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This makes a lot of sense, and if we are honest with ourselves, what is it we talk about and praise all day? This, is exactly how we discover what is in our heart, for Christ said, 'for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh'. So, what flows from your heart? Is it selfish desires and indulgences, is it video games and movies, TV's and new cars, or is it the amazing work of our Lord and what he has accomplished for us?

We place our joy in things that rot and decay, and as or joy diminishes, we run the race for new things, while all along God has done THE new thing, in Christ Jesus our King, His Word, and He is worthy of our praise! And I dare you to try and run this fountain dry.

You will find, as many a saints of old can testify, that this fountain is unlimited, and the water is refreshing to the soul and like milk to the bones. This is foundational. This does not mean we do not wrestle. We wrestle against powers and principalities, and against our old man, our old nature. But the old nature and the old man must be brought to the cross, and not just brought to it, but put upon it. Christianity is not about a list of do's and dont's. Truly blood washed, spirit empowered saints, have 'new affections', they love and desire 'new things', they are 'new creations', behold, old things have passed away, new things God declares.

This is the foundational truth of the promise of God in Christ, new creation, a new heart, new affections, new life, and a new family in the new Jerusalem, with God and the Lamb forever. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Christ Jesus be with you all. The notes in my study Bible for Ps indicate that the " 'new song' usually denotes dynamic intervention not previously experienced by the writer. So yes, it could mean composing a new song of worship. Or since the Israelites sometimes worshiped by experiencing historical events as if they were happening at that moment, the "new song" might be a new way of reliving a particular event In the Southern U.

Because of this life altering event he can no longer sing the same song because it doesn't apply. Perhaps this "new song" is a way of saying "I've had a life changing experience with the Creator of the entire universe so I cannot remain the same. I will sing a new song because my desires have changed.

Hope this helps. Shirley H. Moses and the children of Israel sang the song to praise God for their salvation from Egypt. They call God, a man of war, they express that there is none like Him. God is glorious, merciful and shall reign forever. If we advance to Isaiah , "Sing to the Lord a new song, And His praise from the ends of the earth This time the exodus from Babylon.

The book of Psalms contains references to several new songs. See for instance Psalms ; the writers contrast sorrow and joy. The sorrow of the wicked is contrasted to the joy of the forgiven sinner. Psalm God puts a new song in my mouth David says. In his trial he is renewed by God and he can't help but sing! Psalm ,sing to the Lord a new song.

Psalm sing, a new song for He has done marvelous things. And Psalm praise and a new song are offered when all are gathered for worship. The praise denotes a oneness of mind. Revelation , "And they sang a new song, saying: You are worthy to take the scroll and to open the seals As believers, each day gives us the opportunity to sing a new song to Our Lord full of praise, and thankfulness for all His Mercy and Love. We can safely assume that all talents and instruments may find their place in the New Testament Church when arranged and led by believers intent on worship that is self-less and non-aggrandizing to humans.

Every day, new songs are written to God and our Lord Jesus Christ in response to who he is and all he has done for us all. This is how I step into prophetic worship. It is a leap of faith. I rarely get a full download of a chorus ahead of time. Kathi: That sounds similar to a prayer appointment. You only know the step right in front of you. It is a faith journey. Kelanie: It is absolutely a faith journey. It will always require stepping out in faith with the little bit that you have and depending on the Lord to give you the next step. When the words start to flow, there is a momentum that happens in the Spirit.

My initial motivation in writing this song was to write a song about Holy Spirit the person, welcoming His presence. I started working with the language of the Holy Spirit being a friend, a counselor, and a teacher. I got a download about the seven spirits of God, which I just started hearing and singing over my life.

It became a prayer that I sing and declare. The feedback I get from this song is that it is having a profound impact on people. When the worship team starts singing that song, it almost feels like we are getting on a rocket and going straight up to the throne room, in the counsel of the Lord. It is potent. Kathi: It is transportation to the throne room.

After that is True Praise. We got together in Moravian Falls, NC where she lives. Toward the end of our time together, she played a short voice memo of a spontaneous moment she sang in a conference. The chorus of True Praise was birthed out of that rough recording. The angels, they are moving. Jesus, He is moving. There is an acoustic version on Youtube. The verses were spontaneous. I heard the melody and lyrics in my mind almost right before we started worship.

Most Relevant Verses

While I was in North Carolina in that season when creativity was coming back, that song came back in my spirit. I wrote the bridge section so quickly. It was so ready to be birthed. The bridge was inspired by Graham Cooke. I had been around him at CHM conferences and had been listening to a lot of his teachings. It has a bit of his language in it. You love me right where I am. You see who I am becoming. You love me through this journey. Kathi: Is there anything else you want to put forward to the readers of this article? Anything about how worship and soaking music can affect their lives or contend for breakthrough?

