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This is the absolute origin of the Trinity doctrine. Knowing who we worship is the key to eternal life, so if God truly was a Trinity, you can be sure there would be unmistakable Scriptures saying so, but there is none. Thus the doctrine of the Trinity, or Tritheism is a heresy that proceeds from Romanism and tantamount to Sunday Worship.

An Abomination before God. It is a doctrine that emanates straight from the dunghill of Roman decretals. It is philosophy, vain deceit and man's tradition. It denies Jesus, preaches another Jesus, another spirit and another Gospel.

Most assume that God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit form what is commonly known as the Trinity, which is the belief in 3 co-equal and co-eternal gods that are not 3 gods but 1 god. And since he introduced this term, that means the Trinity doctrine as taught today did not exist in the time of Tertullian.

And if it did not exist in his time, then it could never have existed in the time of Christ and the apostles either. Tertullian however did introduce pagan ideas into the worship service. He taught oblations for the dead and made the sign of the cross on the forehead of worshipers. He also dipped people three times to baptize them. Tertullian freely admitted that he had adopted these ideas from pagan teachings and could not support them from Scripture, but he thought that if Christians adopted some heathen rituals of the pagans that they would find it easier to join Christianity.

Tertullian was just a forerunner of the Nicene doctrine and did not state the immanent Trinity. His use of trinitas Latin: 'Threeness' emphasised the manifold character of God. In his book Tertullian against Praxeas, he also states that the Son was not co-eternal with the Father and had a beginning as the begotten Son of God. He also did not teach that the Holy Spirit was a literal being. Hence the Trinity doctrine as we now know it could never have come from the Bible.

It is a manmade doctrine. It was about a century after Tertullian when Arianism began causing so many disputes that Constantine convened the first ecumenical Council in Church history to settle them. Arius was an elder in the Alexandrian Church in the early fourth century that taught Christ truly is the begotten Son of God and why God is called His Father to state the obvious.

A real Father and Son in other words. Opposing the teachings of Arius was Athanasius, a deacon also from Alexandria. His view was an early form of Trinitarianism where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are said to be all the same one god but distinct from each other making it impossible for them to be a real Father and Son. His view was a worsening change to what Tertullian believed with the Holy Spirit not yet claimed to be a literal being. That came later. Mainstream history says Arius taught Christ was created, but the Church burnt all copies of his book Thalia which contained what Arius believed thus hiding what he really taught.

Some historians claim they then altered records and falsely rumoured that he taught Christ was created in order to discredit him. The Catholic Church is known for creating false historical records to their interpretation of events to hide the real truth. Consider the following for instance. The view of Athanasius was highly influenced by Origen who was a Greek philosopher and theologian who reinterpreted Christian doctrine through the philosophy of Neoplatonism. His work was later condemned as unorthodox.

Origen taught the doctrine of Purgatory, transubstantiation, transmigration and reincarnation of the soul, the Holy Spirit was a feminine force, Jesus was only a created being, there would be no physical resurrection, the creation account in Genesis is a fictitious story and is known to have publicly castrated himself based on Matthew Arius on the other hand was a pupil of Lucian of Antioch. Lucian was responsible for the work that gave us what is known as the Textus Receptus which was completed by Erasmus, and is what gave us the trusted New Testament of the KJV Bible.

These and other facts reveal that Athanasius was influenced by Greek philosophy and that Arius probably taught Biblical truth despite mainstream history. Some believe Constantine was the first Christian Roman Emperor, but he was actually a sun worshiper who was baptized on his deathbed. During his reign he had his eldest son and his wife murdered. His belief at best was a blend of paganism and Christianity for political purposes, and so he neither cared nor really understood this dispute, but was just eager to bring the controversy to a close and keep unity in his empire.

When the bishops gathered at Nicea on May 20, AD to resolve the crisis, very few shared Athanasius's view of Christ as most held a position midway between Athanasius and Arius. The religious debates lasted two months before the Council rejected the minority view of Arius, but having no alternative, Constantine approved the view of Athanasius, which was also a minority view.

