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This point is really important when it comes to wa and ga. In 1 , it depends entirely on context which one is more natural and appropriate. When you want to judge naturalness in your own native language or in another , you HAVE to imagine a scenario where people might say the sentence and you have to imagine them actually saying it in the appropriate stress pattern. Similarly, always keep in mind that someone declaring something as wrong might not be considering in the context you were considering it. Introduction to modern Japanese - particle help Japanese Language.

Joshikii February 25, , am 2. Shutainzu February 25, , pm 7. Belthazar February 25, , pm 8.

Beghaus February 25, , pm John wa gakusei desu. John ga gakusei desu. Ame wa hutte imasu ga… b. Ame ga hutte imasu.

Audio pronounciation guide

In writing, you have to consider what might come before and what might come after it Similarly, always keep in mind that someone declaring something as wrong might not be considering in the context you were considering it. I came to Japan to study Japanese.

The Japanese you are introducing yourself to will not be surprised to hear you stating what you are doing. Students can say that they are studying at University or in a school or state that they are university or not students. If you are working, the following examples should help you prepare your introduction:. I work as a teacher.

I am an English teacher.

Syntax, Grammar & Language

I work as a Spanish teacher. Depending on your level, you can always try to give a more rich jikoshoukai explaining in more details what you are studying or exactly doing at your workplace.

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  3. Scenario 1: Meeting people!

This part would be smart in a friendly context. I like cooking.

Lesson 12 - Nationality

My hobby is sport. My hobby is to read manga. We have spoken before of the wonders of the Japanese yoroshiku onegaishimasu an expression difficult to translate in other languages. A jikoushokai usually ends with this phrase, meaning in such context, that you look forward to the relationship with your new friends. Nice to meet you! I look forward to our relationship. Now, you are ready for your very first jikoshoukai! Always remember that a self-introduction with a group of friends or with your new boss will be different.

You can be casual with people of your age, but should always be formal in a business environment. Be even more prepared to give a strong and polite self-introduction for a job interview! Follow us on Twitter cotoacademy to get Japanese tips every day! Click to tweet this article and share it with others! Beginner Upper Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Weekday Daytime Weekday Evening Saturday.

Building Up Japanese Conversation

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Coto Japanese Academy prides itself on its community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese.