to remain in the shadow of their own works, other ones are likely to appear in media targeted for a mass consumer like TV shows or lifestyle journals. Documentary films are a part of this strategy of breaking border of the narrow architectural world.

After motion pictures about almost all of the classics. The best known feature-length documentary, arguably because of its famous director, is Sketches of Frank Gehry by Sydney Pollack,3 which has been shown on the most prestigious film festivals in the world like Cannes out of competition , Tribeca or Rotterdam.

Its main idea was to reconstruct the way of the main protagonist, shown as a genius, to the 1. My Architect, dir. Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright, dir. Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect, dir. Pei, dir. The verbal narrative of the story regresses to his education and first successes or defeats in his way to become an architect. However the movie lacks some dramatism as an average watcher realizes that all this histories happened 35 years before and eventually Gehry has become probably the most famous living architect in the world.

Even the picture itself from the very beginning does not try to obscure it. The stars from different fields are very numerous here. The director, who is famous himself, can be heard sometimes while interviewing Gehry and several times he can be even seen, however he resigns from being a real character of the movie, locating himself always outside the centre of the frame. Another personalities occurring are the most famous architectural critics, i.

The celebrities from outside of the architecture are also extensively represented, e. The visual layer of the discussed picture consists mostly of the persons interviewed while the presentation of architecture takes slightly less time. Nevertheless it is interesting as takes that could be static were actuated by frequent cuts. Paul Goldberger a, p. Berlin or San Sebastian too. As its predecessor, it presents the biography of the star-architect, chiefly professional, focusing even on the same three issues: building, biography and celebrities, however balanced in a different way.

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The interviews with Sir Foster himself are only a minor part of a narrative, as the greatest share of it is given to his former collaborators like Anish Kapoor or Sir Richard Rogers. The whole story told does not exceed too much the encyclopaedic knowledge, however it reveals also a part of the private life, where the architect is depicted as a true hero, namely as he experienced the premature death of his first wife Wendy Cheesman, overpowered the bowel cancer himself or takes part in cross-country skiing marathons in the age of The worldwide famous critics appearing in this picture like Deyan Sudjic, Paul.

Due to the predominantly static nature of architecture in general it was not an easy task to shot them attractively. This visual convention is known mostly from the Qatsi trilogy by Godfrey Reggio, especially its first part,6 and then has been extensively introduced into pop-culture, mostly television and video clips. The accompaniment of a bit pompous music strengthens the effect and the general image of this heroic, but not too exciting history.

Arguably the most iconic amongst many recognizable works of Sir Norman Foster. History of its construction has been depicted in the film called Building the Gherkin. Goldberger b, p. Koyaanisqatsi, dir. Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect7 is a slightly different picture than two previous as it seems to be targeted on the explanation of the ideas of its protagonist which are well known of opposing the common architectural sense. It is not only an aesthetical use of excess, it is an informational buzz itself, probing the boundaries of human perception this way.

Such samples together with animations, collages, graphs and schemes seem to overwhelm the shots of an architecture. A personality like the protagonist does not need supporting voices from celebrities of different fields as he created himself several significant and recognizable personalities. Many famous contemporary. The footage contains also a glimpse of Bruno Latour, a French philosopher who was an adviser to OMA in their creation of a network of Prada Epicenters.

It is arguably the most original work among discussed ones, although it remains clearly connected with the whole series. This one consists also of certain films that will not be discussed here, i. Two following pictures, contrary to the former ones, are dedicated to one specific, in both cases unconstructed, project. This proposal was selected in an open international competition, which was first such an event in Czech Republic after the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect dir. The picture presents also the biography and the current private life of the architect, who would finally suddenly die. Therefore the point of view very close to her own is presented as an impartial one. The film not only shows the good ones, but also literally picks who is evil. Books written by the former and the latter were caught with a blow-up, discarded by the crowd participating in a happening of building a model of the library of disused tomes. There is a lot of reporter footage of events, several conversations and only few architecture as the main controversial object existed only in form of models and visualizations.

Generally the visual style of the picture reminds a TV reportage. Zaha Hadid as a member of the jury which chose the discussed project is visible only in an archive footage and she refrained from speaking about the scheme in front of a camera. Gradually leaning towards similarities it should be mentioned that there are also several Tumult over Lodz13 is a very similar picture, even though it cannot be classified as featurelength. Such a situation can generate huge controversies vastly exceeding the architectural community, which in envisioned in the image of this film and the previous one, where the intense mainstream media interest is a part of narratives.

