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Therefore he is facing away from us. Only Squirrel wearing one of the vests Darlan made him gets to be fully seen. The reason I chose this particular image is that I wanted to show the odd nature of Fist as an enormous ogre studying at the Mage School. He is wearing his black robes, denoting his strength in earth magic, and is also wearing his mace sheath strapped over the robes. It is a fashion faux pas to be sure, but what can I say? Ogres in the Bowl of Souls world are big brutish neanderthal types with skin tones similar to humans.

A: Darlan started making vests for Squirrel in Book Five. He has an assortment of different colored ones in his pouch and changes in and out of them often like a four year old who just learned how to dress himself.

The Alchemist's Apprentice: and the Ogre's Curse by simon Craven

Fist is the only ogre ever to train at the Mage School. He is determined to make the most of this opportunity, but his plans are derailed and his burgeoning powers tested when he receives a visit from the tribe he had long thought dead. An army closes in on the grove, a new race of monsters emerges from the swamps, and a great evil grows in the mountains. The survival of the known lands may depend on the strength of The Ogre Apprentice.

I know you guys are wanting an update on the release date and I know I have been nothing but full of excuses the last two months. What I can say is this. I am working on it. I am close. We are talking hopefully before Christmas. I feel terrible about the delay and I will post chapter two here on the site between now and then. Thank you all for your patience. Thanks so much, Ashley.

Immediate Music - The Warlocks Apprentice

I have been struggling with writing this book as fast as I want to, so that means a lot. I really enjoy reading about Fist and didnt even realize that this book was coming out. The cover looks great and Im looking forward to reading the book! The cover is awesome. If you could release the 2nd chapter before the 10th that would be even better, if not i look forward to an awesome book!! Squirrel is chubby, LOL like I imagined. Fist looks kinda oddly-shaped, I thought he was going to look like a man but bigger. I hope the book is long.

The cover is quite nice though. I LOVE the cover! We know how hard it is to come out with books as fast as you do.

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Pre-Hardmode Enemies. Cave Ice Jungle. Blue Pink. Dragon Snatcher. Beetles Cochineal Cyan Lac. Vampire Miner. Bone Serpent Demon Arch Demon. Blood Jelly Fungo Fish Green. Arch Wyvern.

The Ogre Apprentice

Armored Bones Blue Hell Rusty. Lihzahrd Temple. Flying Snake Lihzahrd. Clown Corrupt Bunny Crimtane. Solar Eclipse. Diseaster Bunny. Ghost Hoppin' Jack Raven. Frost Legion. Old One's Army. Pirate Invasion. Martian Madness. Pumpkin Moon. Lunar Events. King Slime Spiked Slime. Servant of Cthulhu.

Dungeon Guardian. The Twins The Destroyer Probe. Sharkron Detonating Bubble. Servant of Ocram. Goldfish Duck Mallard. Bird Blue Jay Cardinal Gold. Other NPCs.

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Unspawnable NPCs. Mc MoneyPants. Light Pets.