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A: Anthony Edwards. Which Schwarzenegger movie about a man who gets pregnant was originally titled Oh Baby?

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A: Junior. Who starred in the lead role in the The Fly opposite Geena Davis? A: Jeff Goldblum. Who played Rick Deckard in Blade Runner? A: Harrison Ford. Beloved in was whose first movie since The Color Purple in ? A: Oprah Winfrey. Which regular member of the Friends cast starred in Lost in Space? A: Matt LeBlanc. What was the fourth Alien film called? A: Alien Resurrection. A: II. In Stepmom who played Susan Sarandon's daughter?

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A: Julia Roberts. A: Louis XIV. A: The Prince of Wales. Which UK pop singer an environmental campaigner appeared in Dune? A: Sting. What was Stanley Kubrick's final movie? A: Eyes Wide Shut. Which animation film was originally a 50s musical set in Siam?

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A: The King and I. Who tries to save the world from virtual reality in The Matrix?

A: Keanu Reeves. A: 50s. A: Scent of a Woman. What is the name of Kate Winslet's character in Titanic? A: Rose. Which spin-off from a 60s sitcom was a movie with Jeff Daniels and Christopher Lloyd?

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A: My Favorite Martian. A: Leonard Nimoy. Which sitcom star appeared on the big screening The Object of My Affection? A: Jennifer Aniston. Who played the title role in Emma?

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A: Gwyneth Paltrow. Who played Batman immediately before George Clooney?

A: Val Kilmer. A: Ewan McGregor. Who played Drew Barrymore's stepmother in Ever After? A: Angelica Houston. A: Tinkerbell. Punters, at 4. At the first modern Olympics, winners were awarded silver medals. Wikimedia Roger Maris was never intentionally walked the year he hit 61 home runs. Mickey Mantle batted behind him.

In , Barry Bonds was intentionally walked times, which is more than 2. Only six players in the NL that year walked that many times in total. Teenager Michael Chang hit an underhand serve to defeat world No. Hall, Bobby Knight and Dean Smith.

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The test emphasizes reflexes, coordination and visual reaction time and still stood, as of Chris Evert won straight matches on clay, from Aug. Secretariat, ; Seattle Slew, ; Affirmed, There have been three Olympic Games held in countries that no longer exist. Greece is the only country to have participated in every Olympics under its own flag. Rasheed Wallace had his Detroit Pistons championship ring resized to fit his middle finger.

After being eliminated, Zaire unsuccessfully tried to drive theirs back to Africa. There has been a regular-season NFL game on every single day of the week. Author David Foster Wallace was a fine junior tennis player, reaching No. Jimmy Connors and fiancee Chris Evert after Wimbledon in Cubs uber-prospect Kris Bryant, who was called to the majors with much fanfare this month, is 10 months older than Bryce Harper. Despite not playing baskeball since high school, Bruce Jenner was drafted No.

Bruce Jenner en route to gold in the decathlon. From , the Philadelphia Phillies had one winning season. You had the greatest ever! Stop whining! Wayne Gretzky broke the all-time single-season goals record by 16 goals and the points record by 65 as a year-old on the Edmonton Oilers. Sports Illustrated Wilt Chamberlain won three-straight Big Eight titles in the high jump and was also inducted into the volleyball Hall of Fame. There are different rumors about the connection between Katz and Horvitz, though one holds that they were poker buddies.

Mickey Mantle was originally a shortstop but after making errors in his last two seasons in the minors, he was moved to the outfield. Gannett