The proposed object derived its name from the festival of cinematographers, which it was dedicated to. The narrator is Jerzy Kropiwnicki, then president of the city and advocate of the project. Like in the previous example, the villains are also clearly defined and this role is played here by the city councillors of PO The most notable celebrity appearing in it is David Lynch who was an advocate of the Camerimage festival.

Generally the biased character of this production is even more clear than in the former case. One of the major features of star systems generally is that the recognizable brands from different fields authenticate themselves mutually by cooperation. Therefore there is impossible to find there e.

Apparently, architectural critics are the most justified advocates of stars. Even the directors from Eastern Europe, in spite of lower budget and limited possibilities, tried to attract some stars. Also the employees are given voice in almost all of these productions. However, such a situation results in one-dimensional, heroic image of the 13 Platforma Obywatelska, Eng.

Civic Platform — Polish major political party. It may be supposed they are addressed to people who are not adept in nuances of architectural taste and yearn to assure their notions Bourdieu, A work of an architect depicted in the films resemble the artistic one as seems to be focused on solving the aesthetic problems, predominantly by means of models. Film and photography prove to be media favourable for star-architects as after the recent global crisis the press opinions about them ceased to be unanimous as such critics as Sudjic announced the end of the stardom in architecture.

However the time showed these prophecies were premature and the most radical change that still appears to be possible is a generation shift among stars. References Bourdieu, P. Goldberger, P. In Building Up and Tearing Down. Reflections on the Age of Architecture pp. Triangulation In op. Libeskind, D. Breaking Ground. New York: Riverhead. Muschamp, H. In Hearts of the City pp. New York: Albert A. Seligmann, A. Author identification Andrzej Klimek.

He is interested in social aspects of the profession of architect and the role of criticism in architecture and use of the methodology proposed by Pierre Bourdieu for architectural purposes, as well as the aspect of sustainability in architecture. Abstract This paper aims at showing, in an objective way, how architecture and film intentionally manipulate the basic parameters of human perception: space and time, within the singular and creative discourse of each author from two concrete examples: The Porto Faculty of architecture by the architect Alvaro Siza and a movie, Apocalypse Now Redux extended version by director and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola To justify this selection and as a starting point, we analyze the organizational scheme of spaces or being more precise, the scheme of spatial sequences along the temporal space speech common to both disciplines: film and architecture , and as it is aiming to show, film and building are sharing.

In both linear structures, a series of spatial and temporal events will be stringing, where Siza building have in turn, reflection at urban scale, in the river that structures throughout the city of Porto. It is a model where the program architectural or narrative content film can grow or decline without altering substantially the overall concept of the work. Furthermore, we examine specifically how through of controlling the perspective, linguistic resource in both examples used, our perception of space associated with the time, is manipulated.

Through using different lenses in the case of the film or the skilful manipulation of spatial boundaries in the case of the architectural work. Luis Moreno Mansilla 83 To speak about perspective, when we analyze a cinematographic and architectural work realized in the second half of the 20th century must take such implicit concepts as time and space and therefore, the concept of movement as product of both. This analysis is realized from a point of phenomenological view, understanding the perception from the movement in opposition to the fixed point of view of the Renaissance, since the perspective space of Renaissance has been already left behind at the beginning of last century, with the cubism and the first forefronts of the 20th century.

We have numerous examples of tricks which aid understanding this contrast like for example, the trompe-l'oeil fig. Bramante: The false apse of the Church of S. The architectural space conceived from the unidirectional point of view. Curiously, the cinematographic system called "cinemascope" is based on an analogous principle.

Anamorphic format is used in the cinematography technique of shooting a widescreen picture on standard 35 mm film or other visual recording media with a nonwidescreen native aspect ratio. It also refers to the projection format in which a distorted image is 'stretched' by an anamorphic projection lens to recreate the original aspect ratio on the viewing screen. Of the deep interdependence between these two disciplines scenography and perspective we can deduce therefore how the evolution of the scenography is contemporary to the change of concept about the space and the spatial representation.