Kelanie: Anointed worship plays such a key role in receiving healing as well as revelation. I believe it is important to saturate your soul and your mind with anointed worship. I love music that is rooted in the Word and the language of the Word of God and His promises.

It is good to read it and also to sing it, pray it, say it, engage your whole self with it. Doing this aligns your heart, your thoughts, and helps promote a healthy physical environment. The things that come through your ear gates and your eye gates are so important. Music moves the soul and our emotions. God made it this way. It softens our hearts. We have a musical spirit because God has a musical spirit, whether or not you can sing. Worshiping the Lord through music or listening to worship music is healthy in the physical realm. I believe that praise does actually change the atmosphere.

There is a release of the knowledge of God under the anointing and the darkness cannot stand up and overpower the light of the anointing when it is going through. Everyone of us in this room who had an open heart … darkness was being pushed and driven out of the deep regions of our heart. Just a little bit, time by time, by time. There is a little bit of darkness being pushed back in the dark atmosphere of the powers and principalities of the city because we worship tonight.

It is a fact that the apostle John built his theology around the tabernacle of David, the prayer dimension of it is built upon the concept that anointed worship which equals the anointing of the knowledge of God coming through our hearts as we sing it back to God drives darkness out of the spheres of which we are associated with a little bit. We do it night and day and eventually we will overpower darkness entirely. We are taking about releasing power … that is the subject tonight. Releasing power through the songs of beautiful holiness.

The holiness of God … I introduced a word a few years ago, trisageon and made you all say it a bunch of times. Tris means three ageon means holy … three times holy. The trisageon is the theological song for the song found in Revelation and Isaiah In Revelation 4 it speaks about the Father and in Isaiah 6 it speaks about the Son. Very significant reality that the trisageon is focused upon the Father her in chapter 4 and upon the Son in Isaiah 6. We are going to believe God for something that is unusual in this place and I trust that many many places will believe God for this.

It is very unusual for it to happen in the 21 st century. It is that the musicians and singers actually would have theological depth. That is very very unusual. Lets look at it the other way around. The theologians become the singers of the love songs of God because the theologians and the singers become the same person. In the tabernacle of David, the singers were mandatory trained in the Word of God.. They were trained not only to their instrument and to flow together as a team but were trained deeply in the Word of God. Throughout the various monastic movements through history … the few times when the antiphonal choirs emerged in history …one of the key things that you find whenever there is a profound emphasis on divine ordered worship is that the singers became theologians.

I am believing for something very non st century western world. I am believing for an army of young and old singers who actually study theology and know the bible. Right now the music dimension of the western world is dominated by spiritually shallow, almost biblically illiterate worship teams. They have been content because they sing pretty, and the crowd is just as shallow as they are so they do not even know the difference. I am not content with that at all because spiritually shallow worship will not release the anointing of Revelation..

It is not just that we want to have an enjoyable time of worship … it is more than that …we want to have a dimension of light of anointed Revelation of God … the revelation of God in the hearts of people in the anointing that actually has the power to drive darkness out of human hearts and out of the atmosphere above us. It will make the worship times better.. Trained worship teams trained in the word, trained in the music and instruments and actually trained in how to flow together in team ministry will make the worship services far better but that is not my reason.

I want to enter into a realm of light, a realm of understanding of the logos and I want to see it be loosed from the deep chambers of the human heart under the anointing and that is the light that drives darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it. It cannot grasp it and throw that light to the ground.

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It cannot comprehend it or overpower it. I believe God is raising up singers right now … singers and musicians who care about theological depth. I talk to our singers in the house of prayer all the time and I encourage them to take theology and encourage them to study church history so they are not confused and dumbfounded by the same dilemmas that happen century after century after century through church history. That is really what church history is all about. How the Word and the Spirit in the voluntary dimensions of our hearts and the rage of Satan in coming against us operate in the sovereignty of God.

That is the story of church history. They are starting to buy books we are getting more and more books so we can make them available and trisageon is a normal word if you study the attributes of God. No, it is not! It is not any big deal. We are not going to let academics take the place of heart felt experience with God but we are going to use the Word of God, training in the Word of God, the discipline of the word under the anointing, to bring us to greater heights in the spirit.

The 3-fold repetition is so rare in Scripture and around the subject of the being of God it is only a 3-fold repetition one time around the idea of transcendence, transcendence, transcendence. Three fold repetition … the ultimate emphasis of importance in the Scripture. The 3-fold repetition. The scholarship through history speaks of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, the three persons of the Trinity, the Godhead. Transcendent Father, transcendent Son, transcendent Spirit. God is transcendent in His leadership in the past and transcendent in His leadership of the present, and transcendent in His leadership in the future.

