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Her mom showing up. Also I think the flow between some sentences and chapters could be better. Sometimes it felt abruptly ended. And few editing mistakes. But the soap opera thing, especially the evil guy bothered me the most. Regarding the characters, heroine was okay nothing special to me. The hero Ethan was pretty good, I love how he was perfect alpha never wavers, but I did have a problem with what I stated in my update — when he changed her clothes.

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I just wanted her to be more sassy. And the book is not that long, so all that soap opera cut down of me enjoying the couple. To see them evolve. So, I really liked some parts, and I really think that the story and author have potential. Especially because - safe hot read, with tough looking dude who is really a big pile of mush, is right upon my alley. Stick with some kind of plot and then work on characters. There is no need for everything bad happening to them and everyone around them. And try to connect chapters more.

I must also admit that it became a little boring to me. Probably because of all the nonsense. I really fell in love with all those tough bikers milling around and protecting women. I would like a story about Kyle and his wife Chrystal, they seem like great couple. I love that he is scarred and big, I have a thing for beauty and the beast theme lol. A lot of my GR friends loved it, it really is hot alpha safe read, but I am just picky about some details, and one of my pet peeves is 'no sense evil guy' so that was what bothered me the most, but I don't have doubt that a lot of my friend will enjoy it : Safety gang: Probably my favourite part of the book was that it was so safe with perfect alpha.

But I guess not in a usual sense of word. Heroine is raped but there is no description. View all 14 comments. Plot-wise, the attacker formula was so underdeveloped and so unrealistic, I was constantly questioning.. Like she saw him in the shower and after that, there was no information what happened..

I loved the Hero in this book, you cannot go wrong with him, he's a dream Hero.. But I was a bit disappointed in the heroine I did not like the constant description on what makeup she was putting on to look good.. I am not sure if I am interested in that and when she got a job and paid her first paycheck, she did not offer the Hero any money for actually allowing her to stay in his house for free, hence, using his bed, his food, electricity I know she was homeless, but I would expect some kind of appreciation, a gesture to show how much she was thankful for his charity I just wasn't swoon by her.

View all 7 comments. This was just what I needed after trying to find a book for what feels like ages!

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He is so protective of her as soon as they meet and I never once had to question his feelings. I loved how low-angst their relationship was. It was also super duper safe! No past hook ups from him show up, hell his past is never even mentioned which I appreciate a lot! I also can't wait to read more books from this author!

Hoping they are as amazing as this one.

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I This was just what I needed after trying to find a book for what feels like ages! I took a star off cause there were a lot of tiny editing errors such as missing words and whatnot. It was there in the beginning but it felt like the author just forgot to write from his POV later on. View all 6 comments. I liked the characters in the book and the romantic portion Having someone constantly getting shot at, beat up etc just grated on my nerves. Don't worry it is all different people. IE the whole book was just throwing in a violent scene for the drama.

I like my books to be a little more imaginative and flow easier. Overall ok read. The only thing that really annoyed me was His father beats him like he beat his sister Ye I liked the characters in the book and the romantic portion Yet a chapter or so later the brother cold clocks a guy and a few chapters later did it to another guy yet again another violent drama scene and it is mentioned he has a killer right hook. So why on earth did he allow his father to beat him?????

A plot line that makes no sense. View all 3 comments. Fantastic story! Ethan and Braelyn are such a sweet, strong couple. I loved that once they got together, they stayed together. Ethan is a smoking hot alpha police officer. He gets a call from his sister about a friend in need of help and upon meeting her friend, he's knocked on his ass.

Forever Family (The Forever Series, #5) by Deanna Roy

He knows that no matter he will do anything he has to do to keep her safe. Braelyn, the poor girl, has been dealt a shitty hand. Not only did she grow up being abused, she is raped the one and only time she goes out with her friend Sydney heroine from book 1 Devastated, she takes to the streets for years, hiding out from the man who raped her.

One day he finds her and she runs back to the only person who cared about her, her friend Sydney. I was so happy! That is the way it should be done! I look forward to Jessica and Chase's story. Review to come,. Dec 17, Tpagirl rated it liked it Shelves: pages , genre-dark , genre-erotic , genre-suspense , waiting-to-announce-next-in-series , genre-law-enforcement.

The storyline ran simultaneously with the first book. Braelyn explained her disappearance and sought help from Sydney.

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Ethan was struck immediately and wanted to not only help, but protect. It was a quick read with tons of action. The plot developed from rape and abuse and remained a focal point of the storyline, containing triggers for some. Since this was an earlier book, I enjoyed meeting the Devils Souls characters long before they paired off in their own books. It provided a great deal of perspective for the series and was an enjoyable touch. Spoilers ahead! I couldn't get into the story.

From the beginning something didn't feel right. At the first scene I rolled my eyes. Heroine doesn't want to go to a party. Heroine's best friend must go, because if not, she will die. Not really, but you could think so. Then the best friend guilt trips the heroine to attend a party.