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And so the Church was left supporting a belief held by only a minority of those attending. Overawed by the emperor, the bishops, with two exceptions only, signed the creed, many of them much against their inclination. Horrific religious persecution followed the decision made by Constantine who was essentially a pagan Emperor who imposed an invented creed never preached by Jesus. Constantine exiled those who refused to accept the creed as well as the bishops who signed the creed but refused to join in condemnation of Arius.

But several years later Constantine became lenient toward those he condemned and exiled at the council and allowed them to return. In AD , they brought accusations against Athanasius and so now Constantine had Athanasius banished! This was not about Biblical truth. Many of the Bishops who formulated the doctrine of the Trinity were steeped in Greek and Platonic philosophy, which influenced their religious views. In fact the language they used in defining the Trinity is taken directly from Platonic and Greek philosophy.

The Platonic term trias , meaning three, was Latinized as trinitas , which gave us the English word Trinity which is neither biblical nor Christian. These brought with them into the Christian schools of theology their Platonic ideas and phraseology. So the Trinity was not derived from scripture, but was conceived in philosophy. Greek philosophers were greatly influenced by Plato BC who was considered the greatest of all Greek philosophers. Plato was ingrained with Trinitarian thought and knew that all the ancient religions had triad deities, and so he desired to come up with a better definition to define God above all the deities of Greek mythology.

The Council of Nicea did not end the controversy and the bishops went on teaching as they had before, and the Arian crisis continued for another sixty years. Athanasius was exiled no fewer than five times and it was very difficult to make his creed stick. The ongoing disputes were violent and bloody at times as Christians slaughtered one another over their differing views of God. Disputes eventually became over the nature of the Holy Spirit. So 44 years after Constantine's death in May AD, Emperor Theodosius, baptized only a year earlier, convened the Council of Constantinople to resolve them.

Gregory was recently appointed as archbishop of Constantinople, but due to illness, Nectarius, an elderly city senator had to take over the role of archbishop and presided over the council. And so Nectarius was baptized for the job and the Trinitarian view on the Holy Spirit was governed by someone with little or no knowledge of theology! What resulted became known as the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed where they now decided that the Holy Spirit was a literal being. Any who disagreed were in accordance with the edicts of the emperor and Church authorities branded heretics and dealt with accordingly.

This final teaching on the nature of God is what became the Trinity as it is generally understood today. It was not decided so much from Scripture but from Greek philosophy, much bloodshed and whoever held the most power. Satan is the great deceiver and his greatest tool is deception.

So Satan has counterfeited all things of God to take people away from the truth and lead them into false worship thinking it is from God when it is from Satan. For example. God has true prophets while Satan has false prophets. Jesus is the light of the world and Satan appears as an angel of light. God has true apostles and Satan has false apostles. God gives the true gift of speaking in tongues which is known languages while Satan has false tongues that you do not understand and false interpretations that you have no way of verifying.

God has a special day of rest and worship which is a sign that it is God we worship, and Satan instituted a counterfeit day that came from sun and Satan worship. And of course there is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. But what is Satan's counterfeit? The Trinity doctrine also came from sun and Satan worship and the number ! So which is the counterfeit? The view which acknowledges there is a real Father and Son just as the Bible literally tells us over a hundred times, or the three in one God they call a mystery which says they are not a real Father and Son and are just role playing which the Bible never even hints of.

How many stop to think that Satan would create a doctrine that would destroy the personality of the Father and Son? And would that doctrine make sense or be nonsense coming from our adversary? God is not the author of confusion and mystery doctrines, Satan is. And not forgetting the implications of the Holy Spirit. If you get this wrong you could inadvertently give your adoration to Satan, or even worse, your worship to Satan!

This is the worst counterfeit of all that affects the true worship of God and His Son. The majority of professed Trinitarians have absolutely no idea what the Trinity doctrine actually is. If you do not believe the facts stated below, then you are NOT a Trinitarian! And if what you follow differs from what is explained below, then it is NOT the Trinity doctrine! There is only ONE Trinity doctrine and it does not come in different flavours. THREE gods that are co-equal and co-eternal in other words. Make sense?

Why should it? It was made up by Satan via the Catholic Church so Satan could get worship and have Christians deny the Father and Son and not even know it! Not only that, but we can only be saved by confessing that Jesus is the Son of God. So how does the Trinity doctrine deny the Father and Son and give worship to Satan?

