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It's a multi-level gag.

Wouldn't it be fun, the TV Batman asks, to live in a world where the fuddy-duddy scions won't run stop-lights, where they'd rather die than blow up a handful of baby ducks, and where they can always get the right answer out of the bat computer? And isn't it also more than a little ridiculous to hope for that world and its paunchy, bat-eared dad?

Trust me, Adam West assures us, and I will pretend to save you.

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Thus we have the conclusion of Batman: The Movie from , in which Adam West in the batsuit accidentally swaps all the brains of the members of the UN Security Council one with the other. Having completely screwed everything up, he quietly declares victory and leaves — which is a much more insightful take on American imperial adventures than anything you're likely to find in Iron Man.

Batman-as-doofus has showed up in some other venues as well. Haney was always willing to tailor his Batman to fit whatever nutty story was coming out of his keyboard. One memorable effort had Batman turn into an obsessive mad scientist type sporadically possessed by the ghost of an evil pirate. To do this, he enlists the help of Boston Brand, a. Deadman, a ghost who can possess the bodies of others.

Doofus, Dog of Doom

What's great about this tale is that Batman is both utterly incompetent and blithely immoral. When he tries to infiltrate the plastic surgery operation, he is instantly detected and beaten up by two standard-issue thugs — so much for the greatest martial artist ever. Then, his next plan is to have Deadman possess the body of the chief suspect, because warrants are for sissies.

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And, anyway, why should he feel gratitude to Brand just because the guy is doing all of his work for him? Batman goes on to mess up the investigation further, with the result that Lily ends up dead, and Deadman is grief-stricken. The last we see of Batman, our hero is thinking about how happy he is that the criminal ring has been shut down, and entertaining an ineffectual regret or two about having so completely screwed Deadman over.

That's big of you, chief.

By the standards of present-day comics and comic-book movies, Haney's story isn't particularly violent or bloody. Quite a few people die, but none of it is shown in exploitative ways; there's no torture or rape. Yet, the story's vision is a lot direr than that of its R-rated successors.

See a Problem?

That's because Batman here is not competent, efficient, or smart. He's just some bumbling fool who's decided to take justice into his own hands, with predictably gruesome results. The realist drawing style draws on s commercial art and cartoonists like Mort Drucker and Wally Wood.

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Altergott's narrative tone resembles an educational video voice-over, while his dialogue explodes with outdated hipster lingo, beatnik terms, pseudo-psychology and small-town weirdness. Better witnessed than explained, Doofus is a fantastic compendium of American marginalia and degradation. View Full Version of PW. Buy this book. Apple Books.

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