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Jeremiah was denied marriage, whipped and put in stocks, rejected by his own family, taken to Egypt against his will, nearly killed by a wild mob, flogged and thrown into prison, and cast into a filthy cistern.

(B-1) What Was a Prophet among the Hebrews?

Jeremiah's Call by God - Warnings to Judah - Jeremiah's Persecution and Suffering - Fall of Jerusalem and Consequences - Prophecies About the Nations - Historical Appendix - Continue Reading. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The spirit of discontent thus excited must have exercised an injurious influence on the fortunes of the captives, and could not fail to frustrate the aim which the chastisement inflicted by God was designed to work out, namely, the moral advancement of the people.

Therefore Jeremiah makes use of an opportunity furnished by an embassy sent by King Zedekiah to Babel, to address a letter to the exiles, exhorting them to yield with submission to the lot God had assigned to them.

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He counsels them to prepare, by establishing their households there, for a long sojourn in Babel, and to seek the welfare of that country as the necessary condition of their own. Keil and F. Delitzsch, Commentary on the Old Testament, —9. From a strictly political point of view, one can understand why the Jewish leaders reacted so strongly against Jeremiah.

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In a time of national crisis, he called for surrender and submission to Babylon. But of course Jeremiah was not speaking from a political point of view; he spoke for the Lord. The fulfillment of this promise is yet to be fully realized in the dispensation of the fulness of times. This may have been done partly because the old law required the release of slaves as provided for in Exo.

Introduction to the Book of Jeremiah

At any rate, the release was guaranteed by a solemn covenant. Then the advance of the Egyptians seems to have caused the Babylonians to lift the siege. In spite of their solemn oath, and by ignoring the claims of brotherly love and ordinary justice, the men of the city proceeded to re-enslave their unfortunate brethren. This chapter goes back in time to the reign of Jehoiakim, son of Josiah see Jeremiah In it Jeremiah set before the Jews the righteous example of the Rechabites who, having made a covenant never to drink wine, refused to drink it when offered it by Jeremiah in the house of God.

These people had moved to Jerusalem to escape the invading Babylonians. Jeremiah was commanded to place the example of the Rechabites before the people of Judah see vv. The message was clear: the Rechabites observed their covenants faithfully, even though they were not the covenant people of the Lord.

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In accordance with this command, he got all the words of the Lord written down in a book by his attendant Baruch, with the further instruction that this should be read on the fast-day in the temple to the people who came out of the country into Jerusalem vers. When, after this, in the ninth month of the fifth year of Jehoiakim, a fast was appointed, Baruch read the prophecies to the assembled people in the chamber of Gemariah in the temple.

Michaiah the son of Gemariah mentioned the matter to the princes who were assembled in the royal palace; these then sent for Baruch with the roll, and made him read it to them. But they were so frightened by what was read to them that they deemed it necessary to inform the king regarding it vers. At their advice, the king had the roll brought and some of it read before him; but scarcely had some few columns been read, when he cut the roll into pieces and threw them into the pan of coals burning in the room, at the same time commanding that Baruch and Jeremiah should be brought to him; but God hid them vers.

After this roll had been burnt, the Lord commanded the prophet to get all his words written on a new roll, and to predict an ignominious fate for King Jehoiakim; whereupon Jeremiah once more dictated his addresses to Baruch vers.

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  • When King Jehoiachin rebelled against Babylon, he was deposed and his uncle, Zedekiah, was placed on the throne. Twice Nebuchadnezzar had come, and twice he had humbled Judah. But Zedekiah was no wiser than his brother, Jehoiakim, and his nephew, Jehoiachin. He too began to look for ways to break the Babylonian yoke.

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    Ignoring the repeated warnings of Jeremiah, he rebelled, and once again the Babylonians came against Jerusalem. It was in this setting that the events of these chapters took place. He was viewed as a traitor and a subversive. Nebuchadnezzar temporarily pulled away from Jerusalem to meet the threat from the south. The hopes of the Jews soared, but again Jeremiah dashed them to pieces. He prophesied that the Egyptian army would return to Egypt see v.

    So helpless would Judah be, according to Jeremiah, that even if the entire Chaldean army were wounded in the battle with Egypt, they would still succeed in destroying Jerusalem see vv. During the time that the siege was lifted, Jeremiah decided to return to the land of Benjamin, probably to visit his hometown.

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    His enemies seized this opportunity to make their move. Accusing him of fleeing to join the Chaldeans, the Jewish leaders had Jeremiah arrested, beaten, and thrown into prison see vv. The weak, vacillating character of King Zedekiah manifested itself. The false prophets had promised that the Babylonians would not come against Jerusalem and the captives already taken would be returned.

    At that time Jeremiah cited the words of Moses for determining the true from the false prophets. Now, with the Babylonians surrounding the city, Jeremiah asked where all those other prophets were. Their word had been proven false, and where were they? As a matter of fact, he was first taken in chains with all the other captured Jews as far as Ramah, a town about five miles north of Jerusalem.

    But one of them, Ishmael the son of Nethaniah, seems to have been sent by Baalis, the king of Ammon, for the express purpose of slaying Gedaliah. The result was that he and the Jews and Chaldeans with him at Mizpah were slain in cold blood by Ishmael and his fellow conspirators. The prophet did pray, and the Lord advised the people to stay in Judah and be blessed. They were told not to be afraid of the king of Babylon; the Lord would save them and deliver them from his hand and have compassion upon them.

    On the other hand, if they went to Egypt to escape war and hunger, they should be severely disappointed. They were told that famine, pestilence, and the sword would be their terrible lot. See also — It is not impossible that Baruch eventually returned to Judah or even journeyed to Babylon to join the exiles there, and was able to relate what took place in Egypt, although there is no evidence one way or the other.

    The priests sacrificed Passover lambs on the 14th day of the month of Nisan, and the first day of Passover was the 15th. The Feast of First Fruits was celebrated the third day, the 16th of Nisan. In 1 Corinthians Paul refers to Jesus as the first fruits of the dead. He represents the first of the great harvest of souls — including you — that will resurrect to eternal life because of the new covenant in his blood Luke This feast is the second of the three harvest feasts.

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    Through Jesus, this plan was revealed. That arrival was the day the Church was born — Pentecost — and the harvest began with 3, souls. The message spread to both Jews and Gentiles the two leavened loaves of bread , extending the harvest to us! In a beautiful declaration God commands his people to rest. During this time all regular work is prohibited, and men and women present a food offering to God.

    In Leviticus God commands his people to gather and to commemorate the decree with trumpet blasts. On the same front, the sound of a trumpet is also associated with the rapture, or the time Jesus will return for his bride 1 Corinthians Once he returns, there will be a wedding feast of celebration. As a day of humility and repentance to God, it was a time for the Jews to get their hearts, consciences and lives right before him.

    The observance involved the sacrifice of animals as the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies. However, hiding in plain sight was the promise of one who could atone for their sins permanently Hebrews Where is Jesus in these sacrificed animals? The scapegoat was to be burdened with all the sins of Israel and sent into the wilderness.