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Understanding our attachment history can also orient us toward forming more secure attachments in future relationships. They were more likely to question and criticize themselves and feel more hopeless about their romantic future.

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They were hopeful about their future relationships and were able to move on more easily. If we can stand up to our inner critic and believe in our own adaptability, we can actually figure out how to move on more successfully. Self-compassion can be a key ingredient to healing from a break up. Self-compassion had a greater impact than other traits, habits, or even practical details.

Learn more about the practice of self-compassion here. Headspace is an app that guides people through simple mindfulness exercises, allowing them to easily integrate a practice into daily life. Their suggestions for using mindfulness to get through a break up include paying attention to the stories our mind is telling us, acknowledging them, but not necessarily believing them, letting ourselves feel our emotions, focusing on gratitude, and making time each day for a mindfulness exercise.

Find mindfulness exercises and strategies to calm down here. One of the main benefits of mindfulness is that it helps us to avoid rumination. So, while we should certainly talk openly about our struggles and feel our feelings about a breakup, we should be wary of indulging in obsessive or sinking thoughts that lead us down a dark path. We can help ourselves catch on to when we start ruminating when we notice our critical inner voices creeping in or our mood shifting for the worse. This list can be long or short.

It can include family, friends, counselors, or co-workers. The only critieria is that we choose people who help us feel positive and more like ourselves. Our support team should include people with whom we can be open, honest, and comfortable to feel emotional in front of, but who also make sure to help us steer our thoughts away from our inner critic.

Losing sleep or sleeping too much, eating too much or too little, drinking alcohol, or engaging in less activity can exacerbate negative emotions. No matter how low we feel, we should treat ourselves and our bodies like a friend and remember to take care of them.

10 Steps to Move On From a Relationship

We must remember the basics: exercise, sleep, and eat. Even light exercise or just getting outside can boost our mood by releasing endorphins. Lack of rest can make us feel more stressed, anxious, and disoriented. Too much sleep can leave us groggy or lethargic. To be of sound mind, we should strive for a balance and give ourselves the time we need to rest.

The same goes for how we eat. We should try eating wholesome foods that nourish our body and that we enjoy. And while it can be tempting to drink alcohol or seek the escape of a high, the lows we experience either during or following the use of a substance can be exaggerated and set us back emotionally. If many things we like to do feel tied to our partner, we should seek out new activities and make new memories that are our own. We can try taking a class, visiting a new city, volunteering, going out with a new friend, taking up a hobby, or eating at different restaurants — anything that feels exploratory and unique to us.

On the flip side, we can also do things we used to like to do. Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to give up friends, activities, or sections of an entire city when we break up with someone. The main objective is to do the things that make us feel the most ourselves, whether that means discovering new aspects of who we are or reconnecting with old ones.

When we are suffering, we can get lost in our own worlds and minds.

The more we can connect with others, the more we can forget about or at least stop catastrophizing our own struggles. Being generous has surprisingly healing benefits. Volunteering can be a welcome distraction and valuable use of our time. Even simply practicing small acts of generosity in a given day can help us to move on. Hi I would like to say. Series six and seven were commissioned together following the success of series five. Series seven was the first to be broadcast in the series new early spring time slot, airing across the final week of February Series eight began filming in July , and broadcast earlier than expected, arriving in November This became the first series not to be broadcast across a single week, after 'Burden', the series' third episode, was removed from schedules on 9 November to accommodate ongoing coverage of Donald Trump 's election as President of the United States.

Series ten, which was filmed during March and April , followed in February Rachel, a year-old mother of two, is shocked to discover that the schoolteacher who sexually abused her 33 years previously is still teaching, and sets about trying to find why he chose to abuse her when she was She confronts him and he denies it.

His daughter then tells him to stay away from him. Rachel goes to the police station to report her former teacher. When a retired housewife's husband dies, she finds solace in a spiritualist church recommended by her sister. Her son, however, is concerned that she is being taken for a fool and sets about trying to prove it. He goes to the church to show that the 'medium's' claims are vague and in some cases false. Two middle-aged women who are best friends have been going to bingo together for the past eleven years.

Formerly rich husband and wife Gary and Michelle struggle to adjust to life on the breadline after their business goes bust and they are forced to move to a poor area. However, they soon find help in the form of their friendly next door neighbour, a waitress called Tina. Michelle takes a job waitressing with Tina and the two women become friends. A middle-aged registrar finds little solace in bringing joy to others when her own marriage begins to crumble around her when her husband leaves her for his mistress.

