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Stephen Paul Chamberlain Sr. Dwight Connolly Paulsen Jr. Ella Sue Boihem - Sponsored by Mr. Tiffany Mechelle Reiff and Mr. Paul Joseph Boihem. Sydney Laine Williams - Sponsored by her grandparents Mr. Raymond Benton Williams Sr. Raymond Benton Williams Jr. Philip Homrighausen. Corin Xiao Knight - Sponsorered by her grandmother Mrs. Robert Allen Knight. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.

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Born to Wear a Crown (by Sally Deford -- SATB)

NZ April 1st, While metaphorical interpretation of the curse is inspiring I find it difficult to marry another metaphorical interpretation- "He heals all our diseases" and yet we still live under a curse where Christian believers die of cancerous diseases everyday despite having a faith. We must be clear that the Curse was an actual, historical event, not a metaphor. I suspect you are referring to the way in which these real events are deeply symbolic ; just as the article's authors have explored. Yes, in this 'Fallen' world, we still live with the very real manifestations of the Curse.

Temporary alleviation of the effects of the Curse is possible, in keeping with the dominion mandate given to human beings in Genesis The prescription of pain relief, medicines designed to cure disease, indeed all attempts to alleviate suffering and ameliorate discomfort, are entirely consistent with God's will and purposes for people in today's world. The Christian believer looks beyond this groaning world see Romans to "a new heaven and a new earth" Revelation where pain, sorrow, crying, even death itself, will be nor more Revelation The key to this fundamental change is revealed in Revelation , where we see 'the Curse is reversed'; it is no more!

This hope of our Saviour Jesus Christ motivates us to pray for those who are struggling whoever they are , that they will experience both relief from their suffering and the joy and peace of saving faith in Jesus. Ultimately, we strive to have the same faith perspective as the apostle Paul, in Romans , and also here: "So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen.

For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal" 2 Corinthians Julie M. US April 1st, I so appreciated this article, shared it, and then forgot to tell you how much I appreciated it! Being a busy mom, it's hard to take the time to remember Good Friday. You really helped me to zero-in on it and make the day meaningful. Plus I learned something new!

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Thanks and blessings. John W. CA April 1st, I certainly agree with the symbolism of bearing the curse. The author should also have reference to Abraham and the ram caught in the thicket. A thicket is a thorny bush. The ram caught in the thicket, by head and horns, is a shadow of Christ with His thorny crown. The ram replaced Isaac, but there could be no replacement for Jesus. Mike M. GB April 1st, What a horendously cruel and vicious God we worship! He sets a trap for Adam and Eve knowing they will fall, punishes the whole world for their single offence, is only placated by the sacrifice of his Son.

But fails to then remove the thorns! The only one to come out of the Creation story with any credit is the honest but cruelly punished serpent! Those who genuinely worship the God of the Bible would not recognise your caricature. No trap was set for Adam and Eve; rather, the first parents of us all were placed in a garden where all was perfect, ordained for their blessing. Since they were made for relationship with their Creator and one another and so that they could enjoy the created world , they were not robots; rather, volitional beings.

They had the power to choose. They had been warned of the consequences of eating of the one tree that was off-limits Genesis Traps are something that people are unaware of, by definition; not at all true of what we read in Genesis The atoning death of God's precious only Son, Jesus, is wonderful Good News to those who recognise that they are dead in sins, but foolishness to those whose hearts reject Him 1 Corinthians There have always been those who prefer the Serpent's lies to the Word of God Genesis , Genesis ; see these sobering words in John concerning the devil, the father of lies, and those who follow him.

Thomas D. DE April 1st, That's one way to look at the passion week, but you have left out some important details, such as Gen. You have left out the fact that our Bibles contain two "Testaments" which contains this statement by Paul to explain to the Jewish people what's going on: "Now, if someone dies, and leaves a will Testament a list of things to be given away to certain people when he dies no one gets anything until it is proved that he person who wrote the will is dead. See Rev Chapter 5 The will goes into effect only after the death of the person who wrote it.

While he is still alive no one can use it to get any of those things he has promised them.

Amy Rees Anderson

And according the rules, if Jesus Christ doesn't die, then the 'Saved' won't get their reward of eternal life. I'm sorry, but this Article is what I would expect from a Hollywood fiction writer and not from a Christian. Thomas, thanks for taking the time to read the article. However, while it seems that you like to quote Bible verses, I am concerned that you do not really understand what they mean.