The heroine hasn't got the backbone to tell her friend NO. So what does she do? She chooses the shortest, tightest dress she has, paired with unbelievable high high-he Spoilers ahead! She chooses the shortest, tightest dress she has, paired with unbelievable high high-heels. To a frat party! OMG, really? And then make up and hair and and and. But she doesn't really want to go. Next we're at the party. There are drunken college students.

Heroine doesn't want to enter. But best friend is there and pushes her out of the car. Wow, thanks a lot! This seems to be a popular scenario in many romance books that I've read. It's annoying and boring and really not creative at all. But that's just my opinion.

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  • Then at the party we find out that the best friend has a stalker! And she fears that said stalker is attending the party. So they both look around in fear and WHAM.. Stalker is there. So best friend needs to escape where? I didn't get it and heroine is left alone. Then theres another creepy guy, he tinkers with her drink and Yeah we all know how this is ending. Girl, don't leave your drink out of your sight.

    So I've read on but then I had to end the book. The things that take place are unbelievable to me. I just don't get it, why she ran away after this incident and became homeless. All this because of the fear that one guy will find you again? And 2 years on the street?

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    I don't believe it a second. And then the guy finds her in a city in an alley? Come on, that's just Don't believe it either. Then she runs away and the bus that's about to pull out is the one she needs to get to her best friend. Yeah, all right. And then I got confused because there was a lot hopping from scene to scene, and then we got introduced to Ethan and so on and so on. I just couldn't take this book seriously. View 1 comment. I'm sorry but no, just no. I DNF pretty quickly because of how completely over the top the "dark" subject matter was.

    There was no transition and even the attack that happens after the prologue was ridiculous. It just came out of nowhere and was so over the top ridiculous I can't be bothered to continue. Felt a bit amateur to me. Braelyn and Ethan's story is just amazing. Braelyn has gone through so much and is still able to overcome and excel.

    Braelyn goes from living the dream to living on the street. When someone from her past confronts her, Braelyn goes to the one person she knows she can trust; Sydney. Sydney's brother Ethan immediately steps in to protect Braelyn. She gets moved to his house, under his protection and anyone else he trusts.

    So many things happen in this story I don't want to give any away. If you wa Braelyn and Ethan's story is just amazing. I can't wait for book 3! KU- skimmed no need to buy. I know it might not be detailed here but she still has to deal with this issue. So not for me personally. Jan 07, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: author-l , characters-e , genre-contemporary , insta-love , year , pages , cover-couple , own-kindle , title-l , author-a. Braelyn had one moment where her life changed in a way she could never get back. A couple of years later the man that destroyed it has found her and she has nowhere to turn except a friend she left behind.

    Seeking help she finds herself under the protection of Ethan who vows to keep her safe. Braelyn puts her full truth in Ethan and ends up losing her heart, but when the threat that had her running finds her can he keep her safe? Great second book in the Forever series. I really liked Ethan and h Braelyn had one moment where her life changed in a way she could never get back. I really liked Ethan and how he is so protective of Braelyn.

    Braelyn has a broken past that stems from childhood, she is a fighter who is used to being on her own but she is slowly learning to rely on others. Great read.

    This is book 2 and the follow up book from Protecting His Forever. Braelyn has gone thru so much in her young life —and to have the worst happen. Ethan is like a force of nature and he is very protective of those he cares about. As soon as he lays eyes on Braelyn, he knows there is something about her he must protect forever. Ethan is very alpha in his OMG! There is a fantastic supporting cast of characters which completely enhanced this story and made it even richer. I fell completely in love with this MC and was rooting for them all the way. I cried with Brae when she did because my heart bled for her and when she had such a breakthrough with Ethan, I was laughing in joy.

    What a range of emotions you will feel with this story. Ashers will have you enthralled from start to finish with Loving His Forever and wanting to read the next book, for the next couple you will know who it is and craving their book next. The passion and heat between Ethan and Brae is off the wall fantastic yet the writing about sensitive issues is done very well. All in All, one fantastic and exciting story well worth reading. My rating: 5. I adored Ethan and Braelynn as a couple. The chemistry between them was clear to see. Instead of 4. Instead of giving up, she got a job helping abused women and children.

    I liked the bond Braelynn had with Liam. Despite the shock of finding out she had a brother, she took him in.

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    I liked how protective he was of her and how he was quick to protect Paisley. Then the next page he appeared. Rather than lashing out, or immediately chasing June, or getting trashed with the avenues available to him, Oscar burrows into a routine. The reaction we see from Matt is more on par with what we might have expected from Oscar. But Oscar declines this, too. But no one else shares his nonchalance: out in the world, when Matt informs Ms. And after a final intervention from Matt who agrees to help him find a way to get to Oceanside , the pair end up meeting the oldest resident of Riverside — a literal kid named Josiah.

    The whole scene is a little predictable, and more than a little bit numbing. Meanwhile, June and Kase arrive at Oceanside. At another point, for thrills, they stand in the way of an oncoming truck a pivotal moment for Kase, considering that it was her cause of death to begin with.