And so the Bible now has hundreds of lies! And yet people just go on blindly believing that it is right.

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Like lambs to the slaughter as they say. Every Scripture that says Jesus is the Son of God is now a lie. Every Scripture that says God is the Father is now a lie. How many Scriptures suddenly become a lie? The Trinity doctrine says No! The Bible says Jesus is the Son of God. The Bible says God is the Father of Christ. And what spirit do you give your adoration to? And what spirit do you worship or pray to for those who are now doing that also? The extract below is from a mainstream SDA book.

Now where is there even a hint in Scripture that this is so? Does not such literalism go against the mainly figurative or metaphorical meaning that the Bible writers use when referring to the persons of the Godhead? Since the Trinity doctrine claims Jesus is also the one God, an Adventist author from the 's wrote,. Some of those other absurdities it teaches is that Jesus is the immortal God but died, is the invisible God but was seen, is the omnipotent God but was strengthened by an angel, is the omniscient God but did not know the day of his return, is as great as His Father but His Father is greater than He, is equal with the Father and yet He is the Father, is the Son but the same age as the Father, is the Son who has a Father and the God who has no Father, is the begotten Son and the unbegotten God, is very God and very man, came out from Himself, prayed to Himself, gave power to Himself, thanked Himself, bore witness of Himself, went back to Himself, sits at the right hand of Himself, is His own Father and His own Son, left Heaven and yet was there all the time.

There are many things which are hard to understand in the Bible but you can be sure that God never expects us to believe impossibilities. Over and over again you hear it said that the Gospel is so simple a child can understand it. And I agree. But how can that be the case with the teaching of the Trinity?

Not only do children not understand it, but our best theologians cannot even explain it. However, the thought that God sent His Son to this earth to die for you and me is easy to comprehend when we believe the simple Bible statement that Jesus is truly the Son of God! How can you possibly believe that Jesus is NOT the begotten Son of the eternal Father and share John with others in the hope of inviting them to take part in eternal salvation.

Doesn't John become a lie the moment you deny He is a Son? True Christianity originated from Judaism, not Catholic paganism. You cannot argue the doctrine of the Trinity from the words of the Jews who wrote them when they never believed in it. Most of the Bible was in fact written by the Jews who never believed or taught the Trinity doctrine and still do not today! And Jesus of course was a Jew as were His disciples. How do you teach a 3 in 1 god from the Bible when it is a non-Trinitarian book? The apostle John for instance could never have been teaching that the Comforter and Spirit of truth is another being as the Jews have never taught or believed that ever!

In a discussion between Summerbell and Flood on Trinity, p. Says Mr. A Trinitarian clergyman who stood by, replied, 'Why, that has reference to the three persons in the Trinity,' when a Jew stepped forward and said he must not mention that word again, or they would have to compel him to leave the house; for it was not permitted to mention the name of any strange god in the synagogue.

We also know the Bible is a non-Trinitarian book as the word Trinity did not exist until about AD at which point the idea of the Holy Spirit as a third being and the 3 in 1 still did not exist. The fully developed Trinity doctrine did not exist until AD. It was first used by Tertullian at the close of the 2nd century, but received wide currency and formal elucidation only in the 4th and 5th centuries. The Trinity doctrine was now fully established as we know it today. So the Trinity doctrine is a manmade doctrine from the Catholic Church which was formed in two parts.

The first part was made up in AD which states it is a 3 in 1 god. The second and final part was made up in AD. This final part states that the Holy Spirit is a third being. So it is impossible for any of the Bible authors to have written about something that did not exist in their lifetime, and not forgetting that the Bible authors were non-Trinitarian! Christians have been indoctrinated with many nice sounding erroneous ideas to make them think the doctrine is in the Bible when in fact it cannot be.

It is time to wake up and look at what the real truth is which makes much more sense than the lie. Could anyone be so unintelligent as to think that God made a paradise somewhere in the east and planted it with trees, like a farmer, or that in that paradise he put a tree of life, a tree you could see and know with your senses, a tree you could derive life from by eating its fruit with the teeth in your head? Malaty, Before Origen , p. He was a just a good man with very high morals. He believed in the doctrine of Purgatory, transubstantiation, transmigration of the soul and reincarnation of the soul.