However, she soon discovers there is light at the end of the tunnel when a colleague of hers proposes to her and they subsequently marry. Carl is a young single man who is a cleaner at a university and lives with his long-term best friend, Rob. Rob is happy with his life as a barman, but Carl is dissatisfied with his simple existence, his patronising boss Pauline and his friendship with Rob. When a pretty student, Sarah, mistakenly assumes that Carl is a lecturer , Carl pretends that he is.

He uses the name Leo Carlton and starts taking the classes of a lecturer who is absent due to having suffered an injury. Carl continues the deception because the role gives him self-esteem and because he and Sarah are attracted to each other. When Pauline sees him teaching a class, Sarah angrily walks out and rejects him for lying. Carl moves house and enrols as a student of classics.

Shaun is an English teacher at a failing secondary school. He is unsuited to his job and stressed because one of his teenage pupils, Connor, has been causing him problems for years. Shaun is accepted in a position as a teacher at a grammar school , pending a reference from Paul, the headmaster of his current school. However, Paul refuses to give him the reference.

Unable to cope with his current position, Shaun quits and decides to never work in a school again. Karina is a poor single mother who lives with her nine-year-old daughter Isabelle and works in a chip shop. After Isabelle asks about her father, Greg, Karina contacts him. Greg meets Isabelle for the first time ever, and the child frequently visits him, his wife Chrissy and her daughter Janey - who are well-off.

Greg takes Karina to court to gain joint custody. He succeeds, but Karina and Isabelle move to Scotland. Carol used to be a homeless drug addict. She volunteers at a homeless shelter , where she is disliked by the staff, who talk down to her. She is offered a paid position there, but declines it and quits due to the hostility they show her. They have another embryo stored at the clinic.

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Rafi does not want any more children, but Ali does. She has the embryo implanted into her uterus without Rafi's knowledge. When she informs him of her pregnancy, he is angry and accuses her of having been impregnated by another man. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the s U. Already excited for series 8! Movingon" Tweet — via Twitter. BBC Press Office.

The Stage. Retrieved 18 August BBC Media Centre. Retrieved 30 October Liverpool Film Office. Retrieved 10 November Categories : British television programme debuts s British anthology television series s British drama television series s British anthology television series s British drama television series BBC anthology television programmes BBC high definition programmes BBC television dramas English-language television programs Television shows set in Liverpool.

Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from October Use British English from October Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Various see below. Things that excite you, enthuse you, make you feel rejuvenated? Going out with friends? Watching a drama?

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Reading a book? Engage yourself in them. Meeting new people, friends or romantic potentials alike, reminds how there is a whole world out there. There are many great people to know out there. I always find it an amazing adventure to know someone new and be exposed to a whole different life. It helps me understand life from a whole different angle. However, this is an erroneous belief. If the relationship could only happen if you are XXX person with XXX traits, then it meant you are not the right person for this relationship.

Everyone looks for different people. There is someone out there for you. Look around you! Look at your friends. Look at the people on the streets. Of course not!

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  • There are 7 billion people in the world. For every couple you see out there, there are multiples of other singles. For every single you see, there are even more singles. It just means you have not found the right person. Meanwhile, focus on living your best life in your definitions. We are complete by ourselves and relationships should not be there to complete us.

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    Once you do, a life of new beginnings and opportunities await you on the other side. Almost automatically, new things will start flowing into your life. Today as I look back, it has truly been a long, long healing process. I no longer beat myself up or think myself as not good enough when it comes to love and relationships.

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    • This experience has helped me become a better person. As I mentioned at the start of this series, I have written this with the intention to help others move on from whatever they may be holding back on. We always have a choice. It takes courage to take the latter step. When I was writing this series, I was singly focused on connecting with like-souls out there and helping them move on from whatever they are entrenched in.

      As I write this, I can say this series achieved more than I have aimed to do. Some gained strength in moving on from past wounds.

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      However, there is going to be tricky, especially as sharing of my personal experiences will sometimes include sharing about other people in my life. Something that I later confirmed with them both. Authors, other bloggers, and musicians also write from their personal stories. Meanwhile, I will continue to do my best for you guys and for me. To all of you guys — whether you have been a silent reader, commenter, or have connected with me before, I thank you for supporting me, silently or not, all this while in my journey.

      This is only the start of everything. Update Sep : About three years after I wrote this post, I found and got together with my true soulmate and husband. Sign up for my free Personal Growth Insights Newsletter to get my personal development tips and updates sent directly to your inbox: I respect your privacy.