Although evidently there is a tour of space-time in the previous architectures to the modern movement, in them, the concept of space and of time does not respond to the multifaceted and dynamic vision that takes place after the appearance of cinema. As Gausa says: If the perspective representation had presupposed a hierarchical structure of the world and if the modern mapping had objected to this one with the relativity of its own fragmented organizations and unhierarchical today we would feel the transfer of what would have been - in both cases - a "deterministic" cartography univocal, total, exact and literal, in its modals but also in its procedures and in its tracings to a cartography increasingly strategic and "synthetically "indeterminate" for virtually evolutionary, that is to say, for precisely more opened in its potential and strategic evolutions.

After classic observer or the modern spectator, the contemporary explorer seems to have overcome them. Gausa, , p. Although paradoxically in its embryonic stage, the cinema took up again paths already gone by other disciplines such as Antonio Weinrichter points us , p. The cinema was involved in the construction of a form of realism itself, not in its deconstruction This analysis focuses about these devices able to alter our perception of space and time, where with the fundamentals of vision, both domains, film and architecture, develop his speech with different tools.

In the illusion of space or in illusory space, it is implicit the also illusory perception of its time course as well as of the rhythm and sequence of their space milestones. When that point is also mobile, control extends to the possible routes and different visual scopes as well as its temporal scope.

Such control is clearly identifiable for example in the tracking shot, Could we talk about "architectural tracking shot"? If the School of Architecture of Porto responds in principle to a scheme of comb in which a series of spatial milestones appear, the narrative structure of Apocalypse Now responds to this same scheme, in which each event seems to be hanging along of a linear chain. The different paths and the gallery of south pavilions in one case, and the river on the other, are the linear elements that are working as a backbone.

In both cases, the structure is the same one although the number of events or spatial bags can be altered or changed. This is perhaps the main advantage of this scheme, the order and the amount does not alter the essence of the product, it could grow infinitely. In the film, the first image is the antithesis of every image: more than ten seconds in black to inaugurate the negation of meaning Cantero Moreno, , p. It seems that the time is going to hold back until the overlapping of a serial cross fades take place to create a flash forward effect where prologue and epilogue are confused.

It is activated the time loop. The Architecture School building does not have a single access, because the set is not closed and it is permeable from almost any point in its perimeter. Both points, with similar floor plans and formal resources, are creating a flash forward like in the film, they are anticipating the end and the beginning. The echo of its forms seem to deny the time passed, the end- start, the start-end. Here also it is activated the time loop. This manipulation of the form distant elements spatially are similar shaped but unequal by the architect, has to do with the spatial concept of cubism, in which multifaceted reality can not be known from an unidirectional and static vision.

Such action it had already been used by Siza in the family house for Antonio Carlos Siza where the semi-hexagonal floor plan gallery next to the entrance the only opening to the public outside is echoed, but slightly deformed, on the facade back of the house, looking to the private area. The tower of the shadow of Chandigarh is also a kind of Large Glass, without front or back, neither up nor down: and there can be no single point of view.

Mansilla, , p. In spite of that the term can seem paradoxical,. Indeed, it is clear that a face is a plastic continuum, where each element is closely related to all the others. The Cubists have dissociated. Obviously a front view it does in no way the profile of the nose, a profile view in no way, does characteristic an eye or a mouth.

A face can not be expressed well A single point of view could not express a face. Deformations are essential and all the history show multiple proofs of that. Tracking shot, cross dissolve and shot change The change of direction of the camera associated with that future invoked by singer introduces the notion of travel: it has started on the first view of the jungle, with day light and organized, and ends on the opposite side with a chaotic night vision. Heart of darkness. Cantero Moreno, , p The tracking allows the notion of travel where architecture and film can best identify themselves.

The viewer assumes as its own view, the camera movement from a subjective point of view. Many spatial sequences in the Porto School could be comparable to a tracking shot, but certainly the Carlos Ramos Pavilion is the part of the set that works better as initiator element of the outer tour Fig. This isolated and exempt piece, appears in the bottom of a lush garden, to activate a circular centripetal route. The tectonic and abstract nature of the outer perimeter directs our progress with different speeds, the face with inclined cut shape accelerates and indicates the path along a white wall and the ground floor setback facilitates and frames the threshold of the way forward.

The few wall openings that appear and its small size respect to the stretch, determine a pause in the route, the plane change, forced by choosing frames that indicate the entrance to the place where we come from: the garden inside the pavillion. This trip expands the space and time of arrival and allows to know and appreciate the place where you are going to enter as well as the building that hugs it when you finish the trip: enter to the garden from inside the building.

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