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I think we are all able to address what we need and what we want from the band and find a middle ground on what works for everybody. I think a lot of bands are centered around one or two leading identities and other roles are kind of told what to do, and I think that has a lot to do with battling egos. Communication is key, but so is space. You guys did take a break for a while.

Confessions of a Second Story Man: Junior Kripplebauer and the K & A Gang

EB: I think we just needed a little time to figure out what we wanted to do. So this might account for the big change up about five or 10 years ago, when everyone swapped instruments and kept going?

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EB: Yeah, I guess after about 15 years we were not going to continue as a band unless we decided to have a big change up like that. I have definitely heard moments on the new album that have reminded me of past Second Story Man offerings, but it definitely felt like there was a change. On the new album, you have a sound that is even further back than that — driving bass, distorted guitars and a lot of reverb on the vocals.

That reminds me of Jesus And Mary Chain.


JI: We were really going for that. These songs are very groove oriented, and I feel like the bass and drums have a lot of driving elements, and we incorporated those elements into a Psychocandy -type production.

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CN: I do think that we used to be a bit all over the place, stylistically, but our songs always shared a pop sensibility with a hint of darkness. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. Buy Tickets.

Tom Shewchuk Audition - Second Story Man

Find Food. Images Videos Cast. Want to Sell More Tickets? It is a Runyonesque fable written in the genre of Guys And Dolls, but very different. The hero, James is a burglar, actually a second story man, which as you know is, "a higher calling.

Second Story Man

His son has ideas of his own. His wife would never have married him, if she knew his real business. A loan shark, Coney Island Mike, coerceshim into robbing selected houses, even though he promised his wife he would give up being a thief.. The show has belly laughs, memorable music, and grteat songs. You will go home with a happy smile, while humming the show's tunes.