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This time around we get a fascinating snapshot of the days of 12th century England and more alternate time waves to boot. My history isnt great so I don't know how accurate the historical aspects of this are but there are some surprising twists to certain historical figures depicted in other books and films. It matters not whether the event and motivations were true, however, as its credit to the book to infuse that curiosity in the first place.

Once again, this is more than just a young adults fiction.

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This is a clever, thrilling, fast paced and extremely entertaining popcorn fiction for all ages 14 upwards. Bring on book 4, please. Seriously, when the heck is that coming out?!? Feb 09, 15BushellC rated it it was amazing. These books are really eye opening and teach the readers a lot about science and history.

I would definitely recommend this series to everyone, especially to people who like action and adventure and are interested in time travel.

Aug 19, Gerda Jongsma rated it really liked it. Great story. I especially like Scarrow's take on their history of Robin Hood - and the possible alternative versions are very fascinating.

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All the characters are very well worked out. I wonder what will happen to Adam, maybe we will see him again some time?

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Looking forward to the fourth part of the series. Hopefully that will answer some of the remaining questions in the book Jan 26, Dee Haddrill rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , read , action-adventure , part-of-a-series. Another brilliant installment in the Time Riders series, this time immersing us in the world of King Richard, Robin Hood, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

View 1 comment. Apr 11, Kadbury rated it really liked it Shelves: interesting. NOW let me get to the real review :D we've all heard of Robin hood and admired him but we keep forgetting that he is a myth and it is possible that he did not do all he was said to have done and this book explores that fact and what would have happened if king john had been killed. He makes this story unique in his own way Jul 25, Tom Foreman rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was so good! I loved the scenes between John and Becks or Lady Rebecca! I fell into liking him, and got a bi This was so good! I fell into liking him, and got a bit sad when he was killed. It's the same with Adam: when he decided to go work after leaving the TimeRiders, I kept on thinking, 'Don't go! Don't go! Definetley read! May 19, aprille rated it it was amazing. Wow, I can't believe how good it was Stopping the raving now.

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First off, this time didn't deal with 'Oh no, will we get Liam back?! The main issues were dealing with ripping open the space time It also dealt with 'Why don't we leave history like this? It would be very tempting to alter the world I suppose. Especially if you've seen it in a few years time, like Sal has.

The DoomsDay Code

S I know it's a terrible review. May 26, Cpapas7 rated it it was amazing. Liam is sent to the past after Sal discovers a change in one of the movies that should never have been made. When Maddy discovers a note containing the word Pandora she has to race against time and find out what it means. When Liam goes he finds out that he must retrieve the holy grail and unlock it's secrets so that the world is not destroyed by a man trying to doom everyone using it.

But there is something in the way. A hooded superhuman robot just like Bob is working for him and Liam has to f Liam is sent to the past after Sal discovers a change in one of the movies that should never have been made. A hooded superhuman robot just like Bob is working for him and Liam has to find a way to destroy him without getting himself killed in the process. This book is nice because it ha a good twist of mystery. This book was just awesome! This series just keeps getting better and better!

With the end of each book of the series, the author manages to fill the reader with curiosity and suspense, making him ask for more! This series is truly one of the best book series I have ever read! Feb 22, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favourites , , book-series , re-read. I finally understand what this book is about! This is basically the beginning of how the rest of the series unfolds, it makes so much more sense after re reading this book. Can't wait to unravel more secrets in later books.

Jan 22, Michelle Madow rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , science-fiction , time-travel. I love this series! Now onto the next one In summary the story is leading the events from the second book, where after Liam and Becks return from Dinosaur times to save the time travel theorist, Edward Chan.

In the next book they discover a piece of manuscript called "The Voynich Manuscript".

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  • This manuscript leads them to a man named Adam Lewis, who decoded the manuscript in They discover that the manuscript was changed, and Liam, Becks and Bob are sent back to to change history to its originality. This book covers themes of consequential actions, and something similar to the "Butterfly effect". The butterfly effect is about chaos theory.

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    A butterfly flaps its wings and hundreds of miles a way, its wings cause a tornado to spawn. In collusion, small actions can have huge consequences. My reasoning for making this connection is an example here. An alternate ? Scarrow "'Information: there are no records in history of a popular uprising of peasants successfully overthrowing the Sheriff of Nottingham,' said Bob. Liam looked at him. That this shouldn't be happening?

    A small change in the past, yet a huge change for the rest of history, complete chaos. If you want to see more, check out our other locations as well as here. As they solve what caused the difference, they discover they also need to solve the an ancient message that Maddy has been told to look out for and discover what it means. If it means anything, it could mean there is more to the TimeRiders Agency than previously known.

    The only reason I am continuing the series is because it is so darn good. I love seeing how Scarrow manipulates history when something different occurs in the past. It always plays into something truly unique, and you may even learn something about it along with it. As much as I love the books, there is always a part of my that makes me wonder if I really do what to continue the series. Do not get me wrong, its an amazing story, but sometimes I do wish for things to be different. I feel like the next book will anyways as things are starting to change up. Hopefully the next book will be great!

    I forced myself to buy it to read it… Jun 21, Martina Sanjaya rated it really liked it. This book is really engaging. Hard to put down. After two previous book told us about extreme disasters from changing history, this time Scarrow showed that it could be towards better, and yet still not allowed.

    I love that. Compared to its predecessors, this book is 'mild' enough, yet hasn't lost its charm. Quite a different history told, where Richard the Lion Heart is the ruthless and god-obsessed, while John's fault is his weakness, not cruelty. Where Robin Hood is actually a cyborg I had q This book is really engaging. Where Robin Hood is actually a cyborg I had quite a laugh here , and money for the poor actually handed by the Sheriff of Nottingham himself.

    Oh, and I'm happy to see how Becks could flirt so well, if only for camouflage to blend in and getting information Jun 16, Milk rated it it was amazing. Shelves: favorites. OK this book was amazing definitely my favorite in the series so far!!! The plot was a bit different than usual which I liked. Becks is freaking awesome.

    The Doomsday Code (Time Riders Book 3)

    I also loved how the relationship between the three kids and Bob and Becks was being developed. If you didn't like Day of the Predator, don't give up on the series because this one is wayyy better. Still read Day of the Predator though so you don't miss anything. There are a few curse words and severa OK this book was amazing definitely my favorite in the series so far!!!

    There are a few curse words and several mentions of men finding Becks physically attractive but other than that I think it's good. When a British computer hacker finds his name coded into a centuries-old manuscript, TimeRider Maddy recognizes it as the same message she had also been sent. Sure it must be communication from other TimeRiders agents, she sends Liam and the two support units back to Robin Hood's time to search for the fabled document-possibly the Holy Grail.

    But as a war begins to brew between King Richard and his brother John, Liam unwittingly takes on the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham and discovers that the mythical Robin Hood may have been another support unit all along. This action-packed reimagining of the Robin Hood legend, weaving elements of religion, alternative history, and time-travel ethics perfect for fans of The DaVinci Code , is a page-turner old fans and new ones alike won't want to miss.

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