He doubted the temptations of Jesus in Scripture and claimed they could have never happened. The Scriptures were not literal. He taught eternal life was not a gift, instead one must grab hold of it and retain it. Christ enters no man until they mentally grasp the understanding of the consummation of the ages. He taught there would be no physical resurrection of the believers.

Origen's beliefs clearly indicate that he was a Gnostic Greek Philosopher and not a true child of God. It is these insane beliefs that brought about the Trinity doctrine! The above is very brief information to prove a point. There is an abundance of history and evidence that reveals the Doctrine of the Trinity emanates straight from the dunghill of Roman decretals.

Its origin is pagan and from Satan so he could achieve worship and have us deny Jesus is the literal Son of God, thus preventing entrance into the kingdom. Those who understand how the Papal Church came to rule for years known as the dark ages also know they had to uproot three opposing kingdoms. But were you aware that these were Arian tribes? We know Athanasius taught the unbiblical pagan view, and that the Catholic Church is known for casting truth to the ground.

See a Problem?

So it certainly makes sense that the Arians actually had Biblical truth and why these Arian tribes were all destroyed. He did all this and prospered. The HORN here is synonymous with the little horn of Daniel 7 and the first beast of Revelation 13, which is the Roman Catholic Church who have always taught error, and cast truth to the ground. And so it was obviously truth that was cast to the ground when the Papacy uprooted the three opposing kingdoms, which gave them uninterrupted rule for years. These kingdoms were Arian tribes which held the non-Trinitarian view and opposed their Trinitarian view.

Haskell, The Story of Daniel the Prophet , p. Ever since the inception of the Trinity doctrine into Christianity in the 4th century, in one way or another, Trinitarians have consistently persecuted those who did not hold to the doctrine of the Trinity. They generally regarded them as heretics and the record of Christian history shows this and it is still happening today! Now what spirit is behind persecution? I have seen non-Trinitarians falsely accused of teaching that Christ was created as a means to discredit them. When the accusers were corrected, they still continued with their false accusations even though they knew it was not true.

This of course is dishonest and can only be a deliberate attempt at discrediting non-Trinitarians. Did this same thing happen to Arius?

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  • "Pope Teaches Counterfeit of Biblical Trinity" by Richard Bennett!
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  • Were rumours started to say that he taught Christ was created when in fact he did not, and was just a means of discrediting him to help the pagan doctrine of the Trinity take hold? The decree banishing Arius was shortly so modified as simply to prohibit his returning to Alexandria. Jones, The Two Republics , p. The Catholic Church exerted all her power to destroy any records of what Arius believed.

    The only records we have are those that either fell through the hands of the Catholic power, or those which they have chosen to keep, whether in their original form or altered by them. Generally, those evangelical bodies who opposed the papacy and who were branded as Arians confessed both the divinity of Christ and that He was begotten, not created, by the Father.

    They recoiled from other extreme deductions and speculations concerning the Godhead. Wilkinson, Truth Triumphant , p. Phillipus Limborch doubts that Arius himself ever held that Christ was created instead of being begotten [Footnote: Limborch, The History of the Inquisition, page 95]. In A. So how was the Trinity doctrine finally established? Was it through careful study of the Scriptures by all parties to establish what was truth? It happened through decades of persecution and bloodshed and by the Papal Church murdering the three Arian tribes that opposed them!

    The Trinitarian view was won by taking out the opposition. In this 50 second video, Doug Batchelor explains that the three kingdoms were uprooted because they opposed the Catholic Church and their creation of the Trinity doctrine. He quickly makes the point and changes the topic to their idolatry. His own words revealed the truth but he did not want to see it. Many who believe in the Trinity are surprised to learn that the idea of divine beings existing as trinities or triads long predated Christianity.

    Yet the evidence is abundantly documented. Nearly every nation of antiquity possessed a similar doctrine. Jerome testifies unequivocally, 'All the ancient nations believed in the Trinity'. Notice how the following quotes document belief in a divine Trinity in many regions and religions of the ancient world. Anu's share was the sky. The earth was given to Enlil. Ea became the ruler of the waters. Together they constituted the triad of the Great Gods.