God Will Make A Way - Don Moen Religious Song

Past, present, and future! That is something again we will look at in a couple of weekends from now. Here is my point: the vital principal in the heavenly symphony is this.. God centered worship releases power from the throne, whether we are aware of it or not there is an operation of Spirit power released around God centered worship that is under the anointing. Worship under the anointing and filled with the Word of God..

When worship is God centered under the anointing and in line in the fullness of the word, I tell you, God seeks this kind of worship for many reasons is this kind of worship has power in the earthly affairs. It releases power in the realm of mankind … it really does. The realm that God is so interested in.

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Worship in Spirit and in truth.. God desires it. One reason is it changes our lives and makes us effective in the Holy Spirit … there is not much worship in Spirit and in truth going on today. I do not believe we touch it much at all. That sounds like a big negative … I am not trying to sound negative I am trying to set a vision for where we are going.

It is worth the effort to learn how to operate in the anointing and to fill our hearts with the Word of God. I am not trying to say how bad we are now… I am trying to say what is available down the road if we give ourselves to this in an unrelenting way. It will take some hours in the word and taking time to operating in the anointing..

These spiritual qualities are imparted.. If you believe what I just said, that there is spiritual power, light truth, anointed in the human heart, locked in the human heart under the anointing, it drives darkness out of human hearts and it drives darkness out of the atmosphere where the powers and principalities are lodged.

Is Music Worship?

If you believe that God centered worship under the anointing drives darkness back whether you can measure it or not in the present tense and really we cannot measure it much sometimes in a personal way you will feel a tremendous breakthrough. That does not happen every day but here and there I have sensed little breakthroughs but little breakthroughs add up over the years. I do not know how many times we can measure a breakthrough in a city from a prayer meeting from that afternoon but sometimes you can.

We have seen a number of healings where we had an hour of anointed worship and prayer over somebody and a healing came forth. Shelly Huntly is a great example.. Sometimes the breakthrough is readily measurable and but not always and not by any means most of the time but if we believe that spiritual power is released with God centered worship under the anointing then it makes sense to move our lives around to get the word in our heart and to be together.

I mean with an unusual dedication to the house of prayer to night and day worshipping because it is making a difference. If it is not making that much impact in the Spirit now we are on the journey being equipped to making tremendous impact down the road. We do not enter into this realm instantly … we enter into this realm a little bit at a time … we learn to operate together in the anointing and we little by little fill our hearts with the word.

That is what these Saturday night meetings are about..

Top 25 Christian Songs Titled After Bible Verses

We cannot stay in the position of which we in at this time. This song has an impact on the righteous both angelic and human. Revelation whenever the living creatures, they are the seraphim here. When they magnify the transcendent beauty of the Lord they are several things happening and they are all distinct.

When this song goes forth from the living creatures, the seraphim to the Father, the arrow of God pierces the 24 elders and they collapse. They begin to worship and they casts their crowns before God. This song has impact in the realm of the Spirit. It impacts the governmental ministries when it is sang around the throne of God and I believe it will impact the governmental ministries in a negative sense in the realm of darkness. It will impact the governmental ministries on the earth in a positive sense in the church.

The leaders of the church will be impacted … we see a few cities break through into a realm of reality and the apostles and prophets from around the earth will come to these places where God has a dwelling in Spirit and in truth worship and they will come in and begin to sob and cast their crowns before the Lord. We will have apostles, prophets and governmental leaders who are not secretly maneuvering around for their own names..

This type of atmosphere just unlooses the reigns the human heart as well as the ministries in heaven and they give themselves to God. The arrow pierces. I believe this kind of atmosphere times 10 what we are operating in now when the leaders from around the earth and this will happen in many places when they come into these kinds of gatherings. Those gatherings, by the way, we are going to have these gatherings in the stadiums of the earth. This is a fact, the stadiums around the earth are going to have far more mature versions of what we are doing now and the leaders are going to be so cleansed and undone as in Revelation , they will become love sick worshipper of God instead of manipulating, maneuvering, men and women and using the anointing for their own ends.

Isaiah 6, the companion passage to Revelation 4, the trisageon both times in Scripture and you need both passages to get the complete picture that the Holy Spirit gives in Scripture. You get half the information in Isaiah These are two chapters you want to get as familiar with the names of your children. Above the throne stood the seraphim. Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.

He is completely unraveled. One scholar suggests that the word unraveled means undone. It is not just entirely negative like some have made it.. He is undone!