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Anyway I've got my characters up to the 5th level and still haven't found any magical armor. Where are they located? I'm planning on doing all the Bard's tales again on the amiga so if anyone want's to play along join in with your questions and thoughts. Haywire Last edited by Haywire on Fri Oct 17, pm; edited 1 time in total.

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Back to top. Interesting idea.. Bards Tale was one I played only briefly but will take another look at one day I hope. There is nothing of significance in regards to objects that I have collected only fighting experience. Don't examine the Spider statue.


If anyone finds any objects in the Sewers let me know, i've grown bored of them and am going to the Catacombs. Last edited by Haywire on Fri Oct 17, pm; edited 1 time in total.

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Ok so bad idea, don't go to the Catacombs until all of your characters are at least level 9 and magic users have some decent healing spells. This is going to take awhile so i'll report back whenever my characters are better prepared to give the Catacombs another go or if I find anything in the Sewers. Haywire Last edited by Haywire on Fri Oct 17, pm; edited 2 times in total.

The Bard's Tale was my favorite RPG on the 64, and that game alone knocked my vitamin D down to zero for an entire summer. Not me. Ok so the sewers level one and two have been completely explored. Don't understand the point of the Spider statue, aside from being a trap. Perhaps to revisit this later and have a experienced Rouge check it out? It's on to level 3. So it's finally on to the Catacombs.

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Great idea. I was actually planning to do the same, but haven't had the time yet, as I'm currently re-playing the Infocom games That sounds cool I played Zork I last winter, need to get into part 2 at some point. I'm playing through Bard's Tale 1 just now, too.

Bards of The Blogosphere – Stand-off – Week 3- Chapter 5

It sounds like we are in roughly the same place, too. I'm playing the C64 version, partly because that's what i first played, but mostly due to an annoying bug in the otherwise superior Amiga version. Only the Warrior is ever awarded the extra attacks that you're due every 4 levels, starting at 5. Remains removed to uncle, Harvey Jacques , Spring Brook. Deceased is survived by father and sister. Funeral tomorrow from home of G. Antonia Wilhelm Kientz, b.

Antonia came to USA Re: Were your ancestors in the Battleford area in ? Please let me know. Sincerely Darlene Jacques chuckie ntl. Thurs 3 Aug at his home. Born 20 June in Plainview MN Their children may have been born in US. Any help is appr Looking for info on family of Alexander Long and wife Mary Strickler b.

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Jacques D. Serra said the boy's mother, Edythe Louise Brooks, 18, was driving north on Greenfield ave.

Donald W. Note: this is posted to help ot Saw your note on the Chauvin Board. I don't know if it is any help but Jacques and Marie Cauchon marriage information is in the Dictictionnaire Geneaologique des Jamilles du Quebec. It goes like this: Pierre and Marguerite Jacques m. I made 3 volumes for the descendants of the ancestor Jacques Genest dit Labarre and they have families.

I have some informations about your family from Haynes, also of Sandpoint. Hey, I'm related to this line as well. Here's my info below. Maybe we can compare. Thanks, Laura Descendant Report - 24 Dec ———————————————————————————————————————— 1. Bartholomew Flaherty Jacque's birthmother has been found and contacted!! There is hope for others out there!

Thanks to all the very special people who responded to this message and helped us with the search. You are Telephone: Forever Remembered Source: Calgary I'll share what I have if you'll contact me directly. With warm regards, LSMurphy aol. Elizabeth married Jacques Des Laur Veronica Jenn Yenn b. They had the follow children. Jacob B. I haven't done much research on this line yet.