    Inform me, therefore, which of you is the true divinity, that I may address to him alone my adorations. What to you appears such is only the semblance. The single being appears under three forms by the acts of creation, preservation, and destruction, but he is one. Three was considered among all the pagan nations as the chief of the mystical numbers, because, as Aristotle remarks, it contains within itself a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    Hence we find it designating some of the attributes of almost all the pagan gods. Aristotle wrote: 'All things are three, and thrice is all: and let us use this number in the worship of the gods; for, as the Pythagoreans say, everything and all things are bounded by threes, for the end, the middle and the beginning have this number in everything, and these compose the number of the Trinity'. Hidden is his name as Amon, he is Re in face, and his body is Ptah. This is a statement of trinity, the three chief gods of Egypt subsumed into one of them, Amon.

    Clearly, the concept of organic unity within plurality got an extraordinary boost with this formulation. Theologically, in a crude form it came strikingly close to the later Christian form of plural Trinitarian monotheism. The idea was only adopted by the Church three hundred years after the death of our Lord; and the origin of the conception is entirely pagan The ancient Egyptians, whose influence on early religious thought was profound, usually arranged their gods or goddesses in trinities: there was the trinity of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, the trinity of Amen, Mut, and Khonsu, the trinity of Khnum, Satis, and Anukis, and so forth The early Christians, however, did not at first think of applying the idea to their own faith.

    They paid their devotions to God the Father and to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and they recognized the mysterious and undefined existence of the Holy Spirit; but there was no thought of these three being an actual Trinity, co-equal and united in One The application of this old pagan conception of a Trinity to Christian theology was made possible by the recognition of the Holy Spirit as the required third 'Person,' co-equal with the other 'Persons' The idea of the Spirit being co-equal with God was not generally recognised until the second half of the Fourth Century A.

    In the year the Council of Constantinople added to the earlier Nicene Creed a description of the Holy Spirit as 'the Lord, and giver of life, who proceedeth from the Father, who with the Father and Son together is worshipped and glorified. Thus, the Athanasian creed, which is a later composition but reflects the general conceptions of Athanasius [the 4th-century Trinitarian whose view eventually became official doctrine] and his school, formulated the conception of a co-equal Trinity wherein the Holy Spirit was the third 'Person'; and so it was made a dogma of the faith, and belief in the Three in One and One in Three became a paramount doctrine of Christianity, though not without terrible riots and bloodshed Today a Christian thinker James Bonwick summarized the story well on page of his work Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought:.

    This rule applies to eastern and western hemispheres, to north and south.

    Shield of the Trinity: Deciphered & Exposed!

    Further, it is observed that, in some mystical way, the triad of three persons is one. The first is as the second or third, the second as first or third, the third as first or second; in fact, they are each other, one and the same individual being. The definition of Athanasius, who lived in Egypt, applies to the trinities of all heathen religions.

    What is Sunday, or the Lord's Day in general? If Protestantism wants to base its teachings only on the Bible, it should worship on Saturday. The pagan Babylonian priests had a chief priest who held the title Pontifex Maximus translated to Latin meant that he was head pagan priest or literally the Greatest Pontiff. So who is Pontifex Maximus and head priest of Babylon now? So where do we find the number of the beast? On the Pope! The head pagan priest who this number has now been given.

    White, RH , July 13, The mark of the beast is exactly what it has been proclaimed to be. White, 6T How many are going to perish if Christians do not wake up to what is Satan's biggest and best deception? Adventists think they are fine having the Sabbath truth but are unaware Satan had a backup plan.

    Most are unaware that a Jesuit was used to slowly bring the Trinity doctrine in to the Adventist Church after the death of Ellen White and the pioneers. See the top three pictures on the image provided for how this symbol was made. New born at dawn. Mature and full grown at 12 noon. Old and dying at the end of the day. It is a Satanic symbol from Satan worship and the evidence cannot be hidden. Could he be a Jesuit or is he just guided by the wrong spirit?