Genesis , recorded along with the dialogue about the Curse that God has with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, is referred to by theologians as the Protoevangelium, the first mention of the Gospel. In this verse it details that the seed of the woman Jesus would later crush the head of the serpent Satan , which ties in perfectly with the article, as it too links the Curse with the crucifixion.

How exactly this would happen is described in greater detail throughout the rest of the Old Testament, with some beautifully detailed prophecies such as Isaiah Why do we read of Satan's wrath in Revelation ? Because he does indeed know that his time is short, and that the lake of fire beckons him as described in Revelation His fate has already been foretold. Jesus did not give up on mankind, but rather died willingly for us to pay the price for our sin on the cross. I hope Thomas, that you are one of those eagerly waiting for him.

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Ian B. Are you not taking the symbolism too far? No comment about the reed in His hand , what did that stand for? His being whipped, what did that do for the whip? If as you say God caused a human sacrifice to lift the curse off of those who believe, well we seem to have it all here still..

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The bible does not teach that the crown of thorns has any relevance, and ask any Mid East shepherd how grateful they are for the thorns that encircle their flock safely at night, or any home owner who protects vulnerable areas with thorns.. Thank God for thorns. Oh and what about hard work Because without any of these we would have no place on this earth , we would have no mercy from God and we would have no redemption.

I think you could be overstretching the relevance of the crown of thorns , I can understand the thinking behind it, but without biblical support as to its relevance it remains only as speculation, possibly even "inspired" speculation. Ian, the reed, unlike the thorns, does not relate back to the Curse. As demonstrated in the article, from the time of their introduction in Genesis , right throughout Scripture, thorns have had symbolic negative overtones firmly pointing back to the Curse.

By highlighting the biblical verses in support of this in the article we have shown that this is not speculation, but well founded. I understand what you are trying to say in relation to the middle-eastern shepherd using thorns to protect their flock or home owners protecting their home, but you seem to ignore that we are now living in a fallen world in which protection of such things is an unfortunate necessity.

The fact that people are sinful and commit burglaries, or that animals now kill each other are big reminders that we now live in a world of sin and death. Praise God for His mercy in coming to dwell among us, pay the price for our sin on the cross, and adopt those who through faith and repentance become his children, to dwell with him in resurrection bodies forever in that place without death or tears. Richard R. TT April 1st, Interesting concepts concerning thorns and thistles. Equally, a thought came to mind concerning the fossils of thorns.

The law of thermodynamics would have facilitated physical death of plants and dinosaurs before the gap of thousands of years Lucifer cast out of Heaven where God re-plenishes the earth once more, and satan introduces the 'sting of sin' to man in Eden. Fossil thorns post-date this sad chapter of history but are easily explained by the Flood of Noah's time, about which the Bible devotes several whole chapters Genesis The idea of what it sometimes termed 'Lucifer's Flood', as part of the alleged gap between the first two verses of Genesis 1, falls foul of a number of important Scriptures see several articles under 'Gap Theory' on this page.

Shane B. AU March 31st, I find it surprising how so many people overlook the crown of thorns.


Life is difficult these days, like thorns and thistles. We struggle in our minds and it's like thorns in our minds, just as Jesus had thorns into His head. Relating it back to the Garden of Eden showed just how God had the perfect plan of redemption to restore man and redeem man back to himself. The reminder to take into account every aspect of Jesus suffering to the cross, on the cross, and beyond the cross to rise again and recognise that God displayed it through scripture before He sent His Son Jesus to die for us is incredible.

I am reminded that in my personal life Jesus died specifically for me, and an aspect of Jesus suffering forgives my shortcoming. Lo, a Child, born to low estate, Lies where ox and lamb are fed Nor was found a place more worthy, For this Child no softer bed. Born to wear a crown of glory, Brighter far than earth affords For this Child laid in a manger Is King of kings and Lord of lords. Lo His palace is a stable, And His robes are swaddling bands Starlight the gem upon his brow, Love the scepter in His hand.

Holy infant, Son of Mary, Born in Bethlehem this night He shall be enthroned in heaven, Robed in honor, robed in light. If you have questions, please check the FAQ. If you don't find your answer there, feel free to post your question here. Our Young Women are going to sing this for the ward Christmas party. Such a beautiful, haunting melody.

Thank you for sharing! This is beautiful and I wish our Relief Society could sing it, but the piano music in half of the song is beyond my pianist. I will show it to her to see if it is possible that she can play it. I appreciate all you do for the members of the church in providing special music that we can use in our meetings. I love your duet Born to Wear a Crown! It is so moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Thank you very much!