    Satan is so bold and so confident that he is blatantly telling Christians with this symbol that the Trinity doctrine is from him. Why would he reveal it? How right he is. From there it became an occult symbol, and then it found its way into the Church.

    The Trinity: A Counterfeit Doctrine

    There is no counterfeit involved as is the usual excuse from those in denial of the truth. Christians need to wake up or millions are going to perish in this Satanic doctrine from Satan, and most have no idea why. But since the Bible says there is only one God, then Trinitarians have to say that all three are the one God. If this were true, then indeed the Bible would use these phrases and call them all God. So is it true? Does the Bible say this? If there really were three God's then the Bible would use these phrases.

    But it doesn't because there isn't. The Bible means what it says and says what it means! These phrases originated from the Catholic Church and were made up to match the doctrine they created. So why are Trinitarians using made up phrases that have an entirely different meaning and hence are not found in the Bible? It is significant to note that Tertullian did not teach the Holy Spirit as a third being and he never taught the 3 in 1 god as the Trinity doctrine does today. So we know this doctrine developed in stages and could not have existed before AD. The proponents were Arius who believed the Father and Son were two distinct beings, and Athanasius who argued a 3 in 1 god.

    Most Arians dared not challenge Constantine by refusing to sign the creed but Arius did and was exiled. However, Constantine later changed his mind in favour of Arius and allowed him to return. But Arius was killed on the way which Scholars suspect Athanasius arranged. In any case, it was now Athanasius who was exiled. The chosen view changed back and forth for decades with the governing view being based on who was in power at the time and their preference.

    So neither the Apostles nor their associates who survived them, nor their descendants the so called early Church Fathers believed in the Trinity. To deal with these problems the Church Fathers met in [A. Many people reject the 3 in 1 god part of this manmade doctrine but still accept the Holy Spirit part and yet both parts were made up by the Papacy. If you are going to be silly enough to believe this manmade doctrine, then you either accept both parts or reject both parts.

    How can you be half Trinitarian and half non-Trinitarian? The battle over the different views went on for decades according to the politics of the Empire with more than a dozen councils held to try and solve the disputes. Whenever the Arians were dominant, they persecuted the Trinitarians, and when the Trinitarians were dominant, they persecuted the Arians. Blood literally flowed in the streets. By the 8th century, Arianism was almost eradicated. The Trinitarians proved to be more efficient in killing the Arians than the Arians in killing them. Had the Arians been more successful in killing, then the Trinity doctrine would probably not exist today.

    The final outcome was not the result of rational debate and pious scholarship, but power, politics and the shedding of blood. So did the Apostles believe in the Trinity? How could they have. So if you think that Scripture shows a 3 in 1 god and the Holy Spirit to be another being, think again. It is just a believable sounding idea you have been indoctrinated with as the Apostles could never have written about something that did not even exist in their time.

    It is the same reason that most Churches worship on Sunday instead of the Seventh day Sabbath. Over denominations now know that the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath to Sunday just before the dark ages, which was a year period where the Papal Church ruled as Church and State and persecuted Christians they called heretics. This included Sabbath keepers who would rather obey God than man. With the arrival of the printing press in the 15th century and the resulting explosion of Bibles it became very apparent that the Catholic Church was a power identified in Scripture. Ryle and Dr.

    Martin Lloyd-Jones; these men among countless others, all saw the office of the Papacy as the antichrist. This knowledge resulted in the Protestant Reformation as many realized the Catholic Church was the antichrist power. The true Sabbath was almost totally persecuted out of existence by this time and so all the new Churches that resulted from the Protestant Reformation continued keeping Sunday in ignorance and why it has such a stronghold today. But it was not just Sunday keeping that came out of the Protestant Reformation but also the Trinity doctrine. Constantine played a role in both in fact.

    Just four years apart and both from the same sun worshipping Emperor and both originated from sun worship. And so both the Trinity doctrine and Sunday worship originated from sun and Satan worship in Babylon and were brought into Christendom by the Catholic Church whom God calls Babylon. Sun-day is Satan's counterfeit for the true Sabbath and the Trinity doctrine is Satan's counterfeit for the Godhead. Lists with